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Kim Kardashian Upstages the Mona Lisa

9/15/2010 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaos erupted at the famous Louvre Museum in France this morning -- with a team of security guards springing into action -- all because Kim Kardashian wanted to check out the Mona Lisa.

Kim Kardashian Sparks Security Alert.
Sources tell TMZ ... Kim and her mother Kris were swarmed by a massive group of paparazzi -- estimated to be 50 photogs strong -- as they entered the museum in Paris.

We're told a security team was assigned to the Kardashians -- and they were escorted directly to the Mona Lisa (pictured above).

But once they got to Da Vinci's masterpiece, people started going crazy -- taking photos, screaming their names ... and even asking the reality stars to pose with the painting.

Our sources say it got so hectic, that Kim and Kris had to leave the museum  ... right after they took one last photo for their Twitter page.


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That's a no-no...taking pictures of the Mona Lisa.

1406 days ago


OMG! To all of you haters writting NEG comments about Kim and Kris.......ya are PATHETIC!! You all talk about the Kardashians with sooo much hate BUT YET.... YOU'RE READING ABOUT THEM!! Lol...!! Leave them alone and stop hating bc you're NOT as rich and famous as them! LOVE YOU ALL KARDASHIANS!!! KEEP IT UP! YOU ALL ARE BEAUTIFUL...botox or not!! I love ya!! KARDASHIANS #1 ALL THE WAY BABYYYY!!!
F**k ALL Kardashian haters!!!

They are #1 now and always...stay beautiful ladies!!!

1406 days ago


Kim .. how are all the pregnancy kits/tests working? .. who IS the father ??? :)

1406 days ago



1406 days ago


I think it's funny that the youngest lady of the three in the picture has had more "restorations" done to her than both of the older ones put together.

1406 days ago

Yep I said that    

The skank and her pimp how fitting, just another publicity stunt from this ho and her gold digging mother the sooner they are history the better

1406 days ago


Probably the dumbest comment I've seen here all day long. You could say that of practically any healthy nose you inbred waste of air.

Posted at 2:00 PM on Sep 15, 2010 by Sefa

I suppose I would be of better quality if I just called people names.

1406 days ago

Trooper Tom    

A beautiful piece of art work that will certainly out last this skanky ho and her gold digger mother pimp, shameless publicity seeking skanks both of them. The most laughable part of this is the slut needs a security team

1406 days ago


That momma is a beautiful women, married to an idiot right-wing Republican, who gets facelifts.

1406 days ago


I wish this wh*re porn stat would disappear. How is she considered legitimate in Hollywood.. She intentionally made a sex tape, then got BIG money from Vivid for the tape. That's a porn star.

She's a skank...and she has no personality whatsoever. She's just this vacant, void, vapid woman.

By the way, Kim is looking OLD now. She looks like her mothers twin that picture.

Beware Kim--you're turning into your mother..and she's nasty and fugly.

1406 days ago


Kardashians,Jersey Shore,Laday Gaga,Speidi = CUNNTS !!!!!

1406 days ago


Sorry I forgot Paris Hilton.
My bad.

1406 days ago


So there the Kardessians are, standing in front of one of the most famous paintings in the world - with their BACKS to the Mona Lisa.

Cultural Barbarians.....why did they even bóther to visit the museum, I wonder!!!!!!!!

1406 days ago


I am sorry, but just because people are voicing a negative opinions does NOT mean jealousy!!! Money does not buy happiness, and looks only get you so far! Not everyone likes the Kardashian's. So if she is so hot, why does she keep making herself look plastic(Botox/implants)? Kim was much better looking before she had all that work done to her face as well as the implants. She is a fame whore and that is one of the reasons her and Reggie called it quits. Her success is not based on her being a good business woman. She has PLENTY of help from Ryan Seacrest and her pimp Kris who makes 10% of everything Kim makes. It's the people who buy into this garbage that makes her "famous."

1406 days ago

Yep I said that    

A whole ream of posed pictures of this whore skank and her proud mother, then at the end a real movie star with class Drew Barrymore

1406 days ago
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