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Everything Must Go!

9/25/2010 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Deep in debt, facing foreclosure, and trying to feed her children ... Octomom did today what any responsible mother of 14 would do ... had a yard sale!

Nadya Suleman tossed her goodies on her lawn in La Habra, CA in an effort to make some scratch. As we first reported, Octo is behind about $7,500 on her mortgage payments -- plus she owes a whopping $450,000 balloon payment which is due October 9.

The big item today ... you can get your pic with Octomom for just $10. That's about $9 more than it's worth ... but it's for a good cause.


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Hey LAWRENCE: This **** for brains HAS "had everything handed to her on a silver platter". When was the last time this lazy ass leech held a job and actually WORKED for a living instead of leeching off the taxpayer? SHE HAS NOT HELD A JOB SINCE 1999!!! She DOES deserve to lose everything. California is not a welfare state and she should not rewarded for having an upteen number of children can never in a million years pay for.

If this dummy has 14 dogs living in squalor in her house, the state would take them, yet she is allowed to abuse and damage 14 children. And for the record, having 14 children with no ability to pay for them, and then turn around and spend every nickle you have on yourself for plastic surgery, Tory Burch shoes, Starbucks, nails apppointments, shopping spree's to Nordstrom, expensive cosmetics, gym memberships, eyelash extensions, tatoos and all other sorts of nosnense IS child abuse!

1455 days ago


I saw this dumb ass on TV last night at her garage sale. She clearly suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. It's all about Nadya, all the time. She was laughing like a mental patient, running in and out of her house and just generally acting like a thirteen year old girl. She craves attention and drama, drama, drama and is only happy when she is creating huge messes and drama in her life. This chick is one mentally ill, messed up person.

1455 days ago


OctoMom should have called in The Auctionarium.

We could have sold everything in 2 hours to the highest bidders for cash and sold the house too!

1455 days ago


They need to find the doctor that performed the procedure and have him pay for the kids upbringing. How could he impregnate a woman who has no means to support herself let alone all those kids. How can he live with himself?

1455 days ago

Gsharon 710    

If anyone donate I hope it is food and water. Perhaps clothes but no money in the hands of this con artist. @ poster 2...You've got me in stiches.

Wonder if the good ole Doc who per se, fathered these children will buy something from the garage sale.

I do think she should have a state supplied helper that takes her money, pays the bills, make sure the children have what they need, and give Oct about fifty dollars spending money. That way people may be more interested in assisting her.

Having those kids does not make her a bad mother, well, any woman who wants to be pregnant so bad that she will pay for a Doctor to inject her, knowing she is not ready for this in the money department, is unfit. Any woman who bring those children into the world and find money to spend on surgery is unfit. That is clear as day.

1455 days ago


Thank god for the people on here they understand the kids are innocent. Some of you are so heartless. teach her a lesson, lets make the kids homeless and yes...starving and naked is good too right? Then you will be happy in your righteous self!

1455 days ago


ANYONE who defends this POS after seeing that poor, sickly looking Jonah is just as big a POS as she is! That little guy's lip is still unrepaired & he looks ghastly thin. If this were a 3rd world country, his lip would have been repaired over a year ago. This is child neglect you monster! IRONIC that she's had 10's of thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery & CONSTANT lip plumpling, botox & eyelash maintenance..but she REFUSES to take that helpless baby in! Her other kids looked afraid, bewildered, lost...NOT happy, bubbly, hyper 20 month olds. Is anyone ever going to do the right thing by these kids because clearly, she is not!

1455 days ago

Snow White    

@Meg- Oh boo freakin hoo! Think this idiot is the only one who's losing their home in this economy? Why should this skank with her 14 brats be shoved up to the front of the beg lines? I'll save my pity, money and compassion for people who actually work for a living and can't make ends meet. Not fame ho's who want to pimp out their kids for cash.

The kids are 20 months old for crying out loud. Yet she still can't even be bothered to put their food on plates in front of them. She just throws it down on the table like they are pigs at a trough.

1455 days ago


I suspect when no cameras are around and she can't hold a kid up to one to exploit the situation, she stays in her bedroom with the door closed and away from the kids because she can't stand the noise and commotion of all the kids. She is not taking care of those kids - she is exploiting the situation and trying to garner sympathy and money so she can go on another shopping spree..

1455 days ago

Tanya-Mom of SIX!    

NEGATIVE PPL! Lets not forget this all affexts the KIDS! Sheeeeeeez! Who? Are the MORONS!

1455 days ago


I know it affects the children. I saw 5 pictures done at different times and a toddler who didn't move but an inch through any of those frames. Any mother would know there is something wrong. Toddlers don't sit still. Not even a finger changed position. If you think that is normal than you are the MORON. JMO

1455 days ago


Got to admire Nadya great spirit and raw determination to succeed. I thought it was a great idea this yard sale she and Tattoo thought of. I'm sure it brought in a lot of cash as well as the money from Jimmy Kimmel show. But not nearly enough to pay the mortgage or pay the house off in full. But I'm sure, more like confident that Nadya and her team will put their heads together and succeed. No one can blame Nadya for not trying that's for sure.

I'm glad Nadya set the record straight and answered a lot of questions lurking in the back of haters twisted minds. That she had been off welfare for two years and have no plans to get back on it if she can help it. She is fighting like hell to save her kids home without having to exploit them on a reality TV show and becoming a burden on taxpayers. She also put it out there that none of her kids aside from six years old Aiden are disable or have any health problems wse. She even set it straight about Jonah upper lip. You can see this interview with ROL top breaking story.

I was happy to see that a lot of people got over the hate and left it in the past where it belongs and came out to support and help Nadya in her time of need. People were buying and taking pictures and that's a good thing. Nadya is not the first or the last person on the planet down on her luck and need money, using a yard sale to earn it. She's just trying to survive and she shouldn't be knock for it. There is a lot worse she could have done--like that freaking ridiculous porn/nude photo shoot. Though struggling, she still have her self-respect, proud and dignity. She shouldn't have to give them up for anyone. Nadya is a good mother to her kids and she love them and from what I've witnessed, they love her back completely. Her kids are beautiful and Elijah is a prince. lol

God bless you Nadya and Tattoo that was a real nice thing to do to help Nadya, God will bless you for that when you least expect it.

1455 days ago


91. Posted at 11:15 PM on Sep 25, 2010 by Dubstep'n

Excellent post and right on the mark. People are jumping all over Nadya because she sold pictures of her and her kids to pay the mortgage but say nothing about the Gosselin and Duggars who exploit their kids on TV every day of their lives for money. Fact of the matter is none of TLC reality show families could survive if it wasn't for them pimping out their kids. Not the Duggar, Hayes, Roloff, quints from NYC and TX and definitely not the Gosselin's. Even the Masche family with their quints on another network can't make it without a reality TV show and they both have reg. jobs.

At least Nadya is trying and out there doing something positive. Not like she's robbing a bank or being a burden on taxpayers again. Can't you haters give Nadya her props for at least trying to stay positive? I'm starting to think all you haters are just plain jealous of the woman. If I'm wrong, let the guilty party speak now or forever hold his/her peace.

1455 days ago


Kimba10 you are an idiot. There I've said my piece. Yes I am guilty of believing the information available through public records that octoslut is a fame ho and deliberately had these babies for the chance at a reality show. I believe the information in the medical board complaint against her fertility doctor that she insisted on "FRESH EGGS" for all her IVF procedures and that she has a "STOCK PILE OF FROZEN EMBRYOS THAT SERVE NO CLINICAL PURPOSE". One of the charges against him is that he "FAILED TO REFER HER FOR PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION".

She is bat chit crazy and those children are suffering. They all have dead looking eyes, they are not responsive, they act like children from Chinese orphanages. And yes I have seen children from Chinese orphanages. Children that stay in their cribs all day with no stimulation. The children that were not harmed by her over-crowded womb are now being harmed by a notamama who does not care about them or interact with them.

The first big lie she told about saving her "children" by implanting them all because she couldn't afford the storage was enough to brand everything else that came out of her mouth as lies. As has been proven over and over again in interviews and video recordings - lie after lie after lie.

Anyone stupid enough to believe anything she says after reading and viewing this evidence is either octoslut herself or an even bigger fool than she is.

Now STFU kimbaslut10, you must be just like her to think she is so great.

1455 days ago


If this doesn't convince you Nadya love and cares about her kids and want the best for them. If it doesn't convince you that people have gotten over the past, left the hate behind and has moved on to helping rather then hating and pointing fingers at Nadya nothing will.

1455 days ago
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