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Lindsay Lohan

Tested Positive for Cocaine

9/17/2010 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan tested positive for cocaine last week and that is why she failed her drug test ... sources tell TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan back to jail.
As we first reported, Lindsay failed the court-mandated drug test -- and according to the terms of her probation, she will go back to jail for 30 days as a result.

Sources close to Lindsay say she's been telling friends she's "getting her life together." However, we're also told, she's surrounded herself with some "bad influences."

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Moe Green    

Say it ain't so. I was so hoping she would go straight and have a great future, that way I could stop looking at TMX, Rader, etc. I guess at least until Hilton screws up.

1461 days ago


That Nicole is one screwed up gal.

She's always here comming to Lindsay's defense,no matter what kinda stunt she pulls.

Nicole is an obsessed fan who's delusional when it comes to any kind of reality about Lindsay Lohan.

She is here 24/7 trying to shove down our throats excuses for Lindsay's pathetic behavior.

There aint a dam thing anyone here can say to Nicole,to get her to see the light of day when it comes to regards of the bimbo Lohan.

All a person has to do,is scroll down the posts,and look for someone comming to Lindsay's defense,and there is Nicole.Stupid yesterday,and just as stupid as today..:)

1461 days ago

billy cema    

A hundred yrs from now, a forensic scientist will examine a lock of her hair, and exclaim "This b---h did a lot of cocaine!"
(providing she doesn't get cremated).

1461 days ago

Pretty LL    

She'll blame it on the Kombucha tea lol!! Her and Dina are probably hatching the denial right now. So will she have to do the full 30 days this time?

1461 days ago


Lindsay Lohan has reportedly tested positive for cocaine.

The actress allegedly failed the court-mandated test last week, although the District Attorney’s office has not been “officially notified” of the results yet.

A positive test would send Lohan back to jail for 30 days, according to the terms of her probation. No court date is set.

When Gossip Cop asked Lohan whether the breaking report is true, she replied, “No.”

Yeah that sounds Like Lindsay, Deny Deny Deny

1461 days ago


First T.I., now LiLo... Relapse is a Bitch. Her jail time will be short (compared to T.I.'s), but this will be a major blow (no pun intended) to her professional "comeback." Too bad. A lot of people have been rooting for her get her life together, myself included. Hey Linds, time for a little humility and sef-relection, before it's too late. Jails, Institutions, and Death are all that await you on this current path. Time to lose your s***bag, leach-like, enabling friends.

1461 days ago


They give this Bitch one more chance, imma **** somebody up.

1461 days ago


She is so stupid and pathetic. I almost wish she'd OD and die already so we don't have to keep hearing about her. Any sympathy I might have had for her at one time is long gone. As long as she and her enablers deny she has a problem, she'll never recover, beacause she doesn't want to.

1461 days ago


Best thing that could happen is for the 30 days in jail to coincide with her upcoming stint on SNL. Let's hope the timing is right.

1461 days ago


Damn, as some one you might not know, coke gets out of your system pretty fast compared to some other less harmful drugs, like marijuana. Meaning, this girl couldn't even go like 3 days without it.

1461 days ago

Pretty LL    

@120 if she's cremated her ashes will be worth $60... an ounce on the streets

1461 days ago

Laffn Bear    

Nicole, Susan, and Delmar

I am on pins and needles waiting and looking to see how you all are going to spin this.
Why not just admit the facts and come clean yourselves?

1461 days ago


Hey UCLA.... "addiction is the leading cause of relapse".

1461 days ago


They should legalize cocaine and all other drugs then let out the prisoners that were convicted of drug crimes.

1461 days ago


She will never be able to stop. The average person would be scared of even going to jail..let alone back. She should move to Europe and party her ass off and avoid jail like Roman Polanski.

1461 days ago
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