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Paris Hilton -- Flying High After Court Case

9/20/2010 7:20 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

After pleading guilty to two misdemeanor charges in her cocaine possession case, Paris Hilton boarded a private jet for Japan today.

As part of her sentence, P must pay $2000 in fines, complete 200 hours of community service, enter an intensive substance abuse program and remain on probation for one year.

This time she was actually carrying her own designer bag.


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Hilton has the money for a private plane. No manifest, no flight plan. Enjoy the money.

1492 days ago


The Hilton name still means something in Vegas. Nevada courts and zoning people are very influenced by "political contributions". I'm sure daddy took care of that.

Goes to show just how "hot" these Vegas clubs are. If you have to rely on coke to think you're having a good time, you're wasting your money.

1492 days ago

Rick B.    

She'll do her intensive substance abuse program online!!!

1492 days ago



1492 days ago


Amazing. She gets to go free. I wonder if regular Joes (or Janes)get the same treatment as Paris. Perhaps they do, and since they are regular people there are no stories about it.
But the most important and not spoken about thing is the following. How much money does Paris spend on cocaine and/or other drugs? Probably thousands of dollars. And who gets that money? Some drug dealers who go on to use that money to buy, amongst other things, guns and bullets. I wonder how many people have been hurt, maimed or killed by the drug dealers Paris and Lindsay of keep in business. I wish I were all powerful and could follow the money as it goes from Paris's (or Lindsay's) hands to their local dealer and to other criminals and the crimes it empowers.
We talk about Paris as if what she does is a victimless crime. Someone should do an expose on what thousands of dollars from Paris and Lindsay cost the rest of us in terms of murders and other crimes.
Thank you Paris.

1492 days ago


there's a whole lot of comments/people on here that don't know squat about the legal system, and i'm sure don't really care anyway. they would probably be happier in a lynch mob.

probation and plea bargins are often about options. it's about accepting the courts terms so you allowed to continue working at your job and earning a living. part of her job is traveling and i'd guess being allowed to travel was part of the bargin. i'd also guess that there were other things she is and is not allowed to do.

it's about accepting blame for your actions, and accepting the courts judgement, not dragging it out to a trial. in general the court system is full, and they don't want to waste time. to put it simply... just plead guilty to a reduced sentance, and don't let us see you back here again or else... is often the best choice.

in this case paris quickly admitted guilt and accepted the probation to avoid a felony conviction that would have affected her abilty to travel for business and vacations.

generaly a smart move, and thats why you hire a lawyer.

i say, good luck to paris. i hope she does well, and i think she will. i think she's had her fun, raised enough hell, and hopefully she can look back on it and say that's enough.

1492 days ago


must be nice to be a rich white HO-tel heiress. As for the rest of us....we would already be in jail. BULLCHIT

1492 days ago

Throwback kid    

Nothing like another vacation for Paris, she must be tired from her real job of shopping and clubbing

1492 days ago


So, this woman pleads down from a felony, has a prior conviction, and gets to carry on as though nothing has changed. She can even leave the court's jurisdiction.
Drugs in South Africa, drugs in stop, Japan. Ridiculous.

1492 days ago


Ugly fake obvious

1492 days ago


We all know MONEY TALKS!!!! so as long as she has it she has no worries...

1492 days ago


I feel so sorry for her parent to have to go throw that but they have other kids hopefully they dont let there down. There's always one in the family

1492 days ago


if she can just take off for Japan after her sentencing, what exactly does "probation" mean?

1492 days ago


Hope the next time they caught her with drug is an overdose

1492 days ago


obviously she's concerned about her situation

1492 days ago
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