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Lindsay Lohan --

Dangerous Liaisons

9/2/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan -- a woman who has been to rehab for alcohol abuse -- is flirting with known danger, and here are the pictures to prove it.

Lindsay was photographed Saturday at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood ... sitting at a table that appears to be littered with a few unknown beverages.

By day, hangin' poolside at her apartment is not a problem -- but by night ... the bar scene could be a very dangerous risk.



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"38. And #5 Carvey ?----- The article was written BEFORE she went to jail and rehab???? She open's her mouth she's lying. Posted at 5:37 AM on Sep 2, 2010 by Barbie"

No, it was written after she was released from jail. That's why I called it a post-jail interview. If I had wanted to say that it was written befre she was sent to jail I would have called it a pre-jail interview.

Vanity Fair is running it as a post-jail interview so I see no reason to believe the interview was done prior to her going to jail. Of course this is not to suggest that she hasn't announced that's she's quitting the club scene in times past, because she most certainly has. But as we know, what Lindsay says and what Lindsay does are never the same thing.

1477 days ago


This interview took place after she was sentenced but before July 20th when she surrendered.
It was actually planned for after the VOP hearing was finished but then she got the unjust and excessive sentence.

1477 days ago

truth and mercy    

People in recovery MUST MUST MUST make a complete lifestyle CHANGE and that means staying away from any and all fellow partiers! Find a way to SAVE YOURSELF!Do it for all the others who have died too young and too tragically ! This is the twenty first century, how many more alcoholic/ addicts must die before we admit drug abuse and addictions are serious, life threatening DIS- EASES? Look out for # 1 lindsay... heal and recover your own precious SELF because ultimately NO ONE ELSE CAN DO IT FOR YOU!!!!! Good luck/ God Bless!

1477 days ago


calm down

1477 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

the Lindsay supporters always bring up the same things and always say nothing is her fault and that she is fine an hasn't done anything wrong..It was the Judges fault, it was her friends fault, it was the mailman... she was framed...There list of excuses makes me wonder if they are drinking the Lilo Kool-Aid

1477 days ago




@ grandma...

LMAO...I do believe you're right! Dina, it is excerpts not excerts!

1476 days ago


"97. @Carvey
This interview took place after she was sentenced but before July 20th when she surrendered. Posted at 3:42 PM on Sep 2, 2010 by Nicole"

Then they really shouldn't be advertising it as "Lindsay Lohan's First Post-Jail Interview" now should they? So much for journalistic integrity.

Okay, so she gave this interview prior to serving her abbreviated time in jail. All this means is that she lied 45 days or so earlier than I stated. It doesn't change the fact that has stated that she will no longer go clubbing and yet is in fact going clubbing. Didn't she tell this exact same lie and do the exact same thing back in 2007? She's a compulsive liar. I believe she'd tell two different lies to two people standing with her in the same room at the same time and then lie about telling them lies.

1476 days ago


Isn't that girl from the hills?

1476 days ago


"Do your homeworkTMZ... that isn't even a liquor bottle..."

So what is it? Somebody else said it was Tru Blood soda, but I just googled that and the shape of the bottle is definitely different than the one shown in this picture.

1476 days ago

Joe Blow    

Whether or not it's really alcohol in the picture is up for debate I guess, although I do believe it is a beer bottle, the real question here is how dumb is Lie-ho to let herself be photographed at a bar/club with what looks to be alcohol in the picture close to her after all the crap that just went down? At least try and not advertise your stupidity. Some people just don't get it, and Lindsay Lie-ho is a prime example of that.

1476 days ago


does anyone at tmz notice the blonde in the left of the pictures is the same blonde that was in those pictures with rob pattinson in italy?

1476 days ago

Style Gurrl    

Never mind the drinks and girlfriend. What ARE those sunglasses Lilo is wearing? They are fantastic.

1475 days ago


God save me from my friends because of my enemies I do...LiLo if you read this post, please keep that in mind.

1475 days ago


Never mind the drinks and LiLos friends ... what ARE those sunglasses she's wearing? They are fab.

1475 days ago


please.... you guys are pathetic.

1475 days ago
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