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Lindsay Lohan

Will Dodge Jail Bullet

9/23/2010 6:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will not have to spend the next 30 days in jail ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan jail.
There was a buzz in the case that Judge Elden Fox would have Lindsay jailed tomorrow -- without giving her bail -- and make her sit behind bars for 30 days until the next hearing. The danger for Lindsay -- she would have to serve the full 30 days and would not be released early because of jail overcrowding.

But insiders tell TMZ ... if Judge Fox remands Lindsay into custody he must set bail, because the underlying offenses are all misdemeanors.

So here's the way it will go down ...  Our sources say tomorrow's hearing will be extremely short.  There won't be any arguments over the case.  Judge Fox will schedule the formal probation violation hearing, and almost certainly remand Lindsay into custody and then set bail. But you can bet a bail bondsman will be right there in the courtroom to take care of business on the spot.  So Lindsay will walk out a free woman tomorrow.

When the probation violation hearing is held next month, it's likely Judge Fox will sentence Lindsay to 30 days in jail based on the failed drug test for cocaine.  As we first reported, the Probation Department will not recommend jail time for the second failed drug test because of an ambiguity in the paperwork.

But this 30-day sentence would be subject to the realities of jail overcrowding, which means Lindsay would go to jail for booking and probably be released an hour or two later.

The upshot -- looks like Lindsay will dodge another bullet.


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How does JAIL OVER CROWDING even apply to Lindsay since she is not held with the rest of the inmates? It's all a bunch of BS.

1492 days ago


Total BS ... this sends a wonderful message to the world, doesn't it! I agree with Charlie ... I hope she overdoses and we'll be done with her!

1492 days ago


Nothing like giving the Justice system a slap in the face,,,, and we wonder why crimes are rampant in our Country.
BFD Lindsey gets "another" tap on the wrist because she is rich and famous (not so much anymore hahaha)

1492 days ago


so she will get out of this AGAIN!!! People will hate her even more because she gets away with it... and she can be even more arrogant to people... what a system in america... woohoo.. go do the drugs Linds..! I bet the judge wont have a good night sleep caus IF something happens... hmmmm well not judges fault.. SYSTEM! wonder if it would be "just a normal person".. what would happen?!!! Oh Lord.. this is all bull****.. and the hate goes out to her caus she knows she can fool around

1492 days ago


MESSAGE TO LINDSAY-go ahead and party all you want! Failing drug tests won't land you in jail-and if for some weird reason you did-you'll be out in an hour!

Way to go LA judicial system-

1492 days ago


You know what they call Lindsey Lohan without all the BS???...............Emma Stone.


1492 days ago


Home Skillet, I hope that's is not the case, but I couldn't agree more!

1492 days ago


Wonder what she will be learning in prison..
Not much good, i think.

1492 days ago


I am so sick of celebrity justice. This will simply tell her it's alright to do drugs and thumb your nose at the judicial process.

1492 days ago


What a waste of time

1492 days ago


Well, on a positive note, the residents of LA won't have to throw away their tax dollars.

I never believed for one nano second that Fox would put her in jail. Nah...she's got at least a dozen more good "I'm really trying" soliloquies to give him before he'll do anything.

1492 days ago


She has no chance of ever being anything but a lying drug addict. Her mother supports that and apparently, so does the system she says is a joke. Sadly, it appears it is.

1492 days ago


and this is why she will never learn her lesson....

1492 days ago


Why Jail, cant they stick her in Oh.. REHAB, a REAL rehab? Then she can do her days and not get released early.

PS CALF your justice system is a JOKE, the Country is laughing at you all. Disgusting.

1492 days ago


For all the people who said "she'll get out of this" and the like, I was a little skeptical, thinking to myself, "how in the hell can she get out of not 1 but 2 failed drug tests?"

Well to all those people: I apologize. You were right!

Judge Fox, why bother with clogging the docket next month for probation violation hearing, sentencing her to jail, and her walking out a hour later, why effing bother. Take her off probation NOW and let the self entitled brat OD!

1492 days ago
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