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Dog-Eat-Dog Victim Had a Future in Modeling ...

8/31/2010 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger -- the 2-year-old Maltese allegedly killed by Sam Ronson's bulldog yesterday -- wasn't just some mangy mutt ... she had a career going for herself as a professional doggy model.


Just last month, Tiger -- 14-years old in dog years -- hit the runway for the "Pattern for Paws" charity dog fashion show in West Hollywood ... but it also appears she hit the bottle.

Tiger, seen above next to a glass of chardonnay sauvignon blanc, had her vices like any up and coming model ... but she also had spirit ... a spirit that was silenced far too soon due to unnecessary dog-on-dog violence.

Last night, Sam Ronson -- whose doggy Cadillac is accused of carrying out the alleged murder -- tweeted the following message, "I feel incredibly sad and wish I could offer more than condolences, unfortunately there are no words to describe how sorry I am."


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This is what happens when you let those types…dogs, in your building or neighborhood. I guess it was born that way.

1513 days ago


OMG TMZ please stop no more pictures of the dog, this is too freakin sad.

1513 days ago


Avenger #30, you are a dumbass. Maltese are NOT known for being aggressive. They were bred to be companion dogs. I worked in a vet's office and can tell you for sure there are dogs that will go after dogs and kill them for NO reason.

I love the people that say "who cares it's just a's not a person" People love their dogs. Get over it and adjust. Why bother to post to this story if you don't care?

1513 days ago


This isn't the first time her dog's attacked someone. It ought to be put down. Samantha's been so busy making fun of other people and fighting on twitter that she couldn't even control her own dog. Hypocritical miserable person.

1513 days ago

Jesse James Hater    

#19 Melissa
#58 Heather

I feel sorry for you both.
You do not know what it is to feel love for another person, or to be loved by someone as sweet as Tiger.
You are both such haters... I will pray for your souls.

I am so angry at you both, but I will be the bigger person and not spew hate like you both did.

May God have mercy on you both.

1513 days ago


Who cares! It's an accident, what is this dog friggin' royalty! There are more important things going on than someones dog getting attacked...

1513 days ago


Having owned a small dog for seventeen years that I loved dearly, I would have beaten the **** out of Sam Ronson if her dog did this to MY dog. I really don't understand why people insist on having such dangerous pets... and then they're SO surprised when their beast dogs turn on other pets or human children? If you're going to buy a big, powerful, potentially vicious dog like hers, LEARN TO KEEP THE DAMN THING UNDER CONTROL BEFORE IT MAIMS OR KILLS SOMEONE instead of whining about how "sorry" you are about it later. My only sympathy here is for that poor little dog and her owner. Go to hell, Sam. People like you who only want big vicious dogs to show off and are completely irresponsible with them make me sick.

1513 days ago


This is what happens when you let those types…dogs, in your building or neighborhood

1513 days ago


IMO these mini breads are pretty aggresive and can be quite snappy. Little dog prolly getting snappy at big dog, not leaving it alone. Big dog reacts, not knowing it wouldn't take much to kill the other dog. Bull dogs are big and fat and lazy and don't move well. Any bigger breed dog could have escaped IMO

1513 days ago


Be a RESPONSIBLE pet owner, you freakin moron!

1513 days ago


14 yrs is the average lifespan for a dog anyways. It's not like it was a puppy.

1513 days ago

Whip It    

i have a small dog i walk at night for a reason, but not everyone has that leasure and i don't get how the other
dog owners with pit's and other vicious breeds insist on walking by..Hey cross the street! So here's another reason i walk my dog L8 night 'cause in my area no one walks their dog at this tie of night!

'cmon be a man!
ay, you feel "so bad" hows 'bout when your dog went after mine i socked your dog in the mouth and kicked the S**t out of it after all i'm protecting my fur family member since you were afraid of locked jaws. btw dogs take on the personality of it's owner.

i may be a lil' freaky but i don't get off on dogs fighting if you can't control your dog u shouldn't be an owner!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. feel better owner of tiger their are no words of comfort losing your loved one to nonsense as this. *huggs*

`whip it

1513 days ago


Dead dog aside (RIP), I'm just happy TMZ did their due diligence in reporting and corrected their initial error that the wine was not chardonnay as first suspected, but was indeed a sauvignon blanc. Thank god they put their people to work sleuthing out the truly important information to crack the case.

1513 days ago


Turn your snarky "humor" elsewhere. A dead dog is not funny.

1513 days ago

Ben from Baltimore    

Tiger's owner needs to call Judge Judy.
Judge Judy: Did you have your dog under control?
Sam Ronson: I thought I did.
Judge Judy: Did you have your dog on a leash?
Sam Ronson: I didn't think that my dog had to be on a leash because I was in an apartment building.
Judge Judy: YOU'RE AN IDIOT! You think that because you are a famous DJ that I am not going to lay down the law. You are just like your ex, Lindsay Lohan and her mom, Dina. You think that you are above the law because you are a celebrity. You two deserve each other. There are too many Judges in Los Angeles that give special treatment to celebrities. Judge Revel deserves a statue of herself outside the Los Angeles courthouse. $5,000 verdict for the Plaintiff. Now, get out of my sight before I do something that I probably will regret later.

1513 days ago
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