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T.I. and Tiny -- His and Hers Mug Shots

9/3/2010 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the mug shots taken by T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle -- right after they were arrested on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood late Wednesday night. 

TI and Tiny Mug Shots

As we first reported, the newlyweds were arrested around 10:18 PM after cops say they were in possession of a controlled substance. We're told the substance in question is ecstasy.

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female gargamel

DAT NOSE! How unfortunate

1510 days ago


Why didn't they get out like old Parie?

1510 days ago


I can't believe this put him in prision and throw away the key.Let me guess it wasn't mine give me a break!!

1510 days ago


She is soooo freakin ugly! I want to barf when I see her!!!! He is sooooo freakin dumb. He should go back to jail for being so damn ignorant!

1510 days ago


Janet they're the wrong color. Michael Jackson knew that so he turned himself white before he broke the law

1510 days ago


Bestiality is against the law, surprised they didn't get him for having sex with that horse he's married to

1510 days ago


This is dumb...dont they have a couple kids??? They should be at home on a weekday taking care of them instead of out partying and doing drugs. They have all this money, and instead of going on trips with their children and giving them a great life, they hire nannies and go out and do **** like this. It's sad really. And I sure hope the kids look like T.I. cause she is BUSTED... spend your drug money on a nose job and a better hairstylist!

1510 days ago


Couldn't this guy have done better??? She looks like an 18 wheeler ran over her face and did a burnout on her lips!!

1510 days ago


ew shes gross wtf t.i u lose so much cred for dating the pig from green acres

1510 days ago


T.I you are a damn fool for putting yourself in such a predicament. are a BAD mother and a horrible example to your kids. I felt sorry for T.I and I thought he wanted to turn his life around and i thought he was really sorry. But that was all a facade for the public. You people make me sick...throw em both under the jail. Deuces

1510 days ago


Throw him in jail! Turn her back to the street so she can go back to hooking. SKANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1510 days ago


I am now seeing this for what it is... its not T.I's fault... its all Tiny's... look at the age difference.. older woman/younger man

she's 35'ish , he's 29'ish almost 30, facted of life dating trend these days.. the older women go for the younger thugs.. so they can manipulate them till their hearts desire... she is far from being a cougar, she's a puma seriouslly..which is basically a B! in heat the X was hers all hers... guys usually dont use that chicks do to get super "hot"...perhaps there were on their way to a stripclub for some adult fun..... married in July.... divorce by october.

T.I get out while you can get the marriage wiped... pay her the money she wants and get away from this lady.

1510 days ago


"Gimme a break, Gimmmmme a break, break me off a piece of dat kit kat bar!"

1510 days ago


Who the hell are these people. I have honestly never heard of either of them.

1510 days ago


I don’t believe that the substance they found in the car was T.I.’s and Tiny. I honestly believe this could be a setup. T.I. is very intelligent and no matter what he went to jail for the first time, I honestly don’t think he’s that stupid to get caught up like that as well as have his kids mother in the car.

All I can say is I’m praying for T.I., I met him before and he is so different from what the media is portraying him out to be. So for those who are saying lock him away or give him 15 years or any years, you should not judge!!! Who the hell are you to judge someone you know little about? Yall negative people needs to get off of T.I.’s D**K and get a life!

1510 days ago
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