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TMZ Live: Tiger Woods, Lohan, and Speidi

9/1/2010 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We took your questions on everything today -- including the hostage situation at the Discovery Channel headquarters, Tiger Woods' $54 million mortgage, and Michael Lohan moving to L.A. to be near Lindsay.

Plus: Heidi makes Spencer pull out on sex tape deal.

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How is it that the cake boss story has been totally contained?

1515 days ago


How does the guy with the dredlocks wash his hair being there in knots? And does the rest of TMZ crew think he smells?

1515 days ago


Hey guys, the audio from the live coverage link further down the page is superimposing over your conversation. You might want to fix that. Its frustrating trying to figure out what is happening and where its coming from.

1515 days ago


since tmz Harvey talks and moves like a teen (female I mean) .. which is fine of course

just .. ya know... lil' odd

but the content is first class, hands down.

1515 days ago


When you have a "who'd You Rather?" contest, you really need a "Neither" option. Any chance of getting one?

1515 days ago


look at it this way atleast theses celebs didnt release a sex tape

1514 days ago

who dat    

Re: Roger Huerta (1) in the video it clearly shows the other guy got in Huertas face, then the guy ran away. At that point in the incident, Huerta can no longer assert imminent danger. The situation was diffused. Huerta reinserted himself, and then beat the guy up.

(2) Harvey, you stated something to the general point of, is there any doubt in anyone's mind that if Roger Huerta hadn't restrained the guy (a sugar coated way of saying Huerta beat him up), the guy would have hurt somebody else. As a lawyer you know nobody can take action to prevent something that might have happened unless they are in fear, or are acting as a response to imminent danger. Neither of these conditions existed.

Huerta was obviously hanging around outside of that bar (and probably lots of other bars) looking to get into some sort of altercations.

1514 days ago


Pete - comment 17: Nice spelling. Also, you're an idiot.

1514 days ago


Harvey. I knot you have some strong opinion about the puppy video. But there are some countries that dont have decent animal shelters, don't have an animal control agency. While I might not like it, some times that just how things are done. Just saying that there is always another side to the story.

1514 days ago


Why do you still believe ANYTHING Speidi does? I can't believe you're still falling for any of it!

1514 days ago


Check again

1514 days ago


Who cares ABOUT ALL THIS MONEY, THEIR MONEY, tIGER wOODS $54 MILLION DOLLAR MORTGAGE. Who really cares. Nobody cares about this idiot anymore. He should be ashamed of himself. The only thing Tiger has going for himself is a second chance getting a new contract signed with this record label company out of New York. Something about them wanting to use Tiger Woods name with the Masters which would be linked to their Hip Hop record label company called got money records. Some founder of the company named Chris Mentillo is trying to stop the contract due to his name being embarrased in the public’s eye. Obviously he is not the decision maker or owner of the record label company.

Screw them all. Tiger Woods doesn’t deserve a second chance at all these obviously over priced contracts anyway. Good luck to all you money hungry grubs. And that rap label got money should also be ashamed of themselves. There is too much crap out there regarding too much money to get losers like Tiger to sign these stupid contracts. I’m sorry but now this Hip Hop guy named Jay Z and Hip Hop Singer and businessman NOX from Got Money records are now also signing conracts linking their names’ to the New York Yankees. Hip Hop Stars???? Good grief, God please shoot me now. What is this world coming too?

1512 days ago


Utah Woman Accuses Mormon Prophet Of Attempted Rape! http://thomas-monson.blogspot.com/2010/09/gayle-smith-accuses-mormon-prophet-of.html

1495 days ago
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