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Michael Lohan Erupts -- Lindsay's Lawyer to Blame

9/24/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan just exploded outside of court -- launching a vicious verbal attack at the people he thinks are responsible for Lindsay's latest incarceration ... which included a nasty stab at her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley.


Michael's tirade -- in which he said Shawn is "destroying my daughter's life" -- came moments after Judge Elden Fox denied Lindsay bail ... dooming her to the slammer while she awaits her probation hearing.

It's worth a watch ... so check it out already.


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I don't know..I want to believe he cares. Better late than never right? And usually the addict will avoid and push away the people that aren't going to enable them anymore. They are in the way of the user's ojective.

1492 days ago

Sarah Lee    

Michael Lohan makes some good points however I think though it is helpful to treat addictions as a disease, that definitely doesn't mean that she should just get treatment instead of going to jail. She broke the law. People usually get addicted to illegal drugs because they make the conscious choice to take them. She needs to be punished for her crimes - I don't think rehab does her any good. Rehab usually would be good for people who are real real real drug addicts - people who take drugs to the point that it ruins their health. She is a very smart girl who does it because she thinks it is cool, because she's bored, because it's recreational and etc. There is a above the law vibe I get from her. Yeah this is anecdotal but I just don't like the - oh she needs help, she has a disease bit. Rehab will only work if she voluntarily puts herself there. If she herself sees that she has a problem. She doesn't see that because she just doesn't want to stop. Perhaps now she will see it as a problem because she is in jail. It's a wake up call - a humbling. Enough of this Rehab garbage. You can see his daughter in Michael because nothing is her fault or his - it's always other people.

Another thing - Part of the reason she won't listen to her father is because she doesn't trust him. All he does is profit from her and exploit her by talking to the press like this. His message to her would probably be better received if it was directed to her with no added extras like good publicity for Michael.

1492 days ago


the dad knows what its like in jail(who was the little geek in the purple **** next to him the whole time-smiling and checking his text messages??) the mother acts like she doesnt have a clue to whats going on in the world.. and the daughter is in jail again. what a mess!! who cares. TMZ can you please do something besides this and Mel Gibson.. i dont think anyone really cares about either and every post is this mess or the other.

1492 days ago


First, who the hell is the guy with the innocent t-shirt and #1 fan hat.
Second, what the hell does this guy do for a living aside from trying to leach off his daughters fame.
Lastly, who the hell is Jay Koopman? Another fraud who's poppin a boner because of the cameras. Seriously?

1492 days ago


can't believe it is possible to be a bigger loser than Lindsay...

1492 days ago

dirty diana    

that's just it, mommy and daddy won't let this crack ho take any responsibility for her actions, violating bail conditions over and over should be a bigger crime by now.

1492 days ago


What's important is the fact that none of this is Lindsay's fault. It's her father, mother, the judge, rehab people, her friends, and everyone else in the world but it's not Lindsay's fault.

1492 days ago

john smith    

Michael Lohan has spent the last ten years trying to get his daughters money, he does not have a job and is a Jesus freak. He moved to LA so that he can stalk Lindsay, this guy is dangerous, he shows up at Lindsay's apartment unannouced with the sheriff's claiming Lindsay is giving her little sister Ali drugs. No actor in Hollywood has a parent who is a media whore and craves attention like this idiot, he is an ex con nutcase who is stalking Lindsay, I don't even believe he's her real dad, he does'nt look anything like her, I want a DNA test!!!

1492 days ago


It's too bad that Michael Lohan can't be put in a jail cell for being both annoying and stupid.
He is partly responsible for his child's troubles as is the mother.

1492 days ago


It was the high quality parenting that made her the person she is today. Tends to happen when your the family bread winner since age 12. If this guy wants to point the finger...............

1492 days ago


SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!! You are a terrible father!

1492 days ago


Michael Loahn you are a dumb, stupid jerk!! How dare you blame others for your drug addict, booze drinking daughter's problems..

You are her problem as you chose to blame other for her downfall and as long as you nourish her with these ridiculous beliefs she is never going to get better or want to get better as she will ride the "someone elses problem" not mind for what is happening to me in my life..

As far as Lindsey's mother..She is a tart, she is contributing to the continuous of her daughter's drug and alcohol problem..She wants to stay on the good side of her daughter for selfish reasons..$$$$$

This family is beyond discusting..Their ignorance is beyone one's belief..I say, put her away and throw the key away..and make her devious parents stay away..

1491 days ago


whoever the moron was that was filming this should be fired! The best part of this video was the retard with the #1 fan shirt next to Lohan. See those 3 shmucks up there in front of everyone are like the 3 stooges and you missed it!

1491 days ago

Big C Mo    

It wasn't you and your trashy ex-wife selling stories about your kids or using and abusing drugs, alcohol, and each other with them and in front of them, it was the lawyers fault. I'm truly starting to feel sorry for Lindsay. It's a parent's job to set their child up for success in life and I'm not talking money. Something the Mike and Dinah still haven't figured out yet. God bless this little girl. I hope she finds the strength within to conquer her demons, because she won't get any help from her worthless mother and father.

1490 days ago
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