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AEG -- Don't Blame Us for Dr. Murray!

9/16/2010 6:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

AEG is finally lashing back at Katherine Jackson's lawsuit over the death of her son Michael Jackson -- claiming it had nothing to do with the hiring or supervision of Dr. Conrad Murray.

AEG Lawsuit

In a statement released through AEG's lawyers -- the company calls Katherine's lawsuit "inaccurate, unsubstantiated and meritless" and then goes on to explain its relationship with Dr. Murray.

The statement continues ... "Dr. Murray was Mr. Jackson's longtime personal physician.  AEG did not choose him, hire him or supervise him.  That said, and in honor of our professional relationship with Mr. Jackson and his Estate, we will have no further public statements."

It is true that Michael handpicked Dr. Murray -- but Katherine claims that AEG was negligent because they didn't check Murray's credentials. Katherine also claims AEG pushed Michael way too hard during rehearsals.


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MJ 4 EVER    

tO #6: YOU DISRESPECTIFUL SON OF A &%$#@!!!! How can you talk about someone who is not here to defend themselves. Nothing was ever proven that Michael "molested boys" you nasty dirty minded looser!! If you go back and look into the fact that those two retarded little boys that accused Michael ONLY WANTED HIS MONEY!!! Go back and do your research and you'll learn the truth a&% hole!! Don't speak about MJ if you don't have your facts straight...He did more good than any of these rich ppl and he gave so much to sick children aswell. I do not know of anyone else who would give sooo much money to needy ppl as Michael has... look at Oprah.... You don't see her visiting sick children or giving alot of money to charity...Why? isn't she one of the most riches women in the world? so why she doesn't do HALF of the things that Michael used to do?? So stop talking S&%# about Michael and put you shoe up your a@&!!! sound like you like little boys yourself! Go screw your dog instead buddy!
R.I.P MY LOVE.....

1445 days ago


By the way, you don't have to use illegal drugs to be an addict. And, just because he Dr. shopped and was prescribed lots of different medications, it doesn't mean he needed to take them. Using an anesthesia for insomnia is just INSANE. It does nothing to treat the problem and doesn't result in true sleep. I doubt he went to a sleep clinic because there are many medications that can be used. If he was anxious, he should be on anti-anxiety medication. There are many ways to solve his problems without going under general anesthesia. Anesthesia is generally the most dangerous part of most operations.

1445 days ago


Posted at 12:17 PM on Sep 17, 2010 by CloBird

Hey, pretty thorough write-up about MJ's medical conditions. Thanks. Are u saying that LaToya has vitiligo too.

1445 days ago


Hey, pretty thorough write-up about MJ's medical conditions. Thanks. Are u saying that LaToya has vitiligo too.

No,just that LaToya,like many other women,sometimes looks lighter because of the way their makeup reflects light.

1445 days ago


For those of you that is so insistant that MJ was a junkie because he died of a Propofol overdose. First of all Propofol is not a Schedule Narcotic Drug nor is a Street Narcotic Drug. Propofol is a drug that reduces anxiety and tension, and promotes relaxation and sleep or loss of consciousness. Even though Propofol is not a Scheduled Controlled Substance it is very addictive as well as other Non-Scheduled Drugs such as Depakote(for seizures) or Diuretics(for hypertension) they too are addicting because there are withdrawals with the sudden stop of taking the Rx and other Non-Scheduled Drugs that are used to treat conditions.

As far as the law suit goes, KJ should go ahead because it was negligence. Propofol provides loss of awareness for short diagnostic tests and surgical procedures, sleep at the beginning of surgery, and supplements other types of general anesthetics and should not be given at home. Propofol should not be given to patients who are taking medicines for anxiety or sleeping problems, such as diazepam or temazepam because these medications interact with Propofol.(These two alone are warnings and correct me if I am wrong but didn't CM supply MJ with these drugs hours before he administered Propofol-I guess he did not read or care about the warnings of this powereful sedative and didn't he administered this and didn't he also administer this powerfule sedative in a home setting and not a hospital setting).

For those who believed MJ killed MJ. MJ did not kill MJ, CM killed MJ (even if it was unintentional). CM had a responsibility under oath as a physician to have his patient's best interest at heart regardless of the asking, begging, crying, tantruming, and/or etc. CM had an obligation but he looked at the green instead of his oath so he should be held accountable for his action and the demise of MJ.

1445 days ago

Love Michael for the Man that he is..    

I can not imagine what this has been like for the Jackson's. Mr. and Mrs. Brothers and Sisters, and Michael's children.. I know the toll that it has taken on me. My health is not good and I am not a 80 year old person.. So can not imagine it upon them.. My prayers are with this family.. This is going to be a huge battle.. They need a prayers and support.. Know that Michael is leading them from above with God's help.
The truth shall prevail..

1445 days ago


Michael Jackson was murdered by a doctor paid by a concert promoter to control Michael with medication, who, through his own stupidity and ignorance of what he was doing, gave Michael ONE BIG SHOT of medication on June 25, 2009; read, investigate and discover the truth. AEG, Phillips, you should be shaking in your boots, and you "artists" who are signed with AEG (but SAY you loved Michael) should come forward; your precious careers will not suffer; you will be greatly rewarded for speaking up. Justice for Michael.

Oh Well, to hell w

1445 days ago


Alot of you here don't even know the real reason Michael was doing what he was doing. Not that I care what you think but do you damned research before throwing stones.And if you hate the Jackson's so much than why are you wasting your time on here?

If Michael wanted to kill himself as some of you would like to believe, he would have done it after the first allegations that were by the way made up by the father. I don't care squat if you don't believe it, it's a known fact.

So here's some advice for you haters, Go and Screw yourselves where the sun don't shine and shut the f**k up.

1445 days ago


LaToya doesn't have vitiligo.
Isn't it a little late in the game to be coming out with that garbage?
LaToy bleached herself whiter than Snow Whites arse just like her demented baby brother did. And by the same token, Michael Jackson tried out his bleaching treatment on not so noticeable certain areas of poor Prince's body (and he bleached the poor little kids hair also).
Michael Jackson was/is a major mental mess up.

1445 days ago


Gmopp28, I echo your sentiments. For 30+ years I’ve been around this business it never ceases to amaze me the crap the public will buy into in the name of “fandom.” To borrow a line from you: “I’m a bit tired of you Michael lovers who believe anyone who doesn’t say nothing but positive things about MJ is a traitor.”

I knew MJ & I know Q. Yep, that’s true, my name can be found on every studio project they worked on. MJ was without question one of – if not the – greatest entertainer to grace the stage. His artistry, dedication and discipline were awe inspiring. But for as sweet and kind as he could be off stage, & HE WAS, he could also be a real SOB. Like many great artist in history MJ was equal parts genius and madness. You may not like it but just because you choose not to believe something & it does not fit into your fantasy does not make it any less true. MJ would stab you in the back quicker than anyone if it meant getting his way --> don’t doubt it. He was an incredibly fickle man. MJ also had a terrible habit of taking credit for others work on projects. 

Quincy Jones is a good man. He is a wonderful friend to those of us lucky enough to be in his life. How dare ANYONE criticize him for expressing the truth about his relationship with MJ when those of you who don’t know ANY of the parties involved spend an exorbitant amount of time posting your comments and opinions. Good, bad, ugly or indifferent, it does not mean he mourns MJ’s loss any less. In the end MJ was horrible in his treatment of Q. Publicly MJ always took MORE than half of the credit for their – or any of his – professional collaborations. MJ went off the deep end in EVERY aspect of his life and Q – who is no stranger to crazy himself at times – tried to reign him in, but there was no talking to MJ, it was his way or the highway. For those of you who want to bash Q for his comments about MJ’s changing skin color – HERE’S ANOTHER FACT: HE’S 100% RIGHT.
It was obvious to anyone who spent a substantial period of time with MJ (even as far back as the 80's) that he suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder. On more than one occasion I personally witnessed MJ recoil - yes, recoil - at the sight of his own reflection. Then the surgeries started one after the other. Q IS THE ONLY ONE WHO LOVED & CARED ABOUT MJ ENOUGH TO CALL HIM ON IT & URGED HIM TO SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP FOR HIS PROBLEM, and MJ repaid his concern by stomping out of more than one studio session! I know this for fact because I was there.
Like it or not, FOR A SIGNIFICANT PERIOD of his life MJ did not want to be Black. He believed it was part of what (in his mind) made him ugly. The man went to great lengths to make sure his own children would not be Black or have Black features He went out of his way to divorce himself "personally" from the Black community & was only Black when he felt it would serve his purpose (think trial), if questioned by the media – or they (the Black community) offered him an award. (True story.)
UNDERSTAND, MJ WAS NOT A RACIST. But he was self-loathing. MJ didn’t care if you were Black, HE DID NOT dislike Black people, HE just did not want to be Black. It’s a fact. I say this as a Bi-racial American who was at first horrified by this truth, and then upon seeing for myself that there was really an "illness" behind his actions, I came to pity MJ. MJ just didn’t find Black beautiful or attractive, & he certainly felt that Blacks were intellectually inferior in a majority areas, especially in business. WHO KNOWS HOW OR WHY he came to be this way, BUT HE DID.
MJ was using skin bleaching creams for years, YEARS – long before the public caught on – and everyone around him knew it. (So did LaToya by the way – or do you all think she has just gotten lighter due to age?) This info has even been confirmed (publicly) by numerous sources over the years, including former relatives, co-workers, employees, & biographers alike and has fallen on deaf ears. God-forbid MJ fans consider any truth that does not serve to extend the MJ myth. IT is in large part the reason why his more prominent Black friendships (Q, Diana, Lionel, etc.) fell apart.
When MJ's skin tone started to become uneven in areas DUE TO his repeated over-beachings, SUDDENLY he had Vitiligo. READ THE AUTOPSY. The ME DID NOT INDEPENDENTLY CONFIRM the diagnosis of the disease, he recorded that there was "a lack of melanocytes in areas of the skin that presented CONSISTENT with Vitiligo", and listed the condition in the report (as noted) only because it was a part of preexisting medical records indicating MJ was “treated” for Vitiligo. Only ONE doctor’s records - Arnold Klein, MD - ever reflected a diagnosis of Vitiligo. (& MJ’s doctors took their orders from him.) The report could just as easily said “CONSISTENT” with repeated skin bleaching.” That will be one of the bombshells to come out at trial. The autopsy report also shows that ALL OTHER ORGANS & BODILY SYSTEMS COMMONLY EFFECTED & TESTED TO VERIFY A VITILIGO DIAGNOSIS in a (ANY) patient - the eyes, the endocrine system, etc. - were found to be “UNREMARKABLE” and showed NO SIGNS of the disease. The autopsy report also notes finding plenty of MJ’s prized melanocyte destroying bleaching creams in his house.
And to the “fans” who say it was hereditary: THAT WAS MJ's BIGGEST COUP. There is NO PROOF – NOR WILL THERE EVER BE – that MJ’s paternal grandfather (or any other blood relative) EVER had Vitiligo. Only MJ’s word and that of family members WHO KNEW BETTER THAN TO GO AGAINST MJ's ORDERS lest they risk being cut off financially. It was an outright LIE. (One fabricated by Bob & MJ, invented for Oprah, and perpetuated by family & diehard fans to save face.) Come on now, how convenient, blame it on a distant relative who was dead long before MJ was even born.
DON'T BLAME Q FOR KEEPING IT REAL. MJ’s GREATEST talent was his ability to MANIPULATE the media and the (his) public. He WANTED you to view him as a demigod. For him it was sport. MJ’s fate was of his own making. That may be a bitter pill swallow but it is no less the truth. There’s lots of truth yet to come. Keep the lawsuits coming, and all the TRUTH will become a part of the record & MJ's final legacy, & not just the "image" the Estate is trying to preserve. There were SO MANY wonderful things about MJ that should be remembered & celebrated, but in truth, there was another side that the public will not take kindly to, and sadly, when it does, MJ's Estate will never recover.
Posted at 3:25 AM on Sep 17, 2010 by FoQ

I applaud your honest and trying to set the record straight concerning MJ, his skin condition and relationship with Q.

Unfortunately, self-hatred is a serious psychological problem in the African American community brought on by the national media to distort and portray African American in a bias and negative way.

But, I'm curious about your statement here:

"There were SO MANY wonderful things about MJ that should be remembered & celebrated, but in truth, there was another side that the public will not take kindly to, and sadly, when it does, MJ's Estate will never recover."

Could you elaborate little on your statement????

Also, when is Q coming out with an album w/James Ingram????


1445 days ago

Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

Don't a people know that Katherine Jackson IS Conrad Murray? They are one the same person. That's him in drag. Any fool can see that. When this elaborate charade is gonna be over?

1445 days ago


Maybe, MJ was/is a mental case, just like EVERYBODY ELSE but his music is PERFECTLY GENIUS!!!

People in this world is one big "CRAZIES"!!!!

1445 days ago


I didn't now that Michael's parents were black...

1445 days ago



AEG took out an $17.5 million dollar insurance policy to covered drug overdose on MJ.

Now, I say that this is a strong foundation for MURDER!!!!

1445 days ago
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