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Sam Ronson's Dog Cadillac Hits the Road

8/31/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Samantha Ronson's bulldog Cadillac has beat a hasty retreat from L.A. after a fatal run-in with a neighbor dog ... sources tell TMZ -- and we found out Cadillac has a biting record.

We've learned Sam sent her beloved bulldog packing for the East Coast to live with family  ... after the dog killed a 3-pound Maltese that was roaming the hallway without a leash Monday in Samantha's West Hollywood apartment building.

Sam -- who had worked the night before -- was at home sleeping when the attack occurred.  Some of her friends were in her unit.  We've learned the friends told Animal Control they heard a human scream and then opened the door and found Cadillac in the hallway alone -- there was no blood on the floor or on the bulldog.  None of Sam's friends are copping to allowing Cadillac to get out of the unit.


We've learned Cadillac previously bit another dog in the building and Sam agreed to send the pooch to a 3-week doggie boot camp for socialization.  Cadillac returned home just 5 days ago.

Neighbors tell TMZ Cadillac had also bitten a person in the building but we could not confirm it. 

Tiger is the first fatality.


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looking at the maltese is peesing me off. team bulldog

1460 days ago


Oh nice cover-up...Make a bunch of your friends say they were all at your house and noone knows how the dog got out while you were asleep...hmm, wonder how long it took for Ronson and her cronies to think that one up...???

The b-tch will get off prolly with just a slap on the wrist, if anything, instead of proper punishment...just like her lesbo lover!

Makes me ill...barf

1460 days ago


I can barely understand what this story is even saying. STOP trying to be cute and just write the damn story. Not everything has to be a play on words.

1460 days ago


That bitch should have been kept in a locked cage. And the dog too. I hope they send her ass to jail for hiding evidence (the dog). But then again, that lesbo would be right at home with all those women. She's just soooooooooooo nasty, the tongue licking, finger poking, strap-on using slut.

1460 days ago


This dog does have "pit" in it because of the brindle striping. Mosthomeowners insurance will drop you like a hot potato if you own one. Hence, the reason forall of these creative breeds of pit.

1460 days ago


You've heard of kids raising kids? Well this is a case of a Dog raising a Dog. Samantha Ronson Barks!!!! Yuck. I can see why she is a lesbian.

1460 days ago


i dont care who you are if your dog killed my dog (while not on its lease)you would be one sorry m#$@^% f&%#*$#....

1460 days ago


I guess the bulldog mistook the other dog for a jar of peanut butter,Im sure he hates peanut butter becausae what sam makes him do to her and the peanut butter,,yuck

1460 days ago


also another possibility is that the witness mistook the bulldog for Sam Ronson,as ugly as she is it very possible it was Sam who attacked the little dog

1460 days ago


An english bulldog
in its presentation today! is NOT a biter! they are very very calm dogs, are usually absolutely peaceful especially with smaller breeds and if male can get aggressive, but more in sound than in action towards bigger dogs.

the little dogs tend to be way more more aggressive than bigger breeds.

I have had bulldogs for nearly 20 years now. they are not social with other dogs, they are more or less ignorant towards them..a mini sniff here and there. thats it. they are dogs who want to be with humans , they are no herd dogs and I highly doubt that the bulldog "bit" a human..they have crippled teeth in the front, that they hardly can control as they stick while playing with them, oh my god...probably a teeth made a rash...
and bulldogs speak a very different language than other breeds such as sheperds or labradors...put them together with a pug, and they are darlings..

1460 days ago


who cares! dogs will be dogs! gross neglect on both owners! lots of little dog owners have skittish dogs that growl and bark at big dogs that help initiate fights. just pick your damn dog up and walk elsewhere!

1460 days ago


Are they sure they got the right dog? I am sure it is probably Sam who bit and killed the maltese, not the bulldog.

How is she still newsworthy? I thought the minute she stopped using her strap on with Lohan, this sorry excuse for a human being would go away. Hmmmm I guess not. Hopefully this skank gets sued for a butt load of money and they make her put her dog down.

1460 days ago


I've read that Ronson makes quite a good living as a DJ. You can sense a lot of envy in some of these comments.

1460 days ago


UGH! She "sent" her dog to boot camp? Did SHE not attend any training classes? I hope she gets fined and sued for what her dog did. Irresponsible pet owners need to learn.

1460 days ago


Normally when a a dog bites someone or kills another animal, isn't there a 10 day quarantine, even if the animal is vaccinated to make sure it doesn't exhibit rabies? They do that by me. You can't move the dog out of your home for 10 days, except under direct leashed supervision and only to go to the bathroom.
Seems sort of dumb they would let the animal leave the jurisdiction...

1460 days ago
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