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Jesse James & Kat Von D -- In Public

9/3/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kat Von D and Jesse James made their relationship "Hollywood official" last night -- they showed up together to Kat's Wonderland gallery opening in Hollywood.




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You have to wonder about a "woman" who can not associate herself with her real name, Katherine von Dranchenberg. Yuck! She says she's from Mexico, but that sounds German to me. She's a tattoer, not an actress, who is she kidding?

I really do think her whole personna is fake, and she is a very spiteful and a vengful person. She says she gets her inspiration from love, but I don't see it at all. She is mean and condesending to her employees and is quick to throw a knife in someones back who isnt kissing her ass.

I also find it incrediably ironic that she has a DEEP MAN VOICE, while the man she pretends to date, has a HIGH SQWEEKY GIRLS VOICE!

And WHY all the POUNDS and POUNDS of MAKEUP?????? WHAT is She hidding??? Same with all the massive tattoos? Not very classy....

1476 days ago


Nicky Sixx must have said the "M" word. **** Von D will drop you like a hot rock if you say it. LOL

1476 days ago


Not trying to sound totally mean, but EVERY single time I see those black/green STARS on the side of her face/forehead, I have to take a doubletake......I ALWAYS think she has a bad case of ACNE!

1476 days ago


She was right when she said they have alot in common "no morals". If she wasn't already doing in prior to his divorce then she was there when he got back from rehah to help him pick up the pieces. One thing I believe true that Janine said was that Jesse said he had a back-up if Sandra wouldn't take him back, Kat is it. He may not cheat on her because of his past mistakes but maybe she will cheat on him if gets tired on long distant relationship or his children. When she was with Nikki she said she was married to her job and her boyfriend had enough anyways.

I see these two getting married within the next year or less and will probably get a reality tv show out of it combining their business.

1476 days ago


I agree they will be married & she's probably pregnant. Then they will divorce. Jesse only loves himself. I'm not sure he loves his kids & I bet he hasn't seen Louis even though he said in his ABC interview that he was going to co-parent. I gave him the benefit of the doubt but he's nothing but a selfish self-centered liar. I feel for Sandra & his kids. What a fine example he is setting for his kids. He needs to move back to LA which I'm sure will happen in the coming months. I've never watched LA Ink nor will I ever & if he gets a reality show I won't watch that either. He's a LOSER in my book. In fact, this will be the last thing I write or read in regards to Jesse James. There's more important things going on in this world. He's a total dirtbag & Sandra Bullock knew not to give this guy another chance.

1475 days ago


She needs to stop with the lip injections. IT DOES NOT LOOK GOOD!

1475 days ago


they are both losers! what happened to mr crybaby from a couple of months ago about his love for sandra and blah blah blah! does he like just being hated by everyone i cant figure it out! no respect for her either shouldnt he be trying to be a better person and dad than out hanging with his new girlfriend! i guess his rehab really didnt take what a waste of time these 2 are!

1475 days ago


The universe tends towards entropy.

Jesse and Kat are a natural fit. Jesse and Sandra were not.

I would equate Jesse/Sandra to plasma.
I would equate Jesse/Kat to solid or liquid - a happy state.

I would equate John Mayer to gas. Unless we want to blame it Cinnabun, the dog.

1475 days ago


#61 I totally agree with you. But isnt he suppose to be a good Dad? so how is it that he already introduced her to his kids? They must be so confused. Those poor kids, after going through so much and now a new stepmom and probably moving back to LA. What a d-bag! She is probably mistress #4 the one that didnt tell her story.
He is not co-parenting with Sandra, he has her as a babysitter for Sunny. Now that he started a long distance relationship he'll have this ho in LA and another one in Austin. Sandra was stupid in allowing this circus to move to Austin. I hope she doesnt let him get near Louis.

1475 days ago


I hope Jerry Lewis punches him in the mouth!!! Oh,nice hat a-hole

1475 days ago


I hope Jerry Lewis punches him in the mouth. Oh,nice hat!!! dork

1475 days ago


These two creeps are just right for each other. I just hate that he has moved on in such a public way, for Sandra's sake. He is just proving over and over again what a piece of crap he is.

1475 days ago


He is not going to miss out on one publicity opportunity. IF he cannot make money off of Kat, then he can always settle for Sandra's money in Austin. Meanwhile, she is being the surrogate Mother to his children while both he and Sandra are denying bonding with their birth Mothers. They (Kat, Sandra and Jessee)are all trash -- with money trash. Ya think they might get together for threesomes???

1475 days ago


if he was realy in love in Sandra he could wait more than 2 months for starting new relation
so his "cry me a river" interview was all fake

1475 days ago


the more pics i see of them ....its like he found a girl that merged sandra and his other ex

1475 days ago
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