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Katherine Jackson Sues AEG Over Michael's Death

9/15/2010 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's children are suing AEG Live -- claiming the company breached its agreement to provide physical care for Michael Jackson -- and that AEG was negligent in their hiring of Dr. Conrad Murray as MJ's physician.


In the suit, Katherine claims AEG's contract with Michael "created a legal duty for AEG to act reasonably toward the physical well-being of Michael Jackson."

In the document, Katherine also blames AEG for hiring Dr. Murray without  a proper background check -- claiming, "AEG did not provide a doctor who was truly looking out for Jackson's well-being and did not provide equipment."

The suit also alleges AEG caused emotional distress to Michael's son Prince because he witnessed Michael suffering and dying, and "he was put in a position as bystander to these tragic events."

Kenny Ortega, who produced the planned London concerts for Michael, is also named as a defendant.

The attorney who filed the suit, Brian J. Panish, released a statement saying, "The purpose of this lawsuit is to prove to the world the truth about what happened to Michael Jackson, once and for all."

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Murray had his own practice and went with MJ on his own free will. Murray's greed motivated him to continue to cater to a drug addicts demands. MJ did not force him, this man left his practice to join MJ for the money. MJ was doing what drugs addicts do, swindling people to get what they want. Raping a drunk woman or drugging a woman to rape her is wrong and the same in this case. Its as if AEG and Murray was raping MJ everyday. MJ did not fully understand the ramifications, he risked his life daily but hired a cardiologist for a reason. He did not want to die and felt his life was indanger but risked his life daily but being put under anesthesia, do you understand the irrationalization of a drug addicts thought process. AEG and Murray didnt have drugs clouding their judgement but money was their drug. Murray and AEG did not have a drug problem and knew better. If MJ was so desparate for money, then AEG could have said MJ we have to postpone the concerts and you will go into a tmt facility for 3 to 6 mos, no staging an intervention, you will go today and if not it will also be reported to child welfare, MJ would have had no choice. To blame MJ, you have to blame the others also for their part. None drug addicts should not get away with supplying drugs no more than a pimp or street dealer.

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Danger,just got here,you are right.Will you be here or will you move on to another thread.

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Danger good day to you too.
Here it's 5.10 in the afternoon.

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There is a psychiatric study entitled "Feeling Validated Versus Being Correct: A Meta-Analysis of Selective Exposure to Information" from the Psychological Bulletin,2009,Vol. 135,No. 4.
Cherwood and most people fall into the trap of seeking only information that makes their point of view look good.Facts that are well-researched,valid,proven,don't mean a thing if it doesn't fit their view point.They feel threatened and maybe less secure when there is information that is varied,that differs from their comfort zone.Such people need to realize that it is okay to change their views when there is information that invalidates their original thoughts on a matter.
I,too,have read many stories that Michael had used propofol years before.I think J.Randy Tarraborelli was one source.There have been whispers that during either the Dangerous Tour and maybe the History Tour that Michael traveled with an anesthesiologist in order to receive propofol when he needed it.I really hope that medical records of such use come out to show that Michael had a sad history of propofol abuse.He was an insomniac who would have paid anything for a good night's sleep.There were some other things that he could have done to help,I have insomnia too,my brain just doesn't shut off,sometimes,but Michael believed that doctors were there to prescribe quick fixes.
What we have now is just hearsay as you pointed out,earlier.And,even if we do get hard evidence,people like Cherwood will ignore it.
Some of this,I think, has to deal with people's tendency to deify celebrities.Michael was another fallible human being;he had faults and he had good points.He is still an admirable man despite his faults.He was,after all,human,an enormously gifted mortal,but still human.

1434 days ago


Michael had a high tolerance to the painkillers and sedatives he was taking.The medications he was taking to treat his insomnia were no longer working.I wonder why he thought that he could use propofol to treat insomnia? Wouldn't Michael have done some research on the drug before using it?Or, was he so desperate for sleep he wanted to be knocked out? And an addiction to propofol was the result?
I don't think,that at the time of his death,that he was addicted to anything but the propofol.Murray had weaned him off the other medications,using them when needed,but,because of Michael's previous history of forming a high tolerance,these medications failed.
Michael hid his problems as much as he could.I was on Twitter,and found this:

Another Friend Defends Michael Jackson and STATES "HE DID NOT ABUSE DRUGS" >
or see this link:

It seems like everyone has their own spin about Michael;these are people who supposedly knew Michael.No wonder we can't get straight facts.

1434 days ago


Michael did abuse drugs in the past.It was a way of dealing not only with the physical pain of the burn treatments,but with the emotional pain of the child abuse fiasco with the Chandlers.Michael was proud of his stellar reputation.Then the Chandlers trashed him, the media began making a mockery of him.
In the 1990's Michael's fingernails were abnormally dark and clubbed.This is a symptom of two things--drug abuse and lung problems.Michael did have lupus erythematosus;his was mostly affecting his skin,but lupus can effect internal organs like the lungs.It is a photosensitive disease so Michael began carrying the umbrella to shield himself from the sun.When Michael did wean himself off of the medications,his nails improved.
Michael broke his leg and had to go back on pain medications for awhile.Because of his history of addiction,this was difficult.He had high tolerance,the addiction problem,so I hope his doctors used the ladder method for prescriptions,gradually weaning him off the medication.
Michael's insomnia started acting up again when the Arvisos wrongly accused him of molestation.Michael also sought relief from the emotional torment he suffered because of these allegations,meaning back to the pills.Michael was off and on medications in the last years of his life.The last medication,the anesthetic propofol,was the most dangerous and unusual drug of all.Propofol was not known by lay people unless they had surgery themselves.The only people who had a chance at abusing propofol were in the medical field themselves.Michael had a network of doctors willing to give him what he wanted.These doctors should have been on alert since Winona Ryder's trial and especially since Anna Nicole Smith's death.

1434 days ago


Acena...AMEN!! Yep, take one look at the womanly features, the hair that is curly one day and straight the next...and the way he looked at that kid while holding his hand and explaining why sleeping in the same bed is "love"...that's enough to creep anyone out. He was a majorly disturbed individual. And anyone who doesn't see that really needs to take a good long look in the mirror before judging the sanity of others!

1433 days ago


Michael had a very diffuse form of vitiligo called universal vitiligo.

He treated the face,hands,chest,back and arms with the prescription cream.It is hard to figure out if he left his legs to turn naturally because there are no untouched pictures.I was surprised to find untouched pictures taken of Michael while making the "They Don't Care about Us" video which shows just how patchy the vitiligo was.Michael of course,wanted to present himself in the best light,so lighting,editing and make up made him look uniformly toned.
During more recent interviews that he gave to Access Hollywood,Michael even asked the lighting crew if they could light him to make him "look like I got some sleep" while pointing to areas of his face.

I have extremely sensitive skin,so I have a dermatologist.I also read up on the health of skin.Michael did have vitiligo and another disease,discoid lupus erythematosus,but I think he had it much earlier than he announced.His skin tone was uneven during the Thriller years-due to makeup not matching his coloration.The darker the skin the harder it is to find good matching foundation.He had troubles with acne,scarring,then the discoid rash and uneveness,so he used makeup.
Bleaching agents are injected in the scalp.Fingernails can be treated also.And,yes the problem you mention discolors the skin,not just the nails.There are some people who use hydroquinone and their skin turns dark blue!
Michael's nails were oddly shaped as well,club-shaped;that shape along with the discoloration is what makes me think drugs or lupus.

1433 days ago


Klein can be believed about some things,but I know what you mean!
He has major foot-in-mouth disease.
I checked the autopsy report which states only that "Melanocytes,although present,are reduced in number."The coroner did list in his diagnosis,vitiligo.Coroners also use patient health records when filling out final reports.

1433 days ago


I just wanted to point out one thing about a link with pictures.I heard a very interesting theory that the "spider bite" was actually an IV injection site that became infected.

As you say,we'll never know the whole story about anything...unless Michael left a diary and told the complete truth.
I have pretty much concluded that Michael suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder.This could fit with any person's belief that he chose to become lighter.I believe that he did suffer from a milder form of vitilgo,but I also am aware why,with good reasons many people don't believe he had it.
Michael,like any black man,was attracted to the kind of women society put forth as attractive.He also chose lighter complected women to bear children;this could have been a choice he made because he believed being lighter would make an easier life for his children.Being black made it difficult for him to break into MTV;they originally did not want to showcase Billie Jean,which ironically was the catalyst for MTV's success.

1433 days ago


Upon further consideration about Michael's changing appearance,there are so many schools of thought.When Michael had his first dramatic change in appearance for Thriller,people were speculating that he was trying to look like Diana Ross!We'll never know the real reasons why,probably.
Michael wanted to be successful and appealing to everyone.He also did not want to look like his father,some have said.Whatever the reasons behind his changing appearance,I have come to this conclusion: Doctors failed Michael again.Plastic Surgeons are supposed to take into consideration a person's mental state,the WHY behind the wanting to change things.Prescription bleaching creams are not to be prescribed to those who just want to change their color. There are doctors everywhere who are willing to do anything as long as they can make money.It just isn't with Michael.Doctor Mehmet Oz,Dr.Deepak Chopra are just two well-known medical spokesmen who think that the rich are getting poor health care because they can get any thing they want,even if it is detrimental to their physical and mental health.
The medical profession failed Michael more than once.
We live in a very looks-and youth obsessed country.What we really need is a country that is seeking a fountain of smart,not a fountain of youth.

1433 days ago



Absolutely, love your post. I too don't believe MJ was addicted to any drugs. There's no hard evidence to support drug addiction just gossip, innuendo and media spin.

Also, I believe there are more people involved in the murder of MJ. I support and stand with Mrs. Jackson and Papa Joe to file their lawsuits against AEG and Dr Murray. That is their son and they have every right to seek, find and know the truth whether it is good or bad.

Have you notice that the LA DA office have been silent. There is NO information being leak from their investigation. Make you want to say hmmmmmmmmm.

Win or lose, the Jackson Family and the world should know the TRUTH or nearly the truth about what happen to MJ and ALL that are involve in his death.

As always, GREAT POST and enjoy reading every word. I stand with you 100000000000000000000000000%!!!

Lastly, I'm waiting patiently for January 2011 to arrive and learn what evidence that the Prosecutor have on Dr Death and anybody else. Also, waiting for someone to step forward and drop a bombshell of information surrounding the death of MJ.




1433 days ago


I wanted to bring up something to DB and CloBird that I am sure you are already aware of. One of the negative aspects of researching Michael Jackson and then putting it out there on a public board is that most fans do not truly take the time to do the research themselves. They rely on others' research or just plain hearsay rather than viewing several or many articles to gain a well-rounded perspective on Michael or anyone else.

DB I have known you for over a year here and I do commend you for doing solid research and CloBird, I don't know you but it does look as if you have done your homework and understand what Michael was all about.

I only wrote this comment because what I have found in the past few months is this: If somebody posts some piece of information that doesn't paint Michael Jackson in the most positive of lights, i.e. almost an infallible status, they are attacked. Now, common sense would tell us that not one human being on this planet is infallible. But MJ fans do not want to take a TRUE look at him; they want to deify him. That's all well and good, especially in the first period after his death.

However, it has been over a year since Michael died. It is time for us to really delve into the man that Michael was, both positive and negative, if we want to understand him. Same thing goes for the people and corporations who surrounded Michael prior to his death, and probably back to 2001, at least.

I guess what I am saying is that I am getting frustrated with the MJ fan base that stays stuck in their rigid mind frame, refusing to see anything less than a saint. (Now of course I will be accused of being a hater, but that is far from the truth. I loved Michael Jackson, I want Katherine/MJ3 to see justice for Michael, but I refuse to see him other than for what he was. A great humanitarian, a great entertainer, a kind and gentle soul, but a man, nonetheless.)

1433 days ago


-#498: CloBird, you wrote:
There is a psychiatric study entitled "Feeling Validated Versus Being Correct: A Meta-Analysis of Selective Exposure to Information" from the Psychological Bulletin,2009,Vol. 135,No. 4.
Cherwood and most people fall into the trap of seeking only information that makes their point of view look good.Facts that are well-researched,valid,proven,don't mean a thing if it doesn't fit their view point.They feel threatened and maybe less secure when there is information that is varied,that differs from their comfort zone.Such people need to realize that it is okay to change their views when there is information that invalidates their original thoughts on a matter.-CloBird
What we have now is just hearsay as you pointed out,earlier.And,even if we do get hard evidence,people like Cherwood will ignore it.
Some of this,I think, has to deal with people's tendency to deify celebrities.Michael was another fallible human being;he had faults and he had good points.He is still an admirable man despite his faults.He was,after all,human,an enormously gifted mortal,but still human.
Posted at 10:25 AM on Sep 19, 2010 by CloBird
One thing I am is WOMAN enough to own my opinions, and I find it highly amusing that you pulled out your dime store psych book in an effort to dissect my responses. Why? Because I DISAGREE with you and dang baby? Because I haven't allowed myself to be DUPED by the Media into believing everything I hear about Michael? Because I don't relegate him to some TEXTBOOK case as you do?
As I told dang baby, you have a right to your opinions, but you can be sure that I'll be right there to set you both straight when it comes to Michael, because I'm here for him, not because I like to see my posts on a TMZ board....and I could care less who agrees with me, for that matter because unlike db, I don't need opinions are based on decades of supporting, loving and enjoying Michael Jackson. What are yours and db's based on, a bunch of Media lies? Have you ever even MET the man before?
You say Randy Tarraborelli was one of your sources....did you know that he never even KNEW Michael, but was only invited to Neverland with a bunch of other reporters and took a pic with him? Oprah has more grounds to write a book than he did--at least she got an EXCLUSIVE Interview with him. All Tarraborelli did was what the rest of the leeches around Michael did--MAKE A BUNCH OF MONEY OFF HIS NAME.......
And you are WRONG if you think I would ignore ANYTHING that has to do with understanding Michael. I stated that in my last post which you chose to ignore because your ego was offended.
For the record, I have NO problem accepting it if Michael was addicted to meds or even drugs for that matter. I wouldn't be happy about it, but I would accept it because I love him UNCONDITIONALLY!!
As for him being human? Duh!! I find it humorous that people think they even have to go there. Saying that makes me realize you probably jumped on the "Michael Bandwagon" at the peak of his success, or maybe even after he died like dang baby. Only "Johnny-come-lately's" would even think to look at him as more than HUMAN. I've been a supporter of Michael's since the J-5 began so I've seen at the bottom and TOP of the's hard to look at someone as Superhuman when they're a little child just starting to spread his wings.....
As you said, he was an enormously gifted mortal--that's what makes him different from the average joe........
Now if you really want to cut your teeth on a Psych case, why don't you investigate why people troll on boards about CELEBS they CLEARLY dislike, and post every bit of negative info the Media has published on them....
And while you're at it, you can also check on the mentality of those who latch onto these negative Schizoids and buy into their crap.....sad....
No Peace till Justice!!

1433 days ago


-#497: dang BABY, don't you EVER accuse me of writing long posts--talk about a BLOWHARD!!!
And it's clear to anyone on these boards that only one of us is "potty trained" and it sure isn't you! This is a glaring understatement based on your last posts rpoclaiming everything written by me, Bunny and Andie to be LIES--now you're picking on Andie, too? What did she do to you? She only asked if Sofi was an Internal....oops, my bad....SOFI IS YOU!!!
You wrote:
One last thing. I can assure you this is an out and out LIE. Cherwood has read -- I know, because I posted the information myself, along with a link to back it up -- that a Las Vegas anesthesiologist, a Dr. David Adams, said through his attorney that he gave MJ Propofol repeatedly during 2008. He also had a meeting with Dr. Murray in March (I think it was March '09) but refuses to talk about the purpose of the meeting. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what Murray wanted to ask him about -- Propofol. Adams is probably refusing to elaborate for fear of being held liable (for saying the drug was 'safe'). Further, I can assure you Chernoff and his investigative team have been busy digging up the names of the doctors in Dubai and Germany who previously gave MJ Propofol. Nurse Lee said MJ told her he would pay a doctor any amount of money to give it to him. That is a known fact, and Cherilynn Lee will testify to it, if asked. -DB
-Look at you contradicting yourself! You state above that Dr. Adams "said through his attorney that he gave MJ Propofol"--this is STRAIGHT UP HEARSAY!!! Just because some unknown doctor materializes and says he gave Michael Propofol long enough after the fact for even a 7 yr. old to know what he's talking about, has ZERO CREDIBILITY!!!
I thought you stood on the facts? This is a JOKE!! What tabloid did you get this one out of? And if Michael had gotten Prop from doctors in Dubai and Germany, why do you think he would have to track down Murray and Lee?
PLEASE for your own sake, give this up. You are attempting to trash Michael's name and you are doing an AWFUL job of it--it's embarassing!!
And now you and CloBird are patting each other on the back about the fact that you think he lied about Vitiligo, and a spider bite? As if there was NO WAY a spider could have bitten Michael?? NOW WHO'S DEIFYING HIM?!!
And as if Tarraborelli wasn't bad enough, you guys use Schmuley and Drew Pinsky--the new "Doc Hollywood" to corroborate your theories? HILARIOUS!!
-#500: you wrote:
But Cherwood does not even acknowlege what I have posted because, as you say, it does not fit her fantasy. I have given up thinking that I am going to change the mob's mind with facts. -db
danger, the question you should ask yourself is: WHY do you wat tio change our minds? I don't want to change yours--could CARE LESS what YOU think because you're not a fan, you're just a mole put here to try to distract the fans with all of your other SPLIT-PERSONALITIES!!
And as for me leaving, I can't do that. I'm here because I'm not merely "fascinated" by Michael like you and your ilk, I love MICHAEL! If you have a problem with that, too bad.
Besides, if I'm gone, what would you do with yourself? Who would you stalk, then?
No Peace till Justice!

1433 days ago
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