Sandra Bullock Adoption -- The Signs Were There

4/30/2010 3:14 PM PDT

Sandra Bullock Photog -- Baby Clues at the House

These may be the biggest clues so far that Sandra Bullock was living with baby Louis Bardo -- and they surfaced before the Jesse James scandal broke, but no one connected the dots.

The photos (above) show Sandra taking out the trash just days before the Oscars -- at the Orange County home she shared with Jesse.  We now know Sandra timed the trash run so the container was left on the street just before trash pickup.  We're told ... had anyone gotten close, they would have smelled baby poop.

And then there's this ... take a look at the pictures taken just days after the Oscars (above) -- but still before the scandal broke.  That's Chi-Lin Sun -- the photog who shot the Bullock baby pics for People -- going into the Bullock/James O.C. home, carrying a baby blanket and baby clothes.

So Sandra was sly, but the clues were still there.