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Lindsay's Friend

Makes Plea to the Judge

9/24/2010 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Lindsay Lohan's close friends -- and a co-star in the movie "Machete" -- has written a letter to Judge Elden Fox ... pleading with him to spare Lindsay from jail time.

Lindsay Lohan friend.
TMZ has obtained a letter Electra Avellan wrote for the judge. We're told Electra wrote the letter with a few other friends -- and she's trying to get the letter to Judge Fox before this morning's hearing. It reads:

Dear Judge Fox,

I am writing you in regards to Lindsay Lohan. I have had the pleasure to get to know her very well and have endured the past year with her through her highs and lows. I am desperate to get this message to you. She is working really hard to be better and has done everything possible to stay healthy and clean. We (family members and loving friends) have separated her from anyone who can harm her or deviate her from her goals which are to be a model citizen. She is aware of her impact in this world and wants to rise from this. A few days ago she had a very low moment and made a mistake that has her so terrified it is breaking my heart. I am truly concerned for her well being.

I do not intend to tell you what to do, but as a model citizen to another, I must beg you to please not send her to jail. Jail brought her down, and created so many insecurities and anxiety that we are now fighting to strip from her. She is not going to make this mistake again. She is building herself back up every second and jail will only set her back.

Please Judge Fox look at Lindsay and know that she is a woman who is struggling to get her life back on track, maybe as a day patient and a lot of wonderful community service we can have her pay back the mistake. I also think that community service can show her a different human dimension and allow her to count her blessings more often. I want to see her succeed and shine again. Please help her do it. She wants to get away from this madness. She needs help.

Thank you
Electra Avellan

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Wow.......... There ARE people dumber than the "Lohans".....

1427 days ago


This sounds exactly like Lindsay's style of writing. I think she either dictated it or wrote it herself. The bad grammar, etc, sounds just like her tweet/blog/e-mail rants from the past.

1427 days ago

modle citizen here no jail time for me    

Thank You to Judge Fox....this is the only Judge who is strong and brave enough to send a celebrity to jail with "NO BAIL" Lindsey did the crime let her do the time...We have a choice everyday which path we will choose to go down. Lindsey has no desire to live a clean sober life, Electra people as you contribute to Lindsey's down falls jail will keep her away from dumb a$$$$ such as you only then will Lindsey hopefully open her eyes look inside herself and choose to live as a model citizen, she won't find a model citizen in you for sure. I would say to Lindsey Kick all your so called friends you have now to the curb, (this includes your parting MOM), do your time,clean up your life and start listening to your dad he has your best intrest in mind.

1427 days ago

Andrew Hedgman    

You guys are all nuts, do you all have nothing better to do with your lives then to talk crap about Lindsay Lohan, I dont care about her life, neither should any of you so stop posting all this crap. Is this all you do all day, wait for a news story on TMZ and pounce on it to say what you think about some girl you don't even know. Get life, or a new hobby!

1427 days ago


@Andrew Hodgman - Seems you have nothing better to do either....Pot, meet Kettle....

1427 days ago


Jail is supposed to bring you down a notch. The military does the same thing. It is the first step into building better character. So why is her friend complaining? Let it go.

1427 days ago


If you're SERIOUS about getting sober, you WILL do 90 meetings in 90 days!! You will CHANGE YOUR PLAYGROUNDS AND YOUR PLAYMATES!!!! This means no more hanging out in bars!! Duh!!!! Lindsay couldn't be any more INSINCERE about getting sober!!!!!!!!!

1427 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Elektra? Really? How about Aphraditie or Zeus.

1427 days ago

Throwback kid    

Like Lindsay, this girl should have gone to college, she is so stupid it's funny. Why would anyone want to listen to an air head D list actress?

1427 days ago


Hey guys she is from Venezuela cut some slack on her grammar. I think it was really nice of her. I also hope the best for Lindsay Lohan!

1427 days ago


Her friends were very worried. Who would buy the blow this weekend!?!?!?

1427 days ago


Lol, lol, what???? Who is this loser? One ignorant idiot kid trying to cash in on this dope head problems.
This is the sorriest attempt to get cheap publicity! What a strategy! Some body stop her! Who the hell is this dummy!

1427 days ago


Dear Electra,

You had me at "Dear".

Thank you,
The Judge

1426 days ago


Another SKANK steps forward to show the world just what type of
LOOSERS Lohan hangs with.The letter is a joke filled with grammer
mistakes and pure ****e.The screen name Electra says it all.As if
this dummy has any influence other then her attempting to grab some
headlines herself.She should go back to waiting on tables or better
still,complete grade 8 in school.

1425 days ago

my bizness    

She is one spoiled brat, needs to go to jail for real. Sick of these rich people getting special treatment, anyone else would sitting by now.So she gets a light slap on the wrist,let out so she can laugh at the joke of a judge,that believed her sob story.She is an actress after all!!!!!!

1425 days ago
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