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Paris Hilton Pleads Guilty in Cocaine Case

9/20/2010 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton just pled guilty to two misdemeanors in her Las Vegas cocaine possession case -- in a move that will keep her out of the slammer ... if she can stay out of trouble.

Paris just fessed up to misdemeanor drug possession and obstructing an officer -- and in exchange she must pay $2,000 in fines, complete 200 hours of community service and complete an "intensive" substance abuse program. She will also be on probation for one year.

The judge informed Paris that she has been given a one year suspended sentence -- which means if she is arrested for anything other than a minor traffic violation, she will spend 1 year behind bars.

The judge then warned Hilton, "The Clark County Detention Center is not the Waldorf Astoria."

Hilton was busted back on August 27 after cops found her in possession of less than a gram of cocaine.


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whyyyyyy do high profile cases continue to be held to a different standard then the rest of us? ohhhhhhhhh yeaaa i forgot the allmighty dollar... wonder just who she blew in the parking lot to get off so easy. im surprised that the Hiltons have not branched out from hotels and built a prison facility just incase she screws up

1305 days ago


So much for the Las Vegas tourism bureau spending 100s of millions advertising the "fact" that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Sure... now we know the truth and it ain't true!

Oh, and Paris, congratulations on having gotten a plea deal on two misdemeanor charges instead of the felony. It's wonderful that you won't have to spend a single day in jail. I really mean that! You deserve the best and you always get it! :) :) :)

Of course people will hate you for that, but that's their problem not yours! /snicker

1305 days ago


"Was cocaine found in her system? That may have had alot to do with sentencing although it does appear she received special treatment with her short "jail time" and fast court appearance. Imagine the good she could do with her money instead of being such a waste of space.

Posted at 8:46 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by Deb"

Granted your not as wealthy as she is... but imagine the good you could do with your money instead of being such a waste of space. At least Paris doesn't waste her time posting snarky judgemental garbage on TMZ about others, like you do. And as for what she does with her money, get over it. It's not your money.

1305 days ago

C McAuley    

Come on Guys, less than a gramme of coke she's hardly Pablo Escobar. What harm did she do to anyone?

1305 days ago


Paris, you are NOT a role model for your young fans. You are a liar and you lied to the police. I am talking about your comments that the purse that you were in possession of was not yours. Why young people look up to you beats me. You are a rich,spoilt,druggie,nothing.

1305 days ago


Why are people so stupid??? If you want to do drugs, do them at home.

1305 days ago


Good, now we all know she is a coke whore, now Paris, just take your million which you don't deserve and go far far far away for life so we never have the displeasure of seeing or hearing from you ever again.

1305 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Her biggest source of income is promotional night club appearences, I wish her all the luck in not getting caught again.

1305 days ago


She has to spend a year with a target painted on her back. Any two-bit cop can make a name for himself by arresting her. Technically she can be arrested, charged and out on bail then extradited to Nevada and jailed for a year. During that year she could be found not guilty of the charge that got her arrested. If you can be jailed for a year when not guilty of any crime then the sentence is really a bad one! Anybody that thinks this is a lightweight sentence is a moron!

I have a real problem with the prosecutor who stated that the sentence was to give them control over her life. That statement is a clear demonstration of his prejudice and I think a violation of the ethical code. Would love to see him made to explain his words.

1305 days ago


but i thought it was someone else' im confused. Paris, what is up?

1305 days ago


Drugs Booze Sextape When will we hear the cry of difficult childhood and abusive parents.
What a role model.
I like the above comment Paris...ite .You truely are

1305 days ago


Hilton contnues to dig her hole deeper and deeper. Now it is out in the Nevada desert. Let's see .... what is the old saying about three strikes and your out? One more slip up and all the best attorneys in the world will not be able to save her. She should have taken up the prison minister's offer back in 2007. She could have gotten all of this mess of a life behind her after 12 months of faith based residential treatment. What would she have missed? Three arrests? Two overseas and one right here in the good ole USA? Hey, Paris... what about that program you were going to open for the women you did time with at the Lynwood Jail? What about that? Did it slip you mind while out partying? Is it all coming back to you now that you had another brush with the law? Things get a bit more serious when you get caught. Doesn't it?

1305 days ago



1305 days ago


The only thing Hilton has ever had for her self is her family name and money. Hilton is a spoiled rich kid who has been able to do whatever she want's and any trouble she get's into get's away with very little consequence if any.

Her attitude has always been I'M A HILTON. I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT. For the most part she's been right.

1305 days ago


Shes lucky if she was in Michigan she would be spending the rest of her LIFE in prison.

1305 days ago
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