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Lindsay Lohan -- Things Are Gonna Get Intense

9/26/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Lindsay Lohan tell TMZ Lindsay knows her next trip to rehab won't be a walk in the park ... she'll be in for some "intense" treatment.

People close to Lindsay and the family tell TMZ they were all shocked that Lindsay got tossed in jail on Friday --  if only for a few hours. One close friend said Lindsay thought the judge was trying to make an example out of her -- Lindsay called it "completely unfair."

As for what's next ... our Lohan sources say Lindsay knows she needs rehab and she needs a good "foundation." The word that keeps coming into Lindsay's circle is "intense" -- that Lindsay needs to go away this time, and sooner rather than later.

We're told Lindsay, Dina and her business manager, Lou Taylor, are all a part of the rehab discussion.

One last thing ... as we first reported, Lindsay is going to have to wear the SCRAM bracelet again. As one LiLo pal put it, "She hates that f**king thing."


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Intense being only half a gram of blow a night.

How will she survive on half rations?

1489 days ago


She's going to try to be sober and then OD but live through it.

1489 days ago


Stupid is as stupid does...this whole thing is a joke. Lindsay Lohan will go on to do drugs because she doesn't "get it"...The entire court system is a joke. Why not put her in some jail in Cincinnati or somewhere else in Ohio where there is no overcrowding and there is no stupid system that continuously lets these people get away with ****. At least if she is going to continue to do drugs she should be "smart" about it and not get caught...otherwise, continue with what you are doing Lindsay and let's drop you in Afghanistan with our very brave soldiers who are losing their lives every day to give you your stupid so-called "fredom". Pat-the-tic!!

1489 days ago


boo hoo, so unfair.

throw dina in the slammer.

1489 days ago


I ll be the first oen to call it. Breaking news a month later once she gets out of rehab. Lilo killing an innocent person while driving under the influence of drugs.

It will happen, and once it does she ll go to jail, her mother will show oscar winning performance when they ll take her away, her dady will scream in the court, her sister and her brother will be crying, every celeb will lie about how they feel bad for her. Once she kills herself in prison, they ll start saying that they are sorry for not being there for her ...

But what matters is that once that happens her mother her father her entire family will go away, and entire world wont have to hear about that family ever again.

Sucks for them though:)

1489 days ago


Good that she's getting serious about herself, she needs rehab like Mel Gibson needs a psychiatrist, hopefully she won't get released from rehab early this time as getting released early from UCLA was likely the main reason why she relapsed so quickly in the first place, i'm praying for you all the way Lindsay, I really hope you can overcome your addictions.

1489 days ago


She's not going anywhere that will keep her from filming in November, so again, I call BS on this serious intensive impatient rehab garbage. There is no way her or her mother will miss this chance to make $$.
And obviously she doesn't hate that scram bracelet enough to give up the jack and coke and give up stuffing sh*t up her nasty nose.

1489 days ago


Also, Lindsay is a sociopath. Rehab will never work on her. Sorry, but it's true. She needs mental help before anything else, but a true sociopath can't be helped.

1489 days ago


Intense? She doesn't know the half of it.
I recommend for her an organization called
Palmer Drug Abuse Program.
They might be able to help her.

1489 days ago


Ya gotta love this dual-standards that apply when it's Lindsey Lohan.. Take the average person and have them violate the terms of probation just once and they'd be held in jail until their appearance before the Court.. But if you're cute little Lindsey, well, give her a $300,000 bond and let her be on her way! What doesn't sound right here? And when she kills someone while DUI or she overdoes, then we'll throw all kinds of memorials for her saying "Oh what a tragic life she led.." Give me a break.

1489 days ago


making an example of you? totally unfair? the skank still doesn't get it. and if she doesn't get it now, she never will.

1489 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is suffering from multiple addictions. She needs treatment for these and additionally, intense therapy to prevent her from making the same crappy choices over and over again. Some of the people she should be able to rely on the most are doing nothing to help her. The best thing in the world that could happen to her would be if she was committed to rehab for a year with no unsupervised visits with any of the people who form her present inner circle. I hope she gets the help she needs. Just because she's a celebrity doesn't mean she doesn't deserve compassion.

1489 days ago


They need to throw her in jail and leave her there, rather then saying your in jail for X amount of weeks & then to rehab you go. If she wasn't a celebrity, she would have been serving some sort of lengthy prison sentence. Not this a couple of days, released early and put in rehab, only to be released from that way before it was meant to be done with. I'm so sick and tired of hearing about these celebrities breaking the law and getting a way with it. Is it going to take her to kill an innocent by stander or seriously injuring someone before they really give a harder sentence to her.. seriously.

1489 days ago

Been there    

When will she realise that she has a problem. Only when that happens, will she be able to help herself climb out of the pit she has dug for herself.

1489 days ago


Not sure why TMZ isn't all over this but photos from 2007 have surfaced on the net which show Lindsay shooting drugs and making out with Paris Hilton. A quick google search will show them at the usual gossip sites.

1489 days ago
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