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Lindsay Lohan

Will Dodge Jail Bullet

9/23/2010 6:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will not have to spend the next 30 days in jail ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan jail.
There was a buzz in the case that Judge Elden Fox would have Lindsay jailed tomorrow -- without giving her bail -- and make her sit behind bars for 30 days until the next hearing. The danger for Lindsay -- she would have to serve the full 30 days and would not be released early because of jail overcrowding.

But insiders tell TMZ ... if Judge Fox remands Lindsay into custody he must set bail, because the underlying offenses are all misdemeanors.

So here's the way it will go down ...  Our sources say tomorrow's hearing will be extremely short.  There won't be any arguments over the case.  Judge Fox will schedule the formal probation violation hearing, and almost certainly remand Lindsay into custody and then set bail. But you can bet a bail bondsman will be right there in the courtroom to take care of business on the spot.  So Lindsay will walk out a free woman tomorrow.

When the probation violation hearing is held next month, it's likely Judge Fox will sentence Lindsay to 30 days in jail based on the failed drug test for cocaine.  As we first reported, the Probation Department will not recommend jail time for the second failed drug test because of an ambiguity in the paperwork.

But this 30-day sentence would be subject to the realities of jail overcrowding, which means Lindsay would go to jail for booking and probably be released an hour or two later.

The upshot -- looks like Lindsay will dodge another bullet.


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#64 you better shut up...

1460 days ago


let the b**ch od

1460 days ago


Unf*cking believable! This b*tch is like teflon!

Nothing sticks

1460 days ago


Hey Home Skillet #6

Its sad to say but yes I agree... Im in!!!!

She will end up dead or killing someone else before she realizes.

1460 days ago


30 days in rehab or death? Hmmmm..I choose rehab

1460 days ago


I was in L.A. County Jail for 60 days for doing MUCH LESS than this ho...but two things, the JAILS ARE FULL OF PEOPLE JUST LIKE HER 99.9% ARE DRUG OFFENDERS AND DRUG DEALERS...the rapists, murders, etc. are all in prison, in jail until their respective trials, and if there is overcrowding, that was news to me when I was in jail. Trust me they make room for EVERYONE in jail...some even sleep on the that is complete and utter BULL****! I was in pods that were so full, but they did not release anyone but let them sleep on the I CALL COMPLETE AND UTTER B U L L S H I T on that one...been there and saw it with my own two eyes...but the only bright side to this is NOONE LIKES THIS S L U T anymore...nothing she touches will sell, her movies...pffft...I REFUSE TO SEE MACHETE BECAUSE SHE IS IN IT...never shop in stores if I see a pic of her in the window...I AVOID THIS S L U T AND HER SKANK OF A MOTHER LIKE THE PLAGUE...but trust me my TMZ CLAN THERE IS ROOM IN JAIL FOR HER...THAT IS JUST ANOTHER PATHETIC EXCUSE FROM THE JUSTICE SYSTEM...CAUSE THAT IS ALL YOU GET FOR JUSTICE..."JUST US"...TRUST SHE WILL DIE SOON, THAT IS A NO BRAINER...THE SOONER THE BETTER IN MY BOOK.

1460 days ago


I cannot believe this is happening again! It is unbelievable to me that she will not really be punished for any of her offenses -and she knows it. There are no consequences for any of her actions - same for Paris Hilton and the cocaine possession case. Unreal.

What kind of message is the California justice system sending to her young fans! All three of them! :)

1460 days ago


Really, who cares, she is a has been. She should just star in some low rent porno, she is pathetic

1460 days ago


#62. Drunk driving is a very serious issue, but you cant blow things out of proportion. I have not been following this that closely so I may be wrong but that was 1 event. She doesnt sell drugs, she doesnt carry weapons, she doesnt have a violent history. She is a low level offender. At least where I live, DUI is still a misdemeanor. At least the 1st one.

1460 days ago


Okay, where can I send a check to help California build more jails? We should start a donation drive for them because where I come from if you get arrested your butt sits in jail for at least a day - or three if you have the misfortune of getting busted on Friday cuz the judge won't even hear you until Monday. Heck, here you can get thrown in jail overnight for wearing shorts to your traffic court hearing. It's called contempt. And they don't screw around with that. So if you violate a judge's order or your PROBATION you go directly to jail, do not pass go, and don't get out early due to 'overcrowding'. I don't live in the richest state, and yeah we gotta house alot of criminals too but we MANAGE. Of course, around here the cops and/or the DOC don't get the luxury of picking which judges' sentences they enforce. They just enforce them, crowded or not.

1460 days ago


I absolutly hate this person! I hope she OD's in a ditch somewhere....

1460 days ago


#86 It's a misdemeanor until you KILL someone then it's a Felony.

1460 days ago


Can’t anybody understand this girl?
She’s like an open book soaked in drainage water on purpose and left out to dry under the sun for too long (Sun tanning bed that is.) What she needs is.. Anyhow, like I said. She’s an open book..!

1460 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

this girl didn't just dodge a bullet, she just caught one right between the eyes. The system is failing her in so many ways.

1460 days ago


#86 Brian, there are multiple charges not just one, and all the stupid ho had to do was test is serious because of how many times she did not show up for many mandatory court related things...but to me, didn't she take someones car and chase them down PCH with people in the car?? How is that not a carjacking and kidnapping charge is beyond me?? At least the car jacking part?? I don't think it was her car. These are all multiple charges that go away back...and she has repeatedly shown the court disrespect and dishonesty...she is a shameful disgraceful excuse for a human being. The best thing anyone can do is not endorse or attend any movies, clothing lines, etc. that she promotes. This will eventually wake up her handlers and manager and agents to how much the public dislikes and actually loathes this disgusting creature.

1460 days ago
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