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Katherine Jackson: 'I Want Justice'

9/19/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson doesn't think any judicial resolution with Dr. Conrad Murray or AEG that will bring her peace ... but that doesn't mean she's not gonna fight the fight.

In another interview from the Michael Jackson Secret Vault, Katherine Jackson says, "I want justice done," yet she explains that any victory will be hollow. 


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Proud American    

She need to stop with the blame game. They knew he was on drugs they drove him to it, greedy people. He isn't free of them yet. He need his soul to be at peace. Shame on his mother.

1497 days ago


What a HYPOCRITE!!!!!.

What about Michael's childhood and the IGNORED DEATH THREATS!!!!

Why 1 year later and not THE NEXT DAY?

Posted at 3:47 AM on Sep 19, 2010 by sofi


What death threats?

1497 days ago


You're a liar #61 he was not a pedophile. No proof just low life like you that crawl out from under a dark rock. Most competent, decent, people of heartfelt concern seeking truth don't read or get involved with TMZ comments anymore because of people like you that enjoy lieing..Harvey should clean it up but guess he's more interested in attention than integrity and class. Do your homework for a change. "All liars shall have their part in the lake of fire that's unquenchable"..Bible book of Revelation.. It's very serious before God to falsely accuse, slander with intention to destroy an individual. Guess that includes you.

1497 days ago


A bunch of insensitive morons.What is wrong with a parent or family member wanting justice for a LOVE one? You people have never had a loveone taken from you in such a cruel manner.Only a person experiencing such a tragedy will understand and sympathize.I support Katherine 101%.JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL....What ever it takes.....YOU ARE GONE MICHAEL...BUT YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN

Posted at 5:04 AM on Sep 19, 2010 by Myrandak

Exactly, Michael was a family memeber to many. His family and fans deserve to know the TRUTH!

Justice 4 MJ

1497 days ago


Katherine Jackson doesn't want justice; she wants MONEY, lots of it. Isn't what she gets monthly from Michael's will enough for her? Sounds like she is taking lessons from Joe.

1497 days ago


Danger are still around or did i miss you because of the(you know ) which thread?

1497 days ago


From Argentina. Katherine I congratulate all my heart for having a child as MICHAEL,that pride is the most talented artist in the EE.UU, and the world and as a person a being full of light, unique, sensitive, well, lots of power and justice must be done to MICHEAL whom I love and admire a deeply.

1497 days ago


From Argentina. Katherine I congratulate all my heart for having a child as MICHAEL,that pride is the most talented artist in the EE.UU,and the world and as a person a being full of light, unique, sensitive,well, lots of power and justice must be done to MICHEAL whom I love and admire a deeply.

1497 days ago


You are a bunch of racist idiots. Your problem is that you are afraid of a Black family that is cohesive,talented, brilliant, and wealthy. It is a family business you ignorant racists. Admit it, you racists, you are fascinated with Michael and his family but you jackasses are too afraid to just say so. You are losers for posting negative things. You are probably poor(even during good economic times) and were the worst students in school(before you were kicked out). You have nothing. You are nothing. TMZ panders to your trash for big bucks.

I love Michael Jackson and the entire Jackson family!!!!!!!!

True fans, do not despair. There are more of us than the racist fools. More of Michael's supporters are too busy leading productive lives than to get on these boards to defend him. But when you come from nothing and are going nowhere and are filled with hate, you have time to spread your racist ignorant hate.

1497 days ago


the death of MJ was a murder....that is a fact, the killing of MJ was right on time to save the "estates" value....other have been killed.....take a look at my Blog...I was part of the 1993 case...but who cares?.....the truth is the last thing you want to n. everett pi....

1497 days ago

No Comment    

Maybe she and the kids should sue Michael next for being a junky. It's time his family realizes that they can blame everyone they want but the truth is their son was a junky who was not only addicted to drugs but to self mutilation with all that plastic surgery. I am all for a little nip and tuck but when you try to entirely change your appearance, something else is seriously wrong.

1497 days ago


I know that the Jackson Family may be still grieving and are looking for answers and justice. However, they have been fighting over Michael's will and his Estate since his death which makes them look greedy. The siblings have taken every media opportunity available to make money from interviews. During which they knew no more about Michaels demise than anyone else. It appears that they were not around him much to only speculate after he died. I am sure that they loved him for the son, brother and uncle that he was. However, two of his siblings have been known to either write a "tell all" book or was in the process of writing one about Michael's questionable lifestyle. It is no wonder that he did not feel loved and was lonely with siblings like these. His family was too large for him to be left feeling unwanted. He had to be tired of people coming to him with their hands out all the time. Who was around to love him unconditionally. Perhaps God and his mother were the only two he knew personally. I do not know. I just wished he could have personally known how many fans loved and adored him. Ironically, it took him to die for many to realize how much he meant to music and our culture. He needed his flowers while he could smell them.

1497 days ago

chanel seems you know so much..what do you think about the fact that Michael could be still alive???Is it possible all this TMZ 's stuff is just a fiction??

1497 days ago
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