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Sarah Palin To Appear at 'Dancing with the Stars'

9/17/2010 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin will be in the audience to cheer on her daughter, Bristol, for Monday's season opener of "Dancing with the Stars" ... sources connected with the show tell TMZ. 

Our spies say security has been "beefed up" for Sarah's appearance.

And get this ... We found out the song Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas will dance to -- in front of Mama Palin.  It's Three Dog Night's, "Mama Told Me (Not to Come)."  Classic.

We're told Bristol will wear glasses and a conservative outfit but tear off her clothes mid-dance ... just like in the old days.




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wow the haters are out tonight ,whats wrong with you people let the girl have some fun ,leave her alone shes not bothering you morons .youre all just jealous .its just a friggin tv show ,no need to get so uptight

1494 days ago

Sugar Kitty    

I am going to vote like crazy for Bristol. I hope she makes it a long way on the show and drives all you dumb ass, Koolaide drinking libbies stark raving mad. Oh wait, you already are.

1494 days ago


What makes Bristol qualify as a star? All she did was get knocked up at 17. I guess being the daughter of a media whore now makes one a celebrity. What a great country this is becoming.

1494 days ago


Aww. the Mama Grizzly is watching her baby cub. Also, can we get #5 a quiet time taco?

1494 days ago


Celebrity politicians yuck. Why is Bristol a celebrity? For being a teen mother? Most teen moms do not have a glamorous experience. The message they are sending out to teens by making them think they will get child support and attention and glamour if they get knocked up is dangerous. These people dont live in the real world.

1494 days ago

Tom Cruise    

I think Sarah will be there to drive her daughter home after she is the first to get booted off the show. Bristol has as much talent as her mom has a future in politics.

1494 days ago


Brisket "SNOOKI" PAYlin is a heffer...Mom $arah is an ass.

1494 days ago


Only in America can the path to fame and fortune be paved by unwed motherhood. $arah must be so proud...

1494 days ago


Wow!Everyone went politico there!!It's Dancing With The Stars-Bristol Palin is not a star.I saw a promo,and she has two left feet! Like,WORSE than Kate Gosslin two left feet!I LOVE A GOOD TRAINWRECK!!For all the silly rabbits out there-THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A LIBERAL!There are just conservatives,and the rest of us sane people! I do hope her dress splits though!(I KNOW,I KNOW.I'M A BAD PERSON!) tee-hee-hee!

1494 days ago


Since her daughter is performing it's not a shock that she would be there; however, I find it incredibly distasteful for Palin to exploit her child in this manner as part of her presidential campaign. I guess if you can't win on intelligence or experience, exploitation and dirty tricks are all you've got.

1494 days ago

bill clinton    

Sarah Palin mouhahaha you are a clown

1493 days ago


What a bunch of mean comments. Aren't you curious to see the girl's courage? Could YOU do DWTS? Aren't you curious to see whether the "starpower" Mom can come and not try to make it all about her? I am very curious. I feel for anybody raised in the Palin household because they are supposed to stay under the tyrant's thumb. That has to be pretty suffocating. Yes, if little Palin can stay on the show awhile, she might lose her babyweight. Y'all are just mean. Sometimes you are hilarious.

1493 days ago


Yes $ 29. This here is the Dark Ages.

1493 days ago


NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I am so sick of seeing and hearing a bout this brainless woman who obviously knows nothing about politics or anything else for that matter. Well, except for maybe how to shoot a moose. Get this woman off of the TV and out of our lives. She is only putting her annoying face and voice out there to make money from the suckers that will pay to go to see her speak and buy her books. Get a clue people, she's using you to make a lot of money. She does not care about you at all.

1493 days ago


security 'beefed' up because:
1) she demands it, she thinks she's special
2) the producers will do anything to have her on the show
3) some ultra right loons want to be absolutely sure nothing
happens to her

1493 days ago
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