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'Dancing' Studio on Red Sarah Palin Alert

9/20/2010 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There will be high security tonight when Sarah Palin shows up to watch daughter Bristol perform on "Dancing with the Stars" ... TMZ has learned.


Our spies say security guards at CBS Television City in L.A.  -- the place where "Dancing" is broadcast -- is on "heightened alert."  Although Palin is not officially running for anything, security is treating her like a government official.

TMZ broke the story ... Sarah will be front and center tonight when Bristol dances to "Mama Told Me (Not to Come)" with partner Mark Ballas.

Guards have been told to be especially vigilant with anyone entering the lot. 

Our sources say security will decide which vehicles to thoroughly search -- though not every car will get the once-over.

As for audience members who are attending the show ... we're told their bags will be searched and a metal detector is always there.

And this is the best -- security has been told if there is a breach ... Sarah is a "higher priority than Bristol."



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Good Grief    

Apparently she needs security from you goobers. Bitter much? Wow. All of you write with such conviction that you know everything there is to know about the Palins. She should be able to go to any event just like you and I should be able to do. At one time she was in charge of all the oil coming out of Alaska, and she is/was on the National Advisory Board for Homeland Security because of the oil. I would think Sarah would have some information in that head of hers that everyone of our enemies would love to know. You might want to cut her some slack. The comment about an 8th grade education, I would love to know what type of education you have. I'm sure there isn't an educational facility in the world that teaches that much bitterness. Come on people, act like you have an education and for god sakes and not a bunch of losers running around waiting for someone to do your thinking. Your children and your Mom's must be so proud of how you turned out.

1462 days ago


What a joke. She's just a former governor - wth?

1462 days ago



1462 days ago


Please protect this amazing woman. She is the last hope for our country!

1462 days ago


I can see that all you people who say that you hate Sarah Palin and that she is stupid fell for the line that the Democrats fed you. The Dems fear her, so they tried to destroy her. Obama is the worst president in history and will easily be defeated in 2012. Go Sarah!!!

1462 days ago


Maybe she needs the security because of people like YOU??? DUH! All of you! I'm sure you guys are all about "peace and love" and look at what you post! You are all narrow minded and ignorant! Sad, really! Any high profile "Celebrity" has security.. Every been to a concert or a book signing? There is ALWAYS security no matter who it is! It's funny that as many of you that hate her, she obviously has SOME fans since whoever she endorses WINS campaigns and primaries.. We'll be laughing all the way to November :) :) :)

1462 days ago

You Betcha    

LOL @ Good Grief. So the security must be for all the foreign agents that would like to know what's in her head ? LOL

1462 days ago



The show or the network will. Not sure why any of you think different. I doubt she asked for any of the extra security.
I'm sure the show and ABC have recieved more hissy fit and threat calls or mail than the norm and are doing what they think they need to for liability purposes. God forbid some nutcase get's in there and hurts one of the staff or an audience member. Like it or not the media made Palin a celebrity and continues to do anything they can to keep her in the spotlight.

1462 days ago


what is up with all the "as a black woman, i think........". so what if you are black woman. that does not make your point any more valid than anyone else's. sarah palin is a bimbo. and if it makes you feel better, i am a black/puertorican woman!

1462 days ago


MY GOD, IS IT POSSIBLE THIS FAMILY COULD, ONE DAY, OCCUPY OUR WHITE HOUSE? Like the majority, these people are just plain folks who have not contributed to the well-being of our country to make them eligible for such a high honor. No outstanding qualities in education, the arts, sciences, talent etc. It seems security for DWTS has their priorities mixed up. I don't care who wins tonight's competition as much as I care who will occupy our White House in the near future.

1462 days ago


I agree with MightyMad - why does she need all that security?? Who the hell is she, anyway? Just another loser trying to keep her face on TV to further her own agenda. And from the previews of the show, her daughter won't last long on there - as uncoordinated as Kate Gosselin. And she was the worst ever!!

1462 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Wonder if she is bringin her lil witch friend with her?

1462 days ago


The Palins need to take a hike..especially the elder one.

1462 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Does anyone know WHY McCain picked her? seriously, THANKGOD he wasn't elected!!!!!!!!!!

1462 days ago


Here come the ridiculous non-deserving media ho clan and entourage from Wasilla. Sarah can't help it but to steal the spotlight away from her own daughter. Just like the time Bristol was giving a TV interview with scientologist Greta Van Susteran from FAKE NEWS. Bristol was telling Greta that she didn't believe that abstinence was realistic at all. Then Sarah Palin burst in, broke up the interview and took over. Glad she's not MY MOM telling me what to think and say even if I don't agree!!!

1462 days ago
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