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Donald Trump Offers Cash DEAL for NYC Mosque

9/9/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump is single-handedly trying to put an end to the controversial NYC mosque slated to be built near Ground Zero ... and he's doing it by flexing his wallet.

Donald Trump Mosque

Trump has offered to pay the owners of the property the amount they purchased the property for ... plus an extra 25%.

As part of the deal, Trump is asking that the mosque be built at least 5 blocks from the WTC site.

Trump says he doesn't even think his offer is a good business deal, but he's doing it, "Because it will end a very serious, inflammatory, and highly divisive situation that is destined, in my opinion, to only get worse."

Of course, Donald's offer is all cash. No word yet on how the offer is being received by the property owner.

0909_tmzlive_small_v2UPDATE: Harvey called Trump during TMZ Live today to talk to him about the offer ... click the audio player to check it out.

UPDATE:  The lawyer for the investor in the real estate partnership that controls the site just said Trump's offer is "just a cheap attempt to get publicity and get in the limelight."  But it looks like the investor is pissed off at Donald's price, not the principle.


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really UrBusted?

Go over there be a Christian, be an American, see how long you last. Tolerance my ass.

1483 days ago


Personally, Since Obama is so Government prone, the Federal Government should take some of that "STIMULUS Money" take Eminent Domain, set that site up as Federally protected land, put a park on it. THE END.

1483 days ago


It goes to show how unsympathetic, how uncompassionate, how self serving they are. To DEMAND they have the right, which they do, but this is not about Right, it is about consciousness. Its about making a hallowed ground that was decimated by Hate stemming from a religion. Hatred of Americans, hatred of any one not a Muslim. Total intolerance. Their intolerance still plays, they will not take a NO. They will see this through, because they have no compassion for America. Mosques are mini governments. They just set up their Flag on a crushed American iconic death site.

1483 days ago


i hate you all so very much

1483 days ago

samantha young    

I think its a gross publicity stunt-advertising for the "Apprentice" starting a few weeks!

1483 days ago


Even if they say no, which I'm sure they will, Mr. Trump deserves a round of applause for trying. There IS hope, but it's not in Washington.

1483 days ago


How much money does the owner need? I'll donate money to help buy/rent the building. If we all chip in, with Donald's help, we can satisfy the owner.

1483 days ago


#107 This was not meant for you. Sorry!

1483 days ago


#106, Jillian, Ignorant American #XXXX, whatever your name is. You're part of the problem tbh. They have every right to construct a community center at that location. Also, it seems the majority of you retards on here don't even understand where it's even located. TWO BLOCKS away, do you know how big that is in NYC? Do you know how many little ****ty shops are set up even closer that sell 9/11 ****? They should be banned from the area, not this.

You guys are the reason most countries hate Americans and talk bad about us. You ignorant ****s show 0 respect towards others.

1483 days ago

Main Line PA Mom    

Mmuah-Mmuah!! Love Donald Trump...Naysayers only say "NAY". Donald takes action amongst many impersonating people. Love Him-Hate Him, He gets Things done. What have you done lately!?

1483 days ago


To TMZ Gossip - Uh no, he wasn't. He converted to Islam in Iraq. He read the Koran daily. The mainstream media in the US kept it out of the press. Sad that you don't even know who attacked your own country.

1483 days ago


#111 - Oh look, another foolish idiot. Perhaps actually learn what exactly they're building there before you comment. I'll start you off, it's not a mosque.

1483 days ago


I cannot believe the bigotry in these comments. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Who are you to tell someone where they can or cannot build a place of worship. No one says a word when they build a Catholic Church next to a school, but maybe we should protest that too. Smh. You guys seriously disgust me.

1483 days ago

the Pat-Mann    

Being a Native New Yorker (now living in Phoenix), I've seen Trump's shameless want of publicity for decades. His name is on many buildings, casinos, hotels, etc. throughout the New York City area. One thing about Donald Trump that we've also learned over the years: He will back up what he says.

I'd also like to express my condolences to Quinn for the loss of your loved one.

To Bitch, justagirl, JLS and Vogue: You get it. The attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 was an act of war by Muslim extremists. The 20 fanatics hijacked 4 civilian airliners and used these jets as a weapon upon American civilian targets (the Pentagon being the exception) and innocent civilians of all races and creeds. (To those who asked "how many Muslims were killed?" I'd venture to say, as many as they felt necessary to sacrifice to Allah.)

That's how these radical Muslims think. Sadly, very few of the "good peaceful" Muslims have spoken up against these extremists.

1483 days ago


they wont accept it becuase there is a reason they want to put the terrorist memorial right next to ground zero.its not about them wanting it its a memorial..

1483 days ago
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