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Katherine: MJ Feared People 'Wanted Him Dead'

9/17/2010 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson says her son, Michael Jackson, told her "several times" that he felt like people "wanted him dead" ... and she believes his paranoia was a product of the molestation allegations.

In an interview for Michael Jackson Secret Vault, Katherine said, "One of the reasons I think that [Michael] knew people didn't want him around any longer" was due to the "vicious rumors about him molesting children."

Katherine goes on to say that "mean, evil, vicious people didn't want him around for some reason" ... then adamantly states she believes those people were "greedy."


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Katherine, enough already. Drop it.

1499 days ago


"Greedy" is someting she understands well.
If she loves her son, for the love of all that he stood for, stfu already and let him truly rest in peace.
Concentrate on those children and honor him quiety in your own way and stop selling him out he had enough of that in life.

1499 days ago


i think joe is putting her up to do this because if they co get any money he wants to get his hands on it.

1499 days ago


"The end of his career"? Who is this interviewer? Michael's career was far from over when he was killed. Stop putting up clips of this old interview TMZ...can't you find any new stories to write about?
Love and miss you forever MJ.

1499 days ago

Why oh Why?    

Pleaseee Katherine, let Michael rest in peace. Don´t sell out your son! He wanted his privacy, just listen to his music and you will know (in case you somehow misunderstood him). We don´t need to know everything about what he said, thought, dreamt of, feared. He is finally in a private place. Enough already!

1499 days ago


"And also, the vicious rumors about him molesting children, and that's one of the reasons I think that he knew people didn't want him around any longer 'cause he knew those were lies. AND IT PROVES IT BY THE FIRST KID COMING UP, ADMITTING THAT IT WAS A LIE."

Thank you Katherine!!

Bring it on Jordan Chandler, I have been waiting for a public statement by you for a looooooong time!

1499 days ago


Oh my, the irony that he was "paranoid" of people wanting to kill him ! He was a full blown junkie, those people tend to be paranoid. The only person that wanted to KILL Michael Jackson was Michael Jackson.

Otherwise he would have sought treatment for his addictions, got his life together. Then with a very clear mind he wouldn't have been paranoid.

So who killed Michael Jackson in the end ? Dr. Murray, AEG, or Michael Jackson himself ? hhhmmmmm

1499 days ago


Bless the Jacksosn. Michael was a great man and I hope his family can find out exactly what happened because something seems suspicious.

1499 days ago


Can some of you show some respect? this woman gave birth to and raised many children. She has many grandchildren to and no one has ever said anything bad about her. .ichael loved his mother and she obviously loves her son. She can't have peace if she doesn't know exactly what happened to her child.

1499 days ago


you don't have to click on stories about the jacksons you know but the same trolls choose to just to complain.

Bless The Jacksons

1499 days ago


OFLG!! Puhlease, someone shut this family up, if it's not Katherine it's Joe! I believe Joe probably did put her up to it but by bringing up the child molestation charges again, it is her keeping it alive in people's memories and by calling the claimants greedy liars she doesn't do herself or MJ's family any favors!! MJ was found not guilty, not innocent! There is a difference, not guilty only means there was room for doubt not that anyone believed him innocent!!
MJ is dead let him rest in peace and let his music be the one thing people remember about him not child molestation charges and drug abuse hm?! If you go back and rehash the child molestation case Katherine it's going to bite you hard in the ass, because there are millions who still believe he did it - let it rest and leave the alleged victims alone or you may open a can of worms you can never re-seal, his kids don't need to have you and Joe dragging all this up now hm?!

1499 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Katherine is a Mother of a son who died suspiciously, and if Joe is behind this, G O O D.

They are parents. No one seems to complain about someone MJJ fired suddenly back on the payroll, and MJJ is dead a few days later. What did they do to be able to live off MJJ?

I hope the Jacksons will stay strong and find out what they need to know. It is not all about money all the time. They are PARENTS. Would you be satisfied with not knowing exactly how your child died suddenly?

TMZ you are causing this crap, and you know it! pos

Instead of calling MJJ's parents names all over the internet, just run like hell when you see their name in print. MJJ would not like his so called fans speaking about his parents this way. Grow the hell up.

1499 days ago


Sabeis quien lo mató
Decidlo yaaaaaaaaa

1499 days ago


Michael was the best of the best in the world - with a heart of gold. If I were the parent of such a child I would want justice for my son as well.

God bless you Mrs. Jackson.

1499 days ago
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