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TMZ Live: Oksana's Lawyer In the House

9/24/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's lawyer Daniel Horowitz dropped by for TMZ Live today to field all of your questions -- and Harvey's -- about the Mel/Oksana case.  The domestic violence allegations... the extortion claims ... even the infamous audio tapes -- it was all fair game.

You'll definitely want to check it out.


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Why wouldn't Mel just settle this and make it all go away? No matter how bad Mel's camp tries to make Oksana look , he still looks like a monster and there's new stuff coming out everyday.

1428 days ago


When Mel Gibson is acquitted from the domestic abuse charges, he should emerge from the courthouse & yell "FREEDOM!" just like in Braveheart

1428 days ago



I can't count the number of times Horowitz overlooked many facts:

She doesn't want any money for herself? Why did she say in her e-mail that there was no money for her, and that was one of the reasons she played the tapes to her attorney?

What excuse does he give for the terrible interviews she gave with ROL? She publicly vilified Mel.

She didn'tunderstand the mediation? So now Eric George is a terrible attorney? That short form was very simple to read and understand; especially with the help of her lawyer. She knew full well that George had a civil suit prepared for her as well.

What about the photos that are so phony, and are not indicative that Mel punched her in the mouth.

He doesn't care about the dentist?

There are so many other points, but I have neither the time or the room to state them here.

1428 days ago


who leaked the tapes?

1428 days ago


OG is not doing herself any favors with this annoying guy-Horowitz. He actually weakens her case from a PR perspective. He seems so phony and the educated public will be offended by his preposterous and desperate legal rants all in the name of money desguised as justice. She should walk away now and cut her "losses" before she ends up worse (like millions of dollars for setting up and scamming a guy is a "loss"). Put on some Beck, call yourself a loser and be happy you don't have to ever work again like the rest of America.

1428 days ago


I've dropped more F bombs in friendly conversations than Mel Gibson did in all of his rants. And I'm a chick.

1428 days ago


Crucify the JUDGE/JURY/MEDIA for actually caring this long! BUT...who is joaquin phoenix?

1428 days ago


DUH, Harvey!!!! You can't understand that some people are ALWAYS going to take the celebrity's side?!?! And I bet some of these people that come on this site everyday to defend Mel have some kind of relationship (friends, family, member of his Church, etc.) with him.

1428 days ago


Was Oksana sitting in the editing room making sure certain things she said were edited out?

1428 days ago


So if you don't want the police to have access to her correspondences with her mother Via I-phone, doesn't that imply that her mother knows something? Can't the police get around that by subpoenaing her mother as well for her records?

1428 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

WHAT? Messages to her family might remain PRIVATE from the court? ANd that is 'as it should be" like her family couldn't be part of this thing?

How stupid you you think we are Whorowits, how stupid? do you think the court is??? YOU are insulting!

1428 days ago



1428 days ago


I have know problem with someone wanting a music career...but that music you are talking about releasing was paid by and made possible by Mels money (?correct). 1) why should Mel have to release that to her without her paying him for it? 2) if she is so talented then she can go record another album/record and make her career through her own means. 3) For me and others she has destroyed Mels reputation/career, why should he help her with hers, why does he owe this to her. 4) why does she feel she is justified in getting this help from mel after all that has been done and said now??? Is she crazy?

1428 days ago


This guy looks like Woody Allen

1428 days ago


Harvey acts like he has noooo idea what swayed public about his own site drilling in doubt over and over again. Harvey has been defending Mel and creating suspicions towards her for a long time and it's disgusting. It's disgusting that I haven't seen anyone but Mike call him on it either. Harvey has a huge responsibility behind how it's gone down and what he is doing is making the victim a victim in a whole new way. My wife was a victim of domestic violence before me and anyone who has experienced that knows you don't always do rational things after going through it and you don't run out and tell other people what happened when you are scared or ashamed.

1428 days ago
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