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Lindsay Lohan -- AA, Day 2

9/19/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was smiling, upbeat and a tad sexy when she was spotted leaving an AA meeting in Hollywood last night.

It's two days in a row that Lindsay has attended a meeting

Let's hope this becomes her new habit.


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Don't take pix there. 2 reasons. 1 - it's called Alcoholics Anonymous. It is disrespectful to everyone who goes and depends on these meetings. And 2 - If she is serious about here recovery then don't giver her publicity while doing it. She seems to do things for publicity alone. If this is the real deal, then let it be without that vice as well.

1461 days ago


did her publicist drive her there (AA) or just take the picture, and release the story, and pray she'll still have a job in a week or so

1461 days ago


:-) She confessed her mistakes:

1461 days ago


thats good for her she needs to go to jail or do soemthing

1461 days ago


This is brilliant! TMZ should stake out all of the Alcoholics ANONYMOUS meetings and out these terrible people for the drunks they are!

Why should they get to seek treatment for their addiction anonymously? Make an example of them TMZ!

1461 days ago


It's because she has returned to her natural hair color.

1461 days ago


Lindsay is a gorgeous and beautiful woman. She is letting her youth drain to the toilet. By the time she realizes all her mistakes it may be to late for her career.

1461 days ago


30 days in gen pop will straighten her out for real, no more special treatment.

1461 days ago

crawford terr    

What part of anonymous does this fool not understand. There may not be pictures of the other attendees but how threatened do those honest AA folks feel right now. This is an out and out publicity stunt to please the judge. The judge should throw her in slammer right now for jeopardzing the sobriety of all those other folks. She now has a much better pr person who is willing to walk over everyone else to put this "white trash" back in the spotlight. I apoligize to anyone who was ever called white trash or unfortunately may consider themselves WT. This bimbo is giving the whole situation a bad name.

1461 days ago


I wish her best and hope she finds her way.

Amusing to watch people tear down a stranger. It's kind of like laughing when you drive by a horrific auto accident or being disappointed there wasn't more blood.

1461 days ago


Here's some FREE advice for LiLo:
Go to an N.A. meeting, which is more specifically for drug addiction. AA is ok but really is for alcoholics, and although alcohol is a drug, drug addiction is a different animal... similiar, but also very different.
TRY N.A. or just keep doing drugs until you actually don't want to anymore. Obviously you have the means to just go to rehab and "recover" at your convenience and DONT get it.

1461 days ago


Since testing positive for drugs, I would hope the authorities have pulled her driver's license! Doesn't appear anyone is driving her around town, so she must have been driving under the influence.

1461 days ago

David Long    

The only habit that she got is snoring coke.

1461 days ago


Looks like she's pushing a photo op rather than taking the meetings seriously. The article in Vanity Fair alludes to that she'll do photos for the money - wonder if she called ahead to have the photogs there and if she got paid for them.

1461 days ago


Going to AA is no different than going into a "home" before her court date when she was sentenced. Just like admitting she failed a drug test. It's all an attempt to look good in the courts eyes. The system failed by letting her out of jail and rehab too early. If it were you or I we would still be in jail. If it were you or I we would be back in jail for 30 days. Guarantee she'll get out of it again. Her lawyer will fail her by getting her out of it. Age 24 and she is still not held accountable for her actions. What does this say about judicial system except FAIL!

1461 days ago
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