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Katy's High School Target -- My Chick's Hotter

9/15/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not everybody wants to date Katy Perry -- despite what she may think -- because the dude who was the target of Katy's "look at me now" moment at her concert this week tells us ... he doesn't regret a thing.


As we first reported, Perry took the stage at her old high school on Tuesday -- noticed her former classmate Shane Lopes in the crowd -- and announced, "You never wanted to date me ... you really chose well, honey. Whats up now, playa?"

We just spoke to Lopes -- who told us he "couldn't believe it" when Katy spotted him in the crowd at Dos Pueblos High School ... but claims she "exaggerated" the whole dating situation.

Lopes adds that Perry was "just trying to embarrass" him -- because he says they "never had any problems" during their days at DPHS.

All that aside, Lopes says he's now engaged, ironically, to his high school sweetheart ... and is "happy with how things turned out."

We don't blame the dude -- his fiancee is pretty damn hot.

Take that, Katy Perry.


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"You go Katy I thought it was hysterical! ;-)"

Of course you would, you can relate...probably cause you got rejected like Perry did in HS!

1500 days ago


Oh man! I went to HS in Santa Barbara and Shane Lopes was definitely the guy every girl wanted...but I love her even more that she did that. Its ****ing awesome...she did get hers!

1500 days ago


i think this is pretty funny everyone has had that dream of becoming a huge pop star and doing that too the guy that you had the biggest crush and never wanted to go out with you. so i think its really kool she got too do that!!!!

1500 days ago


Even though what Katy said was really petty, I'm sure it felt good to say it. Not to mention I'm sure most people would do the same thing. Still...his fiancé i pretty.

1500 days ago


As determined by the Bible: the "foreign" woman or the "strange" woman is the non-Israelite woman or the non-Jewish woman. As a result,

1500 days ago


first of all i liked to say this is my first time bloggin with TMZ i think u guys are so on point and if u ever need my sarcasism in the flesh get at me .....anyway katey perry is a flop she will never be half the women that young tender amanda had in highschool let alone now that shes a superstar .....consider whos she dating right now with millions sold and money out the wazzo no one of relevents and amanda was a hottie i beat beat like valentino if she let me but u i would probably use to help me with my homework and talk to about art and stuff its just not the same love some girls u bang and others u dont bring.....feel me

1500 days ago


wow ... katy i think you should forget that dude , now you rich , you beautiful then you can get whatever you want it . Hey katy i have same problem like you , i fall in love with very handsome guy , he tall and hot . But when i realize he not good enough for me and take care me . I fall in love with some else better then hot dude (hot dude L )hahaha ..Hot dude is my BFF , when he have problem , he come to me . What that dude thinking HUH !! Play me like barbie doll??Sorry i play him back , he fall in love with me but i don't give the answer yes or no . Someone stole my love :) now my hubby ..That hot dude still loser . Katy focus your career is much better thinking that playa..You my idol love you very much :)

1500 days ago


that wasnt even to be mean..she was just kidding around..i go to D.P so i saw the whole thing..alot of people are talking alot of smack about her cuz of this..when it wasnt even to be mean..i think katy perry is way hotter!

1500 days ago


reading all these comments really is shocking..all these people keep saying katys a bad pearson because of this when she was just kidding around..i mean seriously people you really think she wanted to hurt him or sumthing..everyone could tell she was messing around..i go to D.P and i was there so i saw the whole guys really cant take a joke..and i think katy perry is waaaaay better!!

1500 days ago


He's lying he knows he wants Katy. She looks way better than his fiancee and I hope that girl knows that he would choose Katy in a heartbeat. And Katy was not holding a grudge she was just stating a fact. I bet he feels pretty dumb right about now. And anyone that says the fiancee is prettier than Katy is just a jealous hater. Get over it.

1500 days ago


Wow. So first of all I give Katy all props. That dude feels like an idiot for missing his chance with her. I think it's hilarious that she called him out. I hope his fiancee knows he would choose Katy over her anyday. Katy is so much prettier than that girl and it's blatantly obvious. She probably feels self conscious now(which she should). Give him the chance and he's leave her so fast she wouldn't believe it. Anyone who says she's prettier than Katy is just a jealous hater.

1500 days ago


Wow, that chick is way hotter than Katy!

1500 days ago


When I heard this story, I thought it was a joke. Really Katy, a high school relationship that never went your way. This guy came out to enjoy the concert and meet old friends. How immature are you to want to make it more than what it is. You're a gorwn woman and he is a guy nobody knew. Grow up and move on. Maybe this is who you are, someone who needs to prove childish things to everyone.

1500 days ago


I'm pretty sure she only went to that school during her freshman year. She must have been pretty hung up on that guy to still be worried about him ten years later.
It looks like he did pretty good, his fiance is HOT!!
Katy on the other hand is engaged to that butt ugly moron Russell Brand....he's a total d-bag!!

1499 days ago


Wat a joke she still holds that obviously bothers hers big was cool of him to show up and just be a number in the audience thats women is a whole lot hotter so good choose!!!!

1499 days ago
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