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Lindsay Lohan -- Back on the Scene

8/29/2010 4:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and the Chateau Marmont are synonymous with each other -- and last night the pair were reunited for the first time since LiLo got out of jail/rehab.

Over the years, the popular Hollywood hotel has the been the spot of many of Lindsay's misadventures.

Old habits die hard.


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@ Susan---Lohan should NOT be patronizing any establishment that was part of her decline. On a professional note, AVOIDING paparazzi hot-spots is a smart idea. We rarely read about the young ACTRESSES that are TRULY YOUNG HOLLYWOOD AND STARRING IN MAJOR MOTION PICTURES.

Unfortunately, for Lindsay, she needs a conservatorship just like Britney Spears had imposed on her 2.5 years ago.

In 2009, Brit had a successful record, worldwide tour and we rarely read about her in the tabloids websites and magazines anymore.

1514 days ago


She is soo gross looking, yuck

1514 days ago


Is it possible to ship Lindsay and Paris and Britney to an island FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR away.

1514 days ago


I'm surprised anyone else is surprised by this. Most of us on this forum knew this would happen. She got off too easily with the jail sentence and rehab. All the enablers whining and crying how unfair it all was - well now you see why a few of us wanted her to spend every last day of her sentence just where the judge put her. The especially sad part is she's now dragging her young, MINOR sister with her on her descent into misery.

1514 days ago


This is a Britney situation. Except there are no one who can take care of Lindsay and her business. Britney wasn't a criminal, Lindsay is. Britney was out of her mind, Lindsay should know better since she has been declared not a druggie and not a crazie. Lindsay is willingly letting her life go, she must be incredibly depressed and or suicidal, her selfdestruction continues, late nights, wrong friends/influences, wrong places full of temptaions, and of course prancing around the paparazzi cameras, if she WANTED to - she could avoid the media and do her thing in peace, but Lindsay is addicted to this attention, without attention she does not feel alive. What a sad life Lindsay has. Her family most of all sucks ass, big big crazy dull of addictions and crazy mom and dad, so sad. It would truly be a miracle if Lindsay has any kind of normal life ever in the future. Seems destined for disaster. She is sort of like the beginning of Chyna, eve nif they have nothing in common, she is the same type of closed off in denial messed up family and just a mess of a life. Sad. When even crazy people like Britney can pull their lives together and Lindsay cant.

1514 days ago


Uhhhhhh what are "cinics"? You learn so many new words on TMZ.

1514 days ago


People, paparazzi go where the money is. Lindsay's pictures are big money. Lindsay isn't chasing the paps, it's the other way around. They camp out at Lindsay's house, they follow her around. And, guess what, they don't always find her but when they do they are terribly intrusive with their stupid questions. No one in the world should give these dangerous creeps any respect. Most of them are truly horrible and hunt celebs down like they were wild animals hunting down their prey. In a few months, they won't be able to photograph celebs driving which at least makes for a bit less dangerous situation.

Lindsay isn't the only one that's hunted down by paps, Rihanna and Miley also get lots of pap attention.

1514 days ago


Hmmm .... I wonder if Lindsay actually has the willpower to stop smoking cigarettes too? She wasn't able to smoke in jail I hear. I think it would be great to hear that Lindsay stopped smoking cigarettes and she told her so-called friends she doesn't give a rip what they think about it. Lindsay should be immune to "peer pressure" by age 24. She's not a high school kid anymore.

Young actresses who are smokers aren't too attractive to me. I don't see what people enjoy about smoking cigarettes in the first place. It always made me feel terrible after I smoked them. It makes you feel panicky or something. You smell like a smokestack and your mouth is like an ashtray.

Smokers are like modern day lepers. It's not the cool or popular thing to do at all. Maybe it was cool to smoke back in the 70s or whatever but not anymore. The hardcore nicotine addicts look like junkies hiding out behind buildings all the time. Cigarettes, too much caffeine and too much sun will make Lindsay look a lot older in 5-10 years if she keeps doing it. The caffeine drys out your skin a lot. A female friend I used to know already looks a lot older than she should for her age because she had those bad habits.

If Lindsay wants to ruin how her face looks she should keep on smoking like a fiend, chug lots of Red Bulls and fry her skin laying out at the beach. I bet her doctor would tell her the same thing.

1514 days ago


I don't hate her or even care what she does but I say she will be dead within 10 years or less .

1514 days ago


linds is looking so pretty and healthy... please have a big come back !

1514 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay,...obviously sobriety is NOT your choice. I am very disappointed in her and her mother...BTW Dina YOU CALL YOURSELF A MOTHER?????? you are s*** and ur enabling ways are killing ur kid...

1514 days ago


According to UCLA and the finest addiction specialist's in the world, "Lindsay is not an addict". I believe them and I'm of the opinion Lindsay needs to learn to make better choices in life. 12 step meetings are absolutely worthless and are proven to be ineffective! Now the next 200 comments will come from all you loser "meeting makers" who are "working a program" with your loser friends "in recovery". Her dad is a joke! Since when does a person need to be weaned off Trazodone or Zoloft? NEVER.

1514 days ago


"I think people are overreacting to this story, so she went back to her old hangout, what's so bad about that? Ok i'll admit hanging around someplace with a bar just after getting out of rehab wasn't the smartest thing to do-but it's not like she got in trouble or anything, and I can't believe some of the morons on here actually think that she took her sister with her, you people so depserately want Lindsay to fail that you automatically assume the worst for her without getting your facts straight. Also there might bemore to this story thne meets eye, this might sound ridiculous or crazy to alot of you but hereI go anyways: Lindsay's doing Psychotherapy now right? Well one thing most Psychotherapists encourage people to do is to confront they're own fears, and the Marmont has been the spot of several of her troubles, and because of all the bad memories associated with that place she probably wasn't too keen on going back there. My theory is that she was being encouraged to face her fears in her therapy, so maybe going back to that place was her way of confronting her fears, or maybe i'm just putting too much thought into this, either way the point is-nothing bad happened to Lindsay while she was at the Chateau, and that has to count for something, right?"

Yours Truly,

Dina Lohan

Posted at 1:57

1514 days ago



I also find it amusing that all these people who don't even know the ungrateful bitch are soooo opinionated, and are actually arguing about where she should be hanging out!

That being said, she's just another f**ked up girl in her 20's, but since she starred in some bad movies (except Mean Girls), she's somehow been made famous for being a f**ked up girl in her 20's. Who cares?

We all go thru rough patches, but she unfortunately has terrible parents, if you can even call them that, so she's having a harder time getting thru it. They are using her addictions as a ticket to be on camera, and TMZ fully goes along with it. Nice work TMZ, be proud of yourselves!

1514 days ago


I have been clean and sober for 18 years. You are supposed to change the people you hung with, the places you went. Clearly she hasn't not yet learned. It took me one fall to learn. They need to learn that life is a blast without all the additional stimuli. My advice to her is to stop running from whatever she is running from. You will never outrun yourself. Turn around and face your demons and you will find out that they weren't so big and bad as you thought. As soon as you face them they will be the ones that are on the run and you will have your life back. There is a story about a man that kept hearing the roar of a lion and was so scared to turn around and face it that it paralyzed him with fear so bad that he couldn't enjoy his life. He began drinking and drugging and doing things to numb himself but the roar was still winning because the fear was still in control and his health was diminishing. One day he finally summoned the courage to turn around and face his biggest fear. When he did he found a little mouse that was mimicking the roar of a lion. He was finally set free when he faced the thing that scared him the most. Talk about the things that scare you the most until they loose their power over you. Evil has no power over you than that which you give it. "God created Heaven and Earth and ALL THINGS GOOD." NOTHING BAD CAN FLOW FROM GOD. The closer you move to the source/God where all things are good the better off you will be. Life is a special thing. Everyone has hardships. No one goes through it unscathed. Life is about learning and you never stop. I believe you keep learning even after you pass. You were given a marvelous gift for a reason. Forget about all the external stuff and work on what is inside. For some it takes many falls and you can only hope and pray they stay alive. I pray for her. Cutting her down does no good for Jesus said, "Let the one who has no sin cast the first stone." We have ALL fallen short. Christ died for this reason. Do not be burdened by the past or by guilt. Christ set us free. You have the ability and gift to be a good example and help others and pay it forward. You are not being different or a renegade by following the SAME PATH as many before you. Move closer to the source and stop believing that which is not capable of the truth in evil. Where one door closes another door opens. Close the door to evil by being its pawn and move back into the light.

1514 days ago
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