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Playboy Model -- Popped After In-Flight Freak Out

9/10/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Name: Tiffany Livingston
Age: 21
Likes: Trying to exit commercial airplanes mid-flight ... allegedly!


Livingston (32C-22-33) was placed in federal custody last night, after, according to the NY Post, she allegedly suffered an anxiety attack aboard a JetBlue flight bound for Newark ... and people on board believed she tried to pry open the door at 10,000 feet.

Livingston -- who was featured as a centerfold in the debut Singapore edition of Playboy -- was immediately detained and now faces federal charges.

A source close to the model tells the NY Post, "She said she's gone through this before, but never this bad, and didn't have . . . her medication."

UPDATE: TMZ has learned ... feds interviewed Livingston after the flight and determined that she was not trying to open the door. Instead, officials believe she was trying to stabilize herself during a panic attack brought on by turbulence.

We're told several passengers saw Livingston touch the door ... and did think she was trying to open it ... but ultimately, officials aren't buying that story.

A rep for the FBI tells us Livingston is no longer in custody and they are not pursuing this as a criminal matter.


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I can so the flying panic attack that is!

My 1st flight was a few years ago to Cancun. I can't even explain it. I just kept thinking abt that book "The 5 people you meet in Heaven"

1503 days ago


Is she going to be hailed as a hero also? Maybe Jet Blue should fire it Human Resources manager.

1503 days ago


I suffer from panic attacks myself, and believe me they can be pretty serious. Anyone who's gone through a bad one will understand her situation.

1503 days ago


She was trying to join the Mile High Club?

1503 days ago


I feel sorry for this girl. She had attacks in the past and sounds like that what was happening here.

If she was really trying to open the door the passengers and flight attendants would have tackled this girl and strapped her to her seat. Instead a few passengers say she touched the door. The same door that happens to be the wall/side of the aircraft. Its what any one of us would touch if there was turbulence - grab anything nearby. It takes a lot to open a door in flight - not a touch.

1503 days ago


the police let her go after giving her a strip search and determining that she was not carrying any bombs,naturally they videotaped the entire search and it is soon to be seen on the internet near you

1503 days ago

Steelers suck    

What you can get away with when you take your clothes off for money. If it had been anyone else not "smoking hot" or a playboy "model" they would still be in custody. What a so-called civilization we have become!

1503 days ago


NBC in New York says she WAS tackled by other passengers. And other news reports said she "grabbed the handle" of the door.

Whether or not she could actually open the door isn't important. She very greatly endangered the lives of all of the other passengers and the crew.

If she weren't petite and pretty and have silicone-filled bags sewn into her chest, she would have been arrested. And the rest of you would have torn her to shreds. She got a pass because of her looks. I'm sure she was very charming during her interrogation. If she had a tight shirt on, all the better for her.

If you have panic attacks, you are a danger on an airplane. Either dope yourself up or don't fly.

Gotta love the playboy name, btw. At least she doesn't have a first name as her last name, like Hef usually assigns.

1503 days ago


Another free ride from the "justice" system based on female looks. And I suppose passengers can't tell when someone is losing their balance because of "turbulence".

1503 days ago


Poor thing, she just needed a Xanax thats all

1503 days ago


I bet she was freaking out and full of drama and if I was on that plane and some chick was doing that and then grabs for a door,yeah well she would be taken down big time,

1503 days ago



what a joke. if she WASN'T hot, then you wouldn't have posted that comment about her looks being what saved her, then you would've sided with her. Instead of calling everyone bias, take a look at how you are viewing this story. Insecurities?

I believe what the officials concluded when they interrogated her. And I REALLY believe there are overly paranoid air travelers. You have no idea how many times I've heard people freak out over bombs on the plane, or that turbulence will bring the plane down, etc. etc. Here's the most logical and currently concluded incident that happened: Livingston was sitting in the exit aisle. She had a panic attack. There was turbulence. She grabbed her armrest with one hand and tried to grab something with her other hand, which so happened to be the door, handle or not. Paranoid traveler (probably an ugly old lady) jumped to conclusions that Livingston tried to kill everyone.

1503 days ago


You can't open a door in flight.

1503 days ago


I feel bad for her. I'm a nervous flier as well. If it wasn't for Xanax and margaritas I'd be doing the same thing. I once believed the cabin was losing pressure and we were all going to pass out ... the logical reason to believe was I have a cold and it's messing with me but when you're in the throes of a panic attack your brain thinks some craaaazy ****

1503 days ago


Check your facts. Singapore does not have nor allow the publication of any edition of Playboy to be sold, distributed or printed.

1503 days ago
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