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Lindsay Lohan's Mom

'Disappointed' in Snooki's Judge

9/8/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan didn't find it funny "ha ha" -- or funny at all -- when the judge called Snooki a "Lindsay Lohan wannabe" -- and now she's chastising him as if he was her own kid.

Dina tells TMZ, "The family is very disappointed that a judge would say that in a court of law."

Judge Damian Murray ripped into Snooks today during her court appearance for basically being sloppy drunk on the beach.

Lindsay's atttorney Stephanie Ovadia added, "The comments were very unprofessional."

Of course, compared to Lindsay's recent history with judges -- Murray's exchange with Snooki seems pretty lighthearted.


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I think the judge should address Dina and Lindsay--both lack common sense and this judge made apt comments about Snooki.

1507 days ago


Gee whiz Dina, I would be more disapointed that MY daughter was in a position to be used as an example of how NOT to be! Stupid B I T C H!

1507 days ago


Sure, the judge made an unprofessional comment, but he is the judge, and had a very good point. So, take it! Once the world starts comparing bad behaviour with your daughter, I would say it is a very good time to reanalyze your life and change it! For your daughter sake, do something and once and for all stop telling everybody she is doing things right, because she is NOT! STOP enabling your child, and help her straighten up!

1507 days ago


Dina is a media whore...always has to figure a way to keep in the media. She just needs to go away, just like Lindsay! They aren't even worth covering!

1507 days ago


As a parent, she's a failure and deserves the comments.

1507 days ago

M. B.    

I had to laugh when it said Lindsay's mom chastised the judge like he was her child. If she had ever chastised her daughter she may not have grown up to be an alcoholic, drug addicted spoiled brat.....but then again the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!

1507 days ago

Ralph B.    

When you are an ass hole acting like another ass hole the JUDGE should point that out.

1507 days ago


I love how many legal eagles we have on here. How the hell do you people know what is appropriate for a Judge to say during a hearing or not?

For your info, I am a Felony Probation Officer, and have seen and been involved in hundreds of hearings of all kinds. Judges will and do give offenders LECTURES regarding their BAD behavior. They give their reasoning for their decisions and that may include their personal opinions. They are the Judges and get paid to 'judge'.

He told "Snookie" she was acting like Lindsay Lohan because he believed she was trying to get media attention via bad behavior....which LL has admitted she did herself...b/c she envied the 'britneys' and such for the media attention they were getting.

Stop bashing the Judge Dina. He did nothing wrong. It is a sad day to hear that your daughter is now the standard NOT to live up to, I get that. But don't blame the Judge b/c the truth hurts.

Also, I really don't see why you feel the need to comment publicly on every little thing that comes your way. Have you ever heard that less is more? All the major and legit actors do not have their mommies commenting on their personal life. You really do make her look like a chump and a 'little girl' still. Let her grow up,leave her be, and stop with the stage mom stuff. I promise it will bring peace to your whole family.

1507 days ago


1-truth hurts doesn't it Dina
2-look in the mirror,both you and your douchebag you married are terrible role models

1507 days ago


I guess Lindsey painting FU on her fingernails for court was "professional".

1507 days ago


Dina you are nothing but white trash and I am glad the judge said what he said it is the truth Gee the truth hurts

1507 days ago


I guess when you totally blow being a Mom the next best thing is critic a judge who made reference to her daughters situation. I could see a Mom being upset, but what the judge said was truthful, and had she been a responsible parent, well none of us would be written. Possibly this will cause her to look at her lack of parenting skills instead of spending her daughters money.

1507 days ago


the judges comments were unprofessional.

1506 days ago


Idea for new TV series: "Celebrity Slapdown!".

1st Episode: Jerry Lewis as Guest. He gets to give the slapdown along the woman who's baby carrage was hit by LiLo and other people (how about the whole audience). Target Guests: Linsay, Dina & Michael Lohan...

1506 days ago


Not that you will ever get the mother of the year award, you should still keep up with you botox....face is showing some lines. Lindsay did not have a chance with parents like you!

1506 days ago
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