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Do As I Say,

Not As I Do (Or Say)

8/29/2010 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia Barrino admittedly took a whole bottle of aspirin because she "wanted it to be over with" -- but in a Las Vegas club Friday night, she made the whole incident seem like something that was done to her ... not something she did to herself.

It's been three weeks since her "suicide attempt" and Fantasia has gone back to shooting her reality show and promoting her new album. She performed at Rain nightclub over the weekend where she told the crowd, "They thought I was finished, they thought I was done, they counted me out. But I will never, ever stop. I don't care what nobody say about me ... Don't let your haters stop you. Don't let nobody stand in the way of your destiny."

Just a few days ago, Fantasia told VH1 (the network that airs her reality show), "I wanted to go to sleep and just be at peace. I knew exactly what I was doing. You can't accidentally take a whole bottle of pills."

She knew what she was doing all right.


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My two cents ;)    

Fantasia..ur a liar or you have the worst management EVER! You can't fake a suicide and turn around within a week to be on interviews. Your album was not made in a week so this crap about BACK TO ME is a joke! Your daughter will be totally embarrassed!

1513 days ago


Fantasia didn't fake a suicide. Not liking her because she was with a married man is not going to solve her problem. Fantasia just need some time off and focus on just her getting well. Suicide is no joking matter and a bottle of asprin or sleeping pills can kill you period. The reason why she is saying these things is because of all the publicity and the things people are saying about her. Negativity of calling names and etc. can hurt a person. The saying,"Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt" is a lie. It does hurt. Feeding on her actions by calling her names is not going to help her people. It can put her back into depression to try suicide again and this time she may not be so lucky. This is my last posting of any words concerning Fantasia because feeding on this is not helping her at all. All I can do is pray for her at this moment to get the help she needs.

1513 days ago

Joe Jackson an illiterate child abuser    

Dani@ post 43 and 44 you can k*ss my a@@, and while you're at it, Fantasia's too. Fantasia was driven to try to commit suicide because of all of you. All of you didn't jump on LeeAnn Ryme's white ass and drove her to try to commit suicide, but you all made sure fantasia was driven to the edge. AND yes! she is a great singer. Hope she gets some self-confidence and tell all of you to ki@^ her Azz!

1513 days ago


She is very talented, but she is not the sharpest pencil in the box and her background did not prepare her for her skyrocketing success. Also, "reality shows" are the worst thing anyone with real talent could do. She needs to just sing her talented lungs out and avoid the drama and attention getting.

1513 days ago


Wow I see the bus load of dumb bi tches have arrived up on TMZ so you perfect b itches can sit your azzes down some where. It goes both ways the man claimed he wasnt with his wife and to you illierate azzholes read people read anything but tabloids.

You should be ashame of yourself suicide is not a joke, none of you know how and what she is feeling. Its not like you dumbazzes are with her 24/7 get your lazy azzes off of the computer and get a fu cken life.

And the only trash I see is those calling her trash there has been plenty of trash in hoellywood humping everything in site of all races so do f ucken try to make it a big deal because its a woman of color involved bi tches

1513 days ago


Just another publicity stunt because she was out of the limelight for so long and she needed to draw up some media attention for upcoming album release! Her voice is annoying with that whisper crappy voice. She is a sorry excuse for a mother, all she did in interviews after her suicide attempt was blame others for her actions, oh the rumors, oh the foreclosure, oh my man troubles, oh the pain, oh me being a young mom, not being educated! Sorry ass excuses!
BTW......What the hell is up with her mushroom head haircut? IDIOT!

1513 days ago


What a dumb attention getter. No one tries to kill themselves for real with aspirin. I hope she got a bad stomachache. She needs media attention bc she's ugly, can't sing, and foreclosed on her house.

1512 days ago


Almost everything A, B, C, D and Z-list celebrities do is done for publicity. It always seems like they're promoting a reality show, a movie or an album. That's why I don't watch or listen to any of their crap. For the record, I hate reality shows. There's hardly anything realistic about self-aggrandizing performers living out their lives in front tv cameras. (Even everyday folks would put on an act.) If more people blew off these self-promoting hacks and ignored the stupid **** they do for attention, maybe the self-promoting hacks would act like civilized human beings. Maybe they'd even put out better products. Who knows...

1512 days ago


Oh, I didn't know she was a homewrecker when I wrote my first comment. Makes me hate her more. And no ladies, it doesn't go both ways. Women are less likely to cheat then men because we are more emotional. Women have been oppressed and cheated for a long time and have finally come up, only to have whores screw us over.

1512 days ago


One more thing. In response to an earlier post regarding Leann Rimes: I think Leann Rimes is one of the lowest forms of life on the planet. No one really pays any attention to her, though, because she didn't use her affair, or a half-hearted "suicide attempt", to promote her tv show, album and career in general. When you play dirty pool, people cry foul. When you keep your mouth shut, people tend to ignore you.

1512 days ago


I've been following this story because I've been trying hard not to throw her to the wolves. I voted for her during IDOL because I really believe she's a great performer and raw talent. I didn't support Jennifer Hudson because back then she was the one with the attitude. Jennifer's loss was a blessing because it forced her to deal with some realities. In fact, it was LaToya London who really should have won Idol but she didn't go for it, she sort of fizzled at the end and Hawaii made it very political by starting a campaign for that little Jasmine girl who couldn't sing at all. So Fantasia emerged victorious. She was consistently good and didn't really have a bad night and fought for it week after week. But something has happened to her. I think that the record companies don't groom people like they used to. Whitney Houston was straight up hood, but they groomed her and her parents knew the business. Imagine Fantasia coming from that small North Carolina town with working class parents who were struggling just to make ends meet. That Idol money was gone in no time. It wasn't free cash. By the time you pay for your business expenses and a family that expects you to help them out, no money is left. Fantasia is back to work because who is going to pay the bills if she doesn't? That's why she's dumb to throw away her life over Antwaun Cook. He's not worth it. Only someone with self-esteem in the basement would think he's her only option. I hope counseling helps her to overcome. I believe she tried to commit suicide. She didn't just take aspirin. She took sleeping pills, lots of them, so much that they say she may have damaged her kidneys. That probably makes some of you very happy. Rather than hate her recognize that she needs help.

1512 days ago


Ghetto trash. Why she is famous or why she won American Idol is a complete mystery...or misery as the case may be.

1512 days ago

Dr Doug    

Fantasia really ought to go back to school and get a GED. Maybe she'll learn that a bottle of aspirin in the short term will play hell with her stomach but is not really good for suicide. Somebody's bound to discover her while she's rolling around the house barfing.

Fantasia's lack of success and endurance is because, in the long run, entertainers also have to show some intelligence in the management of their careers, their choices etc.

1512 days ago


Not surprisingly, TMZ just can't comprehend the words coming from her mouth. Let me translate it for you...She made a mistake that she doesn't want others to make. Get some urban staffers so this doesn't happen again lol.

1512 days ago


I believe it is both of their faults. Fantasia to me looks like the skank she is and the boyfriend is just a weak ass man. If I was the wife, I would have taught my husband a lesson he would never forget. I would have had sex with him one more time and squeeze some crazy glue between his leg and stuck that so call penis together like I was "coming". I wouldn't worry about suing Fantasia because in most situtation it is always the man lying. Relationships like this make me really mad. Somewhere down the road, Fantasia is going to commit suicide. I hope someone is watching over her. Sad Sad Sad unbelievable!

1511 days ago
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