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Lindsay Lohan -- AA, Day 2

9/19/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was smiling, upbeat and a tad sexy when she was spotted leaving an AA meeting in Hollywood last night.

It's two days in a row that Lindsay has attended a meeting

Let's hope this becomes her new habit.


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Part of her probabtion was to go to AA every day! Too little too late!

1438 days ago


She's in luck! They have AA meetings in jail! She can go every day. How long is 30 days in California time?

1438 days ago


She looks fine. I'd pound that for hours.

1438 days ago


HA HA HA!!!!

"She is very serious about her sobriety," Holley told the judge.

"She has changed," Holley said. "She's healthy. She's clear-headed. She is positive at looking forward."

Holley said she was confident Lohan would be able to juggle her rehab responsibilities — which include two psychotherapy, two behavior therapy and five 12-step sessions a week

1438 days ago

Robert Fleming    

I think it is completely inappropriate for TMZ to be writing a story about Lindsay attending an AA meeting. For one to be attending a 12 Step meeting is a personal and private affair. TMZ should be ashamed of themselves....

1438 days ago


I someties go to sex addicts classes
to pray on the weak and awesome lovers.

Some even go to AA to get laid, and most of people go there to pray on the weak and sell some booze or drugs right after.

So yeah, those meatings mean nothing, court ordered or not, there is always a way you can find out where those meetings are.

1438 days ago


She is NO different than many troubled young addicted people..It takes lots of time 2 CHANGE and Sober Up...She has The Money 2 help her pay fines, go to rehab- lawyers..It might be EZR 4 her to sober up without 20 cameras in her face..Maybe move out of LAX..Leave her alone..We dont need to see her face daily..She is going to learn the HARD Way like most of US

1438 days ago


The AA anonymity thing has at least two benefits. Privacy is an obvious one; but the real benefit is that it helps in teaching the Alky about humility. Publicity greatly reduces the effectiveness of anonymity for a celebrity. I wish the Paps and the Press would back off. This is a partly a selfish wish - I think she has the potential for great performances.

1438 days ago


Forgive me if I am wrong. But isn't AA for alcoholics ? She should be attending that and Narcotics anonymous for the cocaine.She should stop all future projects and focus solely on sobriety.

1438 days ago


She can go to all the AA MEETINGS she wants but thats not going to fix the parole violation. Judges are really strict about drug tests because if they arent they would have people relapsing everyday and that doesnt work. If they let one slide then they have to let them all slide. I hope after the next round of jail she will figure out they mean business. I saw my brother go thru this and when he failed his drug test the court took away his kids then a few years later he died from a overdose. She needs to stay sober if she wants to cut ties with the justice system or just do all her jail time and get if over with. If she doesnt plan on staying clean she would be better off getting it over with or she will be in and out off jail and then after so many violations she could go to PRISON. My hope is she will reach out for RECOVERY so she can live the good life God had planned .

1438 days ago


Lindsay always looks a tad sexy, no matter what she throws together.

1438 days ago


I didnt realize a Tramp could receive so much notarity.
Place her in a porno, she should be good in that.

1438 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

I wonder how many AA attendees you *******s have tried to pay off so far hoping to get another bogus story about her?
If i were in a drug or alcohol treatment program and Lindsay showed up i would quit. Not because of Lindsay herself but because of all of the ******* paparazzi who will be waving cash around offering to pay off anyone with a pulse who will give them the scoop on Lindsay."
109.Posted at 8:34 PM on May 22, 2010 Come on TMZ what's going on!? Has she landed at Chateau Marmont yet???"

I hope lindsay just gets well instead of bitching about tmz coverage -loopy e

1438 days ago

go home!    

Its hilarious how we only see this biatch attending meetings *after* she gets caught doing drugs or breaking her probation for one reason or the other. Linds, the key is to go to meetings *before* you do this sh*t so you wont be tempted. duh. But we all know you dont really want help, you just want to do your drugs. Go away already, you've lost your chance at a comeback. PEople are over and sick of you. Plus, you really are not THAT talented. You are not Robert Downey jr.

1438 days ago


OMFG everyone just keeps commenting the same comments over and over again. Man they need a relevant rating system or something on this frigging site.Lets see what should my irrelevant comment be. A)She should die B)she is an ugly whore. C)She should go to jail. D.)blame her parents. E.)Good for ucla.F).......

The list just goes on. This is retarded.Cya.

1438 days ago
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