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TMZ Live: Oksana's Lawyer In the House

9/24/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's lawyer Daniel Horowitz dropped by for TMZ Live today to field all of your questions -- and Harvey's -- about the Mel/Oksana case.  The domestic violence allegations... the extortion claims ... even the infamous audio tapes -- it was all fair game.

You'll definitely want to check it out.


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Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive.

Oksana has tangled her web so badly over the past four months that she has to have this guy try to untangle the web for her. But it just seems with each new lawyer, the web gets more tangled.

If she is this wonderful, innocent victim, this normal person just like us, then why has she needed a team of lawyers, and PR people to defend her?

I think this poor lawyer has been canoodled and doodled by Oksana, and he sounds as if he basing everything on her verbal statements alone, and hasn't even looked at hard evidence. If he has looked at those photos, then surely he can't believe she was beaten and abused.

1436 days ago


#132 He wouldnt say if it was domestic or foreign either!! They sooo know it was OX's sister that did it!

1436 days ago


FOR ALL WE KNOW these comments that are so anti-Oksana could very well be from Mel's camp. He has a huge team of people, you don't think they come on here and leave comments and take the polls? Get real.

1436 days ago


What does it mean to be a media star today? Is it about household viewers or Twitter followers? Or, is it about Radar Online? In the case of Oksana, it is certainly not about the talent. Oksana who?

1436 days ago


#132 He wouldnt say if it was domestic or foreign either!! They sooo know it was OX's sister that did it!

Posted at 2:38 PM on Sep 24, 2010 by Matou

Absolutely. The comment about it being domestic or foreign caught Horroputz off guard. It was obvious -- he stumbled for a moment. Earlier this week they were trying to insinuate it was Gibson that leaked the tapes. He didn't seem to go there today.

1436 days ago

pele massa    

We do not understand TMZ lack of understanding about domestic violence ... Victims don't talk ! They are victims abuse is paralyzing.

1436 days ago


Hey Harvey
I do hope that You will take some time to read about domestic violence. It will help you to understand the cycle that happens. Then your questions, "why did she not report it till" and "will she go back to him" will be more clear for you. As a survivor myself I can say I hope she does not go back as this is an esculating abusive crime and one does not want to see things get worse. Have a look at murders of women by their significant others. The stats tell the story.
I thought today was a great interview. Thanks to Daniel and yourself. Please take some time and read about this domestic violence epidemic. Thanks for your time.

1436 days ago


@who dat: Do you always write all your comments with your pants around your ankles? Harvey just tore Daniel Horowitz a new one. If anything, Mel is thrilled that Daniel Horowitz could not complete a sentence without stammering. Get a clue dude. ;-)

1436 days ago

Snow White    

Horowitz completely dropped the ball on this one. He knows his client KNEW what the mediation was about, and he KNOWS she lied when she claimed to ROL that the reason she didn't sign the long form was because it "suddenly" had a custody split. It's all right there in black and white, but he doesn't want to read it because then he won't have plausible deniablity.

1436 days ago


Just hearing the tapes, obviously Mel has a huge anger issue and temper. Imagine living with him and being on the receiving end time and again, day after day. If you wanted out, you'd do what you had to do to protect yourself too. People aren't thinking about that and how hard it would be to go up against someone with that much fame, money and resources. I can't believe that he'd let this continue to go on and on and her be cast as the villian when he knows what he did and he knows there is a lot more that happened that hasn't come out yet. It might look like it's leaning his way now, but you know how it goes and we've all seen how it goes in the media, one little thing that comes out will blow it back strong the other way.
I thought that attorney did well, especially considering Harvey was presenting it extremely pro-Mel and one-sided.

1436 days ago


thusfar the only truth from this female is in her actions, and 'they' don't support her cases
this lawyer will use this female, without any real consideration for her

1436 days ago


Oksana and her lawyers are doing a monumental disservice to real/actual victims of domestic abuse everywhere. She should be ashamed for hijacking such an important issue and manipulating it to her own material advantage. It's all about a pay day and nothing else with her.

1436 days ago


@Gayle #113 - if it walks like a gold-digger, talks like a gold-digger, acts like a gold-digger then it's safe to assume it IS a gold-digger.

1436 days ago


Raven, I agree...Harvey needs to read up on the cycle that happens with domestic violence. Most women would not talk about it until it was absolutely necessary. They would only start to talk about it if they had reached the point where there was no chance of going back with the person because otherwise they know they'd have to deal with the consequences of having exposed him.
Harvey, read up on domestic violence. You are not doing victims any favors by your part in this whole vilify Oksana game you are participating in.

1436 days ago


Hey Horowitz, If Oksana isn't about the money, drop the lawsuits and demands for money. If Oksana is soooo accomplished at everything she does, then why does she need to live in Mels house? Or drive Mel's car? Or need more money from Mel?

Hey Horowitz. Whats in this for you? Screenplay?

1436 days ago
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