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Lindsay Lohan -- AA, Day 2

9/19/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was smiling, upbeat and a tad sexy when she was spotted leaving an AA meeting in Hollywood last night.

It's two days in a row that Lindsay has attended a meeting

Let's hope this becomes her new habit.


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she looks wasted

1459 days ago


#8 well said. I'm a recovering alcoholic, and it's a joke that they would put innocent peoples' privacy in jeapordy when it's suppose to be anonymous. This is obviously a ploy for leniacy by Lohan. Any addict/alcoholic can see it a mile away if they are sober, because we've all been there. I hope she will get it, but she doesn't now. And for all those that say she needs to be at NA rather than AA, that's not necessarily true. The concept is the same, and most of the results of addiction is the same. My personal belief is AA and NA go hand and hand.

1459 days ago


2 meetings in 2 days, wow. Not for nothin, but if she is an addict and is serious about staying clean she'll need 3-4 meetings a day for AT LEAST a month. Either AA or NA it really doesn't matter, the dynamics are the same. The bottom line is, she has to stay around folks that are seriously trying to stay clean. Get a sponsor and don't think you can straddle the fence, it has been tried and it doesn't work. Avoid the paps whenever possible.

1459 days ago


1459 days ago


Why is it that she only goes to meetings when she has been exposed? She's a hypocrite and I hope she gets what she deserves. I for one am tired of her abusing the system and thinking there is no consequences for her actions. TMZ needs to move on to more important people and leave this skank to rot. Just Saying...!

1459 days ago

Joe Blow    

Meme, if Lie-ho wanted to be left alone then she wouldn't be posing like this for the cameras. She's an attention wh0re, and that's what they do. Can't wait for Nicole and others to sit here and say "oh wow she looks so happy and healthy and refreshing here! AA must be working! Please go easy on her judge, she's just misunderstood. Love ya lindsay i could kiss you!"

1459 days ago

Joe Blow    

As others are saying, and they are 100% right, she wouldn't be doing this if the failed test results didn't leak out. She's an actor, a piss poor one at that, but I guess good enough to pull the wool over some people's eyes.

1459 days ago


So much for the anonymous part.

1459 days ago


Staking out AA meetings is f**Ked up and just plain matter who might walk out of one of the rooms.

1459 days ago


A good judge should be able to see right through this veil of deceit. Lindsay willingly does the coke and alcohol blatantly knowing she's breaking her terms of probation, thumbing her nose at the court system, and once she inevitably gets caught with dirty tests, quickly jumps into the nearest AA meeting as a means of having an excuse when called in front of the judge to answer why she should NOT go to jail. The queen of manipulation of the court system is at it once again!

1459 days ago


Ok so now that she has FINALLY attended an AA meeting she is in another violation of her probation, she was supposed to be attending those metings immediately after release (remember 5 a week). So now she is in the "I got caught so I'm taking steps to get better" mode.

Total B/S - oh for those of you not in the program - in your first 30 days of sobriety you show up, sit down, shut up and just listen you don't share. If she was serious about her sobriety she would already have been invested in the program and working with a sponsor.

She's not fooling any of us in recovery, I find her once again insulting the rest of us that take our sobriety seriously - send her back to jail (they have AA meetings in jail) for the duration (no early release) and then to a controlled rehab for 90 days and then see what she does.

I hope the judge sends her to jail for violating her probation this will send a strong message to future famous f-ups and will show the rest of us that there isn't 2 judcial systems in this country - 1 for the rich & famous, and the other for the rest of us!

1459 days ago


she failed a test for coke (big surprise there)...whyyyyy is she going to AA?? Pretty sure NA is where she needs to be...

1459 days ago


what was the other failed drug test? meth? heroin? any guesses

1459 days ago


Well it's good to see she's making an effort, true she shouldn't have waited until now to start going to AA meetings, but better late then never. Jail certainly isn't going to help her, hopefully Judge Fox will sentence her to rehab for 60 days or so instead, and hopefully this time she won't be let out early.

1459 days ago


# 33/Bearcat34 - I'm speaking from experience as well. I wouldn't go back to a meeting with paparazzi taking photos outside, even with 15 years under my belt & I'm a nobody.

#37 Not arguing the attention ho aspect of your post. :) My point is, AA is supposed to be ANONYMOUS. I don't care about Lilo's anonymity per se, I'm more worried for everyone else that attends the meetings. (My guess is, Lilo's just playing it up so she might not get tossed in the slammer again.)

I hope she can get her act together. She had a promising career many years ago, and it's really a shame she's gone down this route. :(

1459 days ago
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