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Kim K -- Can't Decide What She 'Likes Poking More'

9/1/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is helping that much-hyped Internet thingy finally fulfill its potential by delivering herself in skimpy outfits while purring, "I'm here to make you an offer you won't be able to refuse."

Kim and her badonkadonk shot a series of video messages for Cameo Stars -- y'know the company that also brought you Lindsay Lohan and Rachel Uchitel in skintight clothing.

Check out her outtakes because -- seriously -- when else are you ever going to hear Kim say this to you: "I can't decide what I like poking more ... you or these bubbles?"  Seriously.


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She's hot, but would be even hotter if she dropped 20lb from her ass.

1513 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

She has a nice face but her body is meh. In some airbrushed photos she looks amazing but in the untouched pap shots her body is pretty bad.

1513 days ago


Are her 15 going on 60 minutes almost up yet? I am soooooooo tired of her.

1513 days ago


Only in America people, only in America can one be a pig and make money off of it. She sure isn't alone in this, Pam Anderson? Paris? Jenna, whom has tried to be legit but has banged everything for money so no one will take her seriously.

I'm scared for this trend, what is next? WHAT are the tweens and teens thinking about becoming a woman?

For ch-rist sake, their LITTLE sister Kendall has been "modeling" bathing suits already. The pictures were way too slutty for a 14 year old, and Dad thought they were "beautiful" and "art". She wants to walk in Kim's footsteps.

1513 days ago


So true.......... this country is really getting messed up. we consider Kim Katrashian and her family, actors? actresses? she is a whore, she will do anyone or anything to get money, same for her sisters, mother...biggest whore of all of them, unbelievable that people can make so much money in this business for showing their ass and getting plowed on tape. very sad, whats next, watching starlets do poop tapes, watching them take S**ts on tape? I am sure it will happen, anything for money. the brother is so lost...DAMN, WHAT CAN I DO TO WHORE MYSELF OUT AND GET RICH LIKE MY SISTERS???

1513 days ago


Skanky bitch, go away!

1513 days ago

Some random guy    

"She is one ugly Mexican. Even if she is not one she looks like one. Useless. Vapid. Offers nothing but her holes to black guys. Good job Ma and Pa Kardashian. You've raised a bunch of pigs. Can she disappear already? So sick of having to see her face. I hate her mouth."

Posted at 2:29 AM on Sep 1, 2010 by OKS

I guess everyone with dark hair/eyes is Mexican or "looks Mexican". Cool. And I think you should say "she looks hispanic" because she could pass for someone from anywhere in Latin America not just someone from Mexico, don't be so ignorant.

1513 days ago



1512 days ago


She's greasy, overweight, and her face has been nipped and tucked so much she looks like plastic. Nothing about her is attractive, and since when are gigantic asses something women want? We all want smaller butts, not huge ones. I don't know why people started picking off overweight colored women and started to think they were attractive. They're just overweight.

1512 days ago

Some random guy    

"Hey Some Random Guy,
Whatever. She is dirty looking like a Mexican and I don't care.
Look around they are ruining this city and country and I don't like them the illegal rodents that they are. Have a good day and remember a day without a Mexican is a very good day indeed!"

Posted at 6:53 PM on Sep 1, 2010 by OKS

You sound like a huge bigot. Why am I even bothering replyin to your dumbass? Maybe you should also be pissed at all your fellow Americans that hire illegals and stop pointing the finger at Mexicans you *******. No work no legals, no kill yourself.

1511 days ago

Some random guy    


*now kill yourself

*and stop pointing the finger at Mexicans only

1511 days ago

Some random guy    


another edit:

*no work, no ILLEGALS

1511 days ago

Some random guy    

OKS, I recognize the illegal immigration problem and all the crime going on in Mexico due to the drug war and corruption and I'm glad you acknowledged America's role in the issue which is Americans giving them jobs. But what bothered me from the getgo and made me respond to you in the first place is because you're saying sh*t like "dirty Mexican", I take offense to that because I am Mexican, here legally and I'm not a "roach". You're acting like every single one of us is some nasty criminal with no regard the law or something, stop it.

I don't get why you have to bring up your hatred towards us in a story about Kim Kardashian. What the f*ck man? Go to yahoo news and let off steam on one of the thousands of stories of illegal immigration/Mexico, please, that's what a lot of the Anti-Mexican crowd does.

1510 days ago

Some random guy    

So basically, you hate all of them because of the actions of a few, or rather, "millions". Okay you're gonna generalize, fine. And you not only hate Mexicans but hispanics in general huh? Afraid that you'll have language issues or you'll get your stuff stolen? Because whites (I'm assuming that's what you are) or people of other races won't steal from anyone huh, crimes are exclusive to hispanics and Mexicans, wow.

Classic discrimination there dude. You say none of them do this, none of them do that, they're all "roaches", stop generalizing for f*ck's sake, please. You haven't met every single Mexican or hispanic so you have no right to state all this bull. Don't lump them all together, I don't care how many piss you off, not all of them are the same! Plenty of Mexicans and hispanics value education, thank you very much. But if it helps you sleep at night by thinking every single one of us is some gangbanger out to get you and ruin America, then so be it. And they bring down the quality of everything? I don't think the people that hire them as day laborers or work at businesses would say that, judging by how many illegals are currently working in this country as I type this.

I've had problems with certain Americans, but I'm not over here hating on a country as a whole like you're doing because of issues I've had with a select number of people from the US. But it seems like no matter what I say, your prejudice is so engraved in your head that you won't listen. "Mexicans and hispanics suck, I don't care what anyone says, end of story." I'm sorry you feel that way.

I'm glad I don't lump everyone together and hate an entire nation of people (Mexico) and an ethnic group (hispanics) like you. We have a sub-human culture you say? Sounds like something Adolf Hitler would say about the Jews or other undesirables he sent to camps. Yeah, all Mexico is about is corruption, drugs, murders, NOTHING positive about it at all right? It's a country created by Satan to corrupt your precious Amurka! Noooo! I'm not pro-illegal or anything either but the way you spew venom at Mexicans and hispanics is disgusting. It's not my f*cking fault some of them are criminals, what the hell do you want me to do about it? A lot of Americans are criminals, you don't see calling American culture sub-human.

And just incase you ARE white: (If you aren't, ignore the following paragraph. I don't want to look like an idiot by telling a non-white individual to go to this site and register)

There's this site called "Stormfront", it's a white-nationalist/hate website, a lot of bigots post there, they could use someone like you. Someone who generalizes about other nationalities or ethnic groups and declares all of them as being inferior, and s***. People like to blame certain ethnic groups/nationalities for all of their problems there. You should feel right at home there. Or perhaps you're already a member?...

1509 days ago

Some random guy    

Oh, and it's quite ironic how earlier you tell me to not judge you, but you sure seem to love judging others.

1509 days ago
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