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Lindsay's Bosses -- We'll Deal with Hijinks

9/25/2010 12:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan might have to worry about being sent back to jail next month, but one thing she doesn't have to fret over ... her next movie.

Sources close to the movie "Inferno" -- the Linda Lovelace biopic LiLo is scheduled to star in -- tell TMZ they don't want to lose Lindsay for the part ... so they are going to start scouting locations in Los Angeles and begin shooting in January.

As we first reported, it's going to cost the flick a chunk of change to move from their original location in Louisiana -- but we're told they are willing to spend the dough to keep Lindsay as the lead.

One source tells us, "We're staying [in Los Angeles] -- good for the movie, but also the best way to deal with travel restrictions or other hijinks."

As long as Lindsay is around, hijinks seem unavoidable.


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rich people makes me sick just cuz she rich she can ****in get out..i sawy buck the **** up and go do ur time..

1466 days ago


yeah she is rich but at least she got her money by working hard by herself and not ****ing every 2nd man in town like Paris doin nothing

1466 days ago


I'm SO sick of seeing her dumb, fake-lipped smug mug!! Zero respect for that indulged coke-head. If she had any damn talent or brains, she'd use them to do something meaningful and positive. Instead, she's surrounded by a bunch of losers (including her parents) who never hold her accountable for her stupid behavior. My bet is she spends the next 10 years doing the same thing, turning into a heroin junkie. No money = no more fast friends or fame = living on the street. I can see the Hollywood True Story now...

1466 days ago

Blue Craze    

I hate drug addicts.

1466 days ago


This girl is just a joke now. Whenever someone mentions Lindsay Lohan, the first thing that comes to mind is FAILURE!

1466 days ago


All this fuss over a crack whore?

1466 days ago


Start a FACEBOOK PAGE boycotting the movie inferno due to LL's role in it.

1466 days ago


Another dysfunctional "Actress" . They need to cut them loose, and let them feel the weight of Reality for a change. Shape up or ship out ..........

1466 days ago


Louisiana must really love LL for taking away a production from it.

1466 days ago


They better build the sets within Lynnwood's wall because SHE'S GOING BACK TO JAIL

1466 days ago


what a loser, I don't know why the media wastes their time on the likes of her and that other one, Paris whats her name, do they really think that is such an important bit of news we all want to hear, as soon as you turn it one there is something about either one of them, is there not more important things to report on besides the two of those idiots

1466 days ago


Thats just how rich people are? Ever heard of "the Georgia Guidestones"? google it. The wealthy Elitists of the world like Gates, Turner, and Sorros are planning on getting rid of 90% of the population while they sit in there cozy shelter underneath the Denver Airport.

1466 days ago

We Mustrepent    

@everyone who has commented here:
People who know so much about Linda Lovelace
and are comparing Lindsey Lohan to her, and her career/ life
problems are really just mentally masturbating to what they used to physically.
Everyone knows Lindsey Lohan is prettier than most people in our apartment buildings, and everyone knows that, no she isn't "stinky", and doesn't stink.
Disney has made some really good movies that I will remember. Maybe she needs this movie.
I. mean. wow. Talk about hypocracy! What are you going to do when you get home tonight?
Here is a solution. This person who is hurting herself (while other people kick her when she is down)might benefit from not having to see your face for a year or so. I am thinking maybe an island with no chemicals on it. That reminds me, more (chemical) hypocracy: What are you going to do when you get home tonight?!
From what I have seen on t.v. coverage, she is really tough. Maybe the bottom of her depression is too low? That's what I think. It could be that she is just tougher, and so she is out-depressing us civilians. I wish I was rich, I would call her up and help her privately with no fanfare. Hey, I like her.

1466 days ago


Why her? Is'nt there anyone else they can hire. Jeeze Louizze people she is not that great! In my opinion this will be a 5 year long shoot what with her occasional stints in the slammer and rehabs.

1466 days ago


Lindsey needs help. However for a misdemeanor there are limits. She can't be put in Jail for a month while the Judge has yet to decide any punishment or jail time. Thus the "bail".

I think for any misdemeanor there are limits the courts are reaching quickly.

One thing that I don't know, but the Judge clearly must know, is that of the California Driving Privileges. After the first round of releases after exiting the In-House Rehab, she was photo'd driving her car.

What? You mean the California Driver's License wasn't suspended? The Judge can suspend the DMV license a lot more than "days" (years) if this was all based on a DUI charge - and it was.

Thus driving without a valid DMV license in California opens up a whole new can of "charges" that might go above and beyond misdemeaners to what applies to Public Endangerment.

1466 days ago
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