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Everything Must Go!

9/25/2010 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Deep in debt, facing foreclosure, and trying to feed her children ... Octomom did today what any responsible mother of 14 would do ... had a yard sale!

Nadya Suleman tossed her goodies on her lawn in La Habra, CA in an effort to make some scratch. As we first reported, Octo is behind about $7,500 on her mortgage payments -- plus she owes a whopping $450,000 balloon payment which is due October 9.

The big item today ... you can get your pic with Octomom for just $10. That's about $9 more than it's worth ... but it's for a good cause.


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I don't know why you have to make fun of this. Her kids are the ones to suffer...

1489 days ago


If she didn't spend so much on beauty treatments, gyms, her nails - the list goes on an on - she'd have money for the kids. Her prioriy has always been putting herself first. I don't feel sorry for them.

1489 days ago


I saw the kids on Oprah and I feel really bad for them. They didn't bring this on themselves. They don't deserve this.

1489 days ago


If you are on welfare, you should be forced to use birth control and not be allowed to use a fertility doctor. I'm not sure how'd they monitor that, and I realize this takes away basic human rights... but if you are going to live off the tax payer's dollars... you should have some of your rights revoked. They should give women on welfare the "shot" or one of those year long (or longer) birth control things. It should be a prerequisite to getting a check.
EXCUSE ME??????????
You have rocks for brains!
I think that this woman is disgusting.. i think that her children should be removed from her care until she gets her sh6t together..
but not all single mothers are like her.
i have one son who is 3..
i am currently receiving help as i have gone back to university to finish my psychology degree.
as i have zero interest or desire to stay on welfare for the rest of my life.
i also have absolutely zero desire to have another child.
but to say that the government has a right to force feed me birth control pills... you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself.
you have no right whatsoever to control the reproductive health of another human being..
you are not god!
not all single parents are welfare bludging losers.. who have kid after kid after kid just to be able to sit on their a$$es and do nothing with their lives!
you.. however should be sterilized from producing more ignorant judgmental morons like you from populating the earth!

1489 days ago

Heres an Idea    

Maybe OctoMom and Kate can get a reality show together. "Octo Kate Tour the States". Imagine a school bus full of their 22 children on a cross country tour to raise money . . . the crying, the dirty diapers, the pile of empty Happy Meal boxes.

1489 days ago


I wouldn't pay a cent 4 any of that ****!! I'm sure this JACK ASS does NOT, NOT, NOT wash those kidS, let alone wash any of their clothing!!!! $10 4 a pix w/ this JACK ASS, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Go back to your county, you, allllll those kidS, your ole mama & that ole man of yours!! GO BACK

1489 days ago


Nadya is slovenly. (((Ewww!!! Yuk!!!)))
Items strewn all over like that??
Funny how all her Angelina Jolie plastic surgery and bikini
photo shoots back-fired and hasn't helped her
in the looove dept! Looks like she screwed herself.

1489 days ago

Heres an Idea    

#78 "Looks like she screwed herself."

Nobody else would

1489 days ago


Maybe the tour bus (on it's way to Disneyland or So Coast Plaza)can stop at the sale. Those guys on the bus love girls used underwear. They sell them in vending machines over there.

1489 days ago


You people are all sick. You all think your so special and try to tear people down. A FAMILY IS LOSING THEIR HOME. You are all responsible for our country going to hell. You all just tear each other down instead of holiding us up when we need it.

1489 days ago


So sad for the children.
And then to have this happen to the children on the news.

1489 days ago


You people are all sick. You all think your so special and try to tear people down. A FAMILY IS LOSING THEIR HOME. You are all responsible for our country going to hell. You all just tear each other down instead of holiding us up when we need it.

Posted at 8:30 PM on Sep 25, 2010 by caribulou

The head of that house (NADYA), that ISN'T PAYING JACK for their home is the one loosing the house. Who's responsibility is it to pay for the home? The woman is not working!! She doesn't even think that she needs to work. She thinks someone will bail her out! Yes she is a single mother, but she is not DOING *HIT! Everything is being GIVEN to her. Normal people will find work and work their asses off to try to pay it off -- even IF it's not enough. This woman thinks that she can save her house with A YARD SALE. How in the world can you save your home from foreclosure with a yard sale?? Obviously she isn't taking loosing her home seriously.

1489 days ago


@caribulou Boo Hoo cry and whine. It is you and people like you who are making our country go to hell. Put your hand in your own damn pocket. There was a time when people had honor and PRIDE. Begging was frowned upon people WORKED hard for their families. People that live off the system and keep bringing life after life for everyone else to provide for and people like you who support it are the TRUE ones ruining this country. You and everyone else that supports this behavior and its continual cycle are the SICK ones!

1489 days ago


caribulou - you support them. send them your whole paycheck now

1489 days ago


It looks like either some of you have forgotten exactly how this cu.ntress came about OR have a nary of a clue of whom exactly is Natalie "Nadya" Guiterrez Suleman (or whatever the her name is).

Here is an UGLY being, a non-entity one at that, proclaiming to inhabit a female form that is known by her American government name as Natalie "Nadya" Suleman (Guiterrez)and blah blah lies. Please note that since SHE (?) is born on American soil, she could not, effectively, be deported to her home country as, well, she's already there.

This is a "woman" (ambiguous 'cos I sometimes question what exactly "she" is) that has worked a total of 24 months in ALL of her adult life. She is, what, 35 years old? She has spent the past 11 years UNEMPLOYED. And much of that time was spent on her back on a cold steel table in Dr. Kamrava's lab having costly IUIs and IVFs that surely her unemployment benefits did NOT cosign for.

What a shock! Here's FRAUDya COLLECTING Worker's Comp all these years for a so called bad back BUUUUT is allowed, is able to, become and successfully have babies EVERY FU.CKING YEAR for the PAST 9 years?

This bitch FRAUDULENTLY earned over $345k+ in WC pay outs all these years. Why isn't the state investigating this blatant fraud?

We, as taxpayers (regardless of what city/state you live in), will be doling out a portion of our hard earned pay to help raise this grifter's genetically tainted children. She has NO desire to do it on her own.

If you feel otherwise, please continue to drink that kool aid and STFU.

Any sucker reaching deeply into their pockets out of what they deem to be righteous and empathetic towards her greedy, empty lust DESERVES to be CONNED.

Octoanallips isn't hard up for cash...yet. She and her LOLyer are up to something but I am most certain that this latest BEGGING IS NOTHING BUT A PLOY to line up her coffers to ensure that she will be able to continue plastic surgeries.

1489 days ago
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