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Sandra Bullock -- My Friends Don't Sell Me Out

8/31/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock has finally revealed how she kept her adoption of baby Louis a secret for so long ... she has friends who "know how to keep their mouth shut."

In her interview with Matt Lauer, Sandra said there are "good people with integrity" out there who "don't sell out their friends" ... and that her friends know that if they screw up and run their mouths she'll "cut them."

Lindsay Lohan sure could use a couple friends like that.


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She is really starting to make me sick..WE dont care about your IDOLIZED adopted baby who has a poop schedule..SHUT Up Sandra BULL SHI$$

1484 days ago


Good for you Sandra! Glad to see you are happy and have moved past all of the drama.

1484 days ago


OH- and 1 more thing although I have many comments 4 You..You are not the only broad with an adopted kid..You are making an IDOL out of your adopted child..ILL bet Jesse is happy to be rid of You as You 2 were never a match..You Idolize Yourself way too much and we dont need your advice miss rich movie starr..Stay off the TV shows will You plezze

1484 days ago


Jeezuz I'm sick of her. And her kid.

1484 days ago

sally and Jim    

Sandra you go girl,you are an inspiration to many of us!!A few fools get rubbed the wrong way when you speak, to them I say deal with it,she is a well loved darling to the majority of us!! hahaha!!

1484 days ago


WOW!! CN sounds a little jealous..come clean ur really Jesse's ex-wife aren't you?? Sandra is a very classy lady I'll even give her the knife to cut the bast**rds with...

1484 days ago

sally and Jim    

CN is alias for Nanunanu and I love it when jealous people dont know what to do with a well loved popular person and know they can not rub their venom off the marjority of us!!Bring on all youe aliases and spew your venom,you might feel better but the rest of us just love her to bits!! Suffer!! She is an amazing lady!!

1484 days ago


It sort of gives a whole new meaning to "I got your back!"

1484 days ago


I ****in love the face she makes at the end there, someone needs to slow mo that shiz lol I like that....*grimace*


1484 days ago


for the people who don't like Sandra Bullock, you are entitled to your opinion. In MY opinion, she has come through a nasty time in her life and can hold her head up high. Most of us will go through crap like this in our lives but we won't have to do it in the public eye with people making nasty comments just because they can. I am honestly very happy for her and seeing her find happiness in her son. My kids helped keep me grounded through my divorce so I know how she feels.

We can also look at it this way, would we rather hear a nice happy story (for once) or would we rather be staring at the black, hairy mole on the face of America named Snookie? My vote is in for Sandra Bullock. :)

1484 days ago


Wow, jealous much?

She is an inspiration, like it or not. If only more people could be more like her. She's donating her time and money to a great cause. Helping those affected by Katrina. What the hell are you doing?

She's overcome a lying, cheating, pathetic husband and she's moving on. Good for her and she's a new mother that instead of breeding with that no good husband of hers, thank God! She adopted a baby who needs a good home and by God, he got one.

If only I could be half the woman she is...more power to you her. I wish her nothing but the best. Also, glad to see she DOES have true friends and I like that she won't deal with crap. It's taken me years to figure that out in people but, I'm finally learning that hard lesson in my own life. Cut those crappy people out, once and for all. Who needs them. Life is too short.

1484 days ago


I guess Jesse's street lifestyle has rubbed off on her seeing as how she will cut people now.

1484 days ago


Amazed that there was losers out there with the audacity to post nasty comments about Sandra Bullock. That really goes to show what kind of people you dirtbags really are!

1484 days ago


Leave it to TMZ to have a story totally unrelated, yet still can work in a Lohan reference. give it a rest, not one cares about her more than you guys and her leeching family members. Enough already! Also, if Lohan had friends like Bullock, you guys would have no stories! Shut up about her, he ex-girlfiends dog, her good for nothing attention whore father and the mother of the year, Dina. Get over her alredy.

1484 days ago


What would have been wrong with adopting a white child or baby from the U.S.? There are many out there and far too few adoptive parents!

1484 days ago
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