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Lindsay Lohan -- AA All the Way

9/18/2010 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is struggling to bounce back from her failed drug tests. Sources tell TMZ Lindsay is now choosing AA over nightclubs.

We're told Lindsay attended an AA meeting last night and intends to hit up another one sometime today.

Never too early to start brushing up for an appearance before the judge.


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This story will go on and on and on .... Nothing else will happen. It´s not even news anymore.

Why Wasn´t anything done after the first failed drugtest? How many drugtests do you have to fail before anything happens, a hundred?

1495 days ago


I've been a fan of Lindsay's over the years. Mainly 5-10 years ago or so. It's hard to STAY a fan of her though. People don't want to be fans who are just stupid like Lindsay has been over the past few years.

Hollywood sure does corrupt the young starlets don't they? It's like there's a bunch of vampires over there that come out of the shadows to prey on them ... and they particularly enjoy feasting on new "hot" starlets.

If they bite you like a vampire with the drugs and their hard partying lifestyle it just might be over pretty quick for a young Hollywood person trying to make it big. They've gotten sucked into their dark little world.

It often takes a lot of time and a lot of rehab in order for these people in show business to get that vampire poison out of their system and become somewhat normal again like when they were child stars. You gotta take your vampire anti-venom a long time to get it out of your system.

1495 days ago


If she thinks AA is going to help her, she is wrong.

1495 days ago


A bit too late now hon, you're heading in the right direction if you can keep it up.

1495 days ago


SOP for famous people getting caught with drugs or DUIs!!!

1. Act like you are trying to get better.
2. Check yourself into some rehab program.
3. Get the lawyer to BS for you before the judge.
4. Judge ends up looking like a little emasculated wimp before the public.
5. Lowlife celeb is hitting the clubs before the ink dries on the sentencing do***ents.

1495 days ago


Betcha Judge Marsha Revel (sp?) the original Judge in this case is enjoying this to no end. I smell an exclusive Oprah interview coming up real, real soon.....with enough tears to fill a large swimming pool. And I wouldn't be too surprised if Daddy Michael suddenly showed up for a little TMZ Live next week. Mommy Dina will be busy closing out Lindsay's various bank accounts while proclaiming her snorting little spawn is being persecuted. Then just before sentencing for parole violation there's the new People magazine with the headline: "Lindsay....I'm pregnant!"

1495 days ago


Cut the crap. Lohan knows she's going to be tested at least 2-3 times a week. Lohan tried pulling the crap that she's going to NY to visit her family. Lohan's family is in LA. "THAT DIDN'T WORK." So all Lindsey Lohan can do is fess up. She is caught dead to rights.

Watch...Lohan will pull the I admitted using drugs (like she volenteered herself.)

Lohan has had every break giving to her. She comes into court with fake nails with an f u on her middle finger, making it a point it would be seen. It was. Now, once again caught, Lindsey Lohan is once again trying to play dumb.

What is this the 4th-5th time. I'm guessing the judge would squeeze Lohan in a jail cell. Hey Lohan, no one is buying your crap anymore. Espicially the judges.

1495 days ago

jay in princeton    

it is so easy for all u haters to judge her. i feel great pity and compassion for her. at least she is trying. when u want to get off your high (jealous) horse, let me know. at least the world is lookin at her, not you horserider. your chances of being a worldwide celebrity? negative ghostrider, the pattern is full.

1495 days ago

yanni vitakis    

When she is front of the judge Monday she can say: your honor, Im sooooo sorry... it's not my fault....I was possesed by the ghost of Rick James.

1495 days ago

sucre ramirez    

why are we worrying, about this low class broad. Jut let her kill herself and it will be a problem less in the world. She think she is cute and can get away whatever she does. Put her in a hard core prison for about ten year and I bet she will be clean. However, when people are pay attention to her she think it is OK. Let the bitch die,

1495 days ago


Did she loose a button on that sweater?

1495 days ago


She will never beat this. Game is over. She needs to OD and get it over with, or move back home and live in obscurity.
Posted at 10:55 AM on Sep 18, 2010 by Disturbed

I will not give up on Lindsay Lohan so fast. I know she can beat this only if she listens to the people who really want to help her.

1495 days ago


I really wish people would stop comparing her to Robert Downey Jr., it's moronic. He's always been a brilliant actor and was a better actor during his drug use period that she's ever been or ever will be. She's been in a handful of mediocre movies, where her acting was just tolerable and what was expected from a child star. She's never been amazing, she's never done anything memorable. If she's going to be compared to someone, it should be like Dana Plato, Tara Reid, or maybe the Corey's (Haim/Feldmen), although as child actors, the Corey's were at a much higher level than she was. She needs to be just forgotten about, she's of no importance.

1495 days ago


Shouldn't Kimmie and Grandma Kris be running to Linds aide? It's a perfect publicity op.

1495 days ago


Yeah she is all worried, that;s why she out for a night on the town with friends, she headed to an A.A. meeting to hopefully help in not getting slammed hard by the Judge.

What a complete moron. The Judge you bet will see this and I am sure he is going to remember Lindsay's littke nail message to the courts LOL

She will end up I hope with 30 days per failed test, and a nice long probation extension to go with it. Please Let her have to wear a SCRAM again.

Lindsay kiss working in mvoies Bye Bye too. You just showed any studio in hollywood you are too much of a risk, and in no way insurable. What a crackhead!

1495 days ago
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