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AnnaLynne McCord -- Exposed on Facebook

9/7/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

AnnaLynne McCord gave her number out to 362 people this week: 1 guy she allegedly got into a car accident with ... and 361 of his Facebook friends.


McCord allegedly got into the accident last Tuesday with a guy named Aaron ... who tells TMZ the actress smacked into him while she was driving a Mini Cooper that belonged to her sister Angel.
In fact, Aaron says AnnaLynne accepted blame and was "very apologetic" at the scene.

That's why Aaron says he was shocked a few days later when he received a very angry phone call from Angel McCord -- who cussed him out for filing an insurance claim.

Aaron tells us he didn't get mad, he got even -- posting AnnaLynne's phone number on his Facebook page so his 361 friends could "call her and let her know what a deadbeat she is."

A rep for AnnaLynne had no comment -- but sources tell us Aaron can expect a cease and desist letter over the Facebook post.


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I thought she made good on the hummer!

1476 days ago


Just pay the man to get his car fixed you stupid whore.

1476 days ago

Lord Snooty    

That's the difference between A-lost and D-list : pulling low degrading tricks like that to get out of an insurance issue... how low can you go miss McCord...? By the way your sister's name seems way of base, she's no angel. Cheap skank definately but no angel.

1476 days ago


Lindsay hitting strollers, Anna Lynn hitting cars....I think driving lessons are needed in Hollywood. NOW!

1476 days ago


AnnaLynne didn't call the guy, her sister did. While my sister would never call someone cussing like that, if she did it certainly wouldn't be something I had any control over. Not really fair to post AL's phone number because of something her sister did.

1476 days ago

abid ali    

dude is that babe on 90210 awesome

1476 days ago


Sucks to be her. But really, changing a phone number is a simple thing. A minor inconvenience at best. I would have posted her home address if I were the guy.

1476 days ago


When you buy houses you cant afford, you cant find money to pay for a simple car repairment. There is many so called celebs out there who buy houses and end up having a huge debt. I guess she is one of them.

Sucks for the guy though, because she has every right to sue him or posting her phone number.

1476 days ago


Luckily, the courts are taking a pretty stern view of people pulling revenge crap like this. Sue him.

1476 days ago


All these filthy whores should be outed like this. Actually, this is way better than they deserve to be treated!!

1476 days ago


Sucks for the guy though, because she has every right to sue him or posting her phone number.

Posted at 3:13 AM on Sep 7, 2010 by Jazabel

Show me the law that says you can't give out someone's phone number. The only thing she can do is get the courts to tell him to stop posting her phone number. However, he can sue the owner of the car for his car damages and he can sue her also if she threatened him in the phone message.

1476 days ago


make love not war

1476 days ago


And people wonder why it used to be illegal for women to drive.

1476 days ago


My car got ran into by someone from 90210 also. If I get run into by another celebrity I'm going straight to my insurance. I don't give one rats ass if you're a celebrity and want to pay out of pocket. I don't want to have to deal with you reimbursing me for everything, EVERYONE IF A CELEBRITY HITS YOUR CAR GO TO INSURANCE, I totally understand this dude.

1476 days ago


Being "very apologetic" doesn't pay to get the car fixed. Time to grow up now and pay the guy for the damages you caused.

1476 days ago
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