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Reggie Bush Stiff-Arms Heisman Talk

9/11/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reggie Bush was mildly chatty at JFK last night (for him) when we asked him about Fashion Week and maybe getting his own reality show -- but he got quiet real fast when we asked about maybe having to give back the Heisman Trophy.

Reggie wouldn't say why he was in NYC ... but the Heisman Trophy offices are in NYC. Coincidence?

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Eric Anderson    

When one is given a MVP type award one keeps the trophy and/or award! During Lions Club football as a youngster we had an MVP trophy award program! The trophy was given out to the team is parts! That is correct the trophy was sawed, cut into parts to enable the team to each have one portion of the trophy in celebration of the MVP trophy award!

Ero, why not do the same for the USC team with the remaining H-tpye trophy?

Get a clue! Do not give out a trophy and then say "Indian Giver" in the process! What a scrooge!

1500 days ago

Jomica Man    

I've commented before and still believe that Reggie will claim he misplaced the trophy, and will return once he finds it. This, of course, will not happen anytime soon. Reggie has no desire to do the right thing and give up the trophy, as much as ever admitting that he accepted money at USC during his 2nd year. Reggie, much like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemmons, will dig his heals and not confess to what he actually did. His pride and ego must be kept at the utmost highest level. Maybe in a decade or two, he'll pull a Pete Rose.

1500 days ago


Two dollars says that he hooked up Kim Kardashian while in the NYC! Damn TMZ,that would have been the bigger story!

1500 days ago


Bush, just give back the Heisman trophy. USC had to suffer for what you did, so you should be a man and give it back.

1500 days ago


He got exactly what he deserved, He is a bold face liar and a cry baby, to boot a 2nd string player at best. he's yesterdays news good riddance.

1500 days ago


You know he doesn't want to give it back. But hey, he broke the rules for participating in college football which makes him ineligible...so, he has to give it back. The a-hole should be fined and suspended from NFL games as well. USC is paying for his wrongdoings!!

1500 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Reggie lost two trophies this year: The Heismann and Kim Kardashian

1500 days ago


He is in NY because he is dating a waitress from Tao nightclub. Tao is opening the new nightclub Lavo in NYC and he is going to see her. Joey Williams is her name

1500 days ago


Um, Kim is no trophy..sorry buddy! This guy didn't even deserve the damn trophy that year anyway!! Hook Em Horns!!! ;)

1500 days ago


He broke the rules plain and simple. It would have made him ineligible. He couldnt have won it if he was not playing. He wont give it back though, hes like all other black people. He thinks the rules dont apply to him and that he is entitled. **** reggie bush

1500 days ago


10.He is in NY because he is dating a waitress from Tao nightclub. Tao is opening the new nightclub Lavo in NYC and he is going to see her. Joey Williams is her name

Posted at 6:40 PM on Sep 11, 2010 by jason

Wrong answer. He's dating another latin chick with big tits (likely fake) and a big fat ass! Her name is Mayra Veronica.

1500 days ago


The NCAA and Colleges rake in billions of dollars on College Football, Basketball, Baseball, e.t.c. from the students and what do the students get? A college degree which, in this age, isn't worth the paper it's written on. And now they want to take back his trophy. I tell you, the schools and the NCAA run a legal slave trade for these students. Maybe he should give it back and these students need to stop playing all sports for colleges until these people start paying them. AND PAYING THEM A LOT.

1500 days ago


At least he didn't get his ass dumped like the looser QB he had in college

1500 days ago


Here's my impression of Reggie.
USC: Reggie ,did you recieve money while playing football for us
Reggie: Wasn't me
USC: Did you take it?
Reggie: what
USC: the money
Reggie: what money
USC: Your guilty huh
Reggie: I don't understand the ?
USC: just admit it Reggie!
Reggie: what

1499 days ago


Just so I'm clear- does he have to give the trophy back because he dated that Kardashian gorilla or because he accepted "gifts" from USC which voids your eligibility in the first place - both valid reasons. MAN UP. The school has already given theirs back. What does that tell you?

1499 days ago
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