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'DWTS' Week 2 Secrets:

Songs, Dances, Singers

9/27/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our "Dancing With the Stars" spies are better than ever this week, because we know which special guests are singing, which dances the dancers are dancing, and what songs they've chosen. So, warning -- ***SPOILER ALERT BELOW***

You've got to love yet another ironic song choice by Bristol Palin ... "You Can't Hurry Love" -- she clearly didn't "just have to wait." Definitely not ironic ... Audrina dancing to "Love Machine." A hugging, kissing fiend indeed!

Here's the rundown:

-- Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke -- "Tush" (jive)
-- Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas -- "Suddenly I See" (quickstep)
-- Brandy and Maks Chmerkovskiy -- "Magic" (jive)
-- Michael Bolton and Chelsie Hightower -- "Hound Dog" (quickstep)
-- Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani -- "Love Machine" (quickstep)
-- Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough -- "Shake It" (jive)
-- Margaret Cho and Louis Van Amstel -- "Dreaming" (jive)
-- Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer-- "I Want You To" (quickstep)
-- Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya -- "Danger Zone" (jive)
-- Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas -- "You Can't Hurry Love" (quickstep)
-- The Situation and Karina Smirnoff -- "We No Speak Americano" (quickstep)

As for the celeb singers, Seal will sing his new song, "Weight of My Mistake," Tuesday night, and Janelle Monae will sing "Tightrope."



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Those judges are delusional. They need to give Bristol real constructive feedback just like they're handing out to everyone else. Bristol is a pretty girl, but she is a stiff and horrible dancer. That dance wasn't even a 1 step. She barely moved her body. Her pretty face is not going to win this competition for her. It's very dissapointing and embarrassing that the judges are feeding her false hope.

1495 days ago


WTF! Come on guys. That was a terrible performance. Let's keep it real. Dancing isn't for everyone.

1495 days ago


It's not a black or white thing it's about being fair! Bottom line is Bristol Palin is no Nicole Scherzwinger...she is a hot, stiff, fury damn mess!!! Let's keep it 100 people!

1495 days ago


It's not a black or white thing it's about being fair...for real Bristol Palin is no Nicole Scherzwinger bottom line she is a hot stiff, fury dsmn mess!!!!! And say it ain't so!

1495 days ago


@Bettsie-What is Brandy on there for?

Really? I guess so, you asked. Brandi is a multi-platinum R&B singer-songwriter, record producer, television entertainer, actress, and film producer. She appeared in a supporting role on the ABC sitcom Thea in 1993. She had a successful UPN sitcom Moesha from 1996-2001, and roles in the 1998 horror sequel I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, and the TV films Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella in 1997, two of television's best rated special programs. Most recently,she was also a judge on America's got talent. I hope that clarified everything for you. You should be asking why some of the other questionable people with not star status is on the show.

1495 days ago

Patsy Price    

Silly me!!! I see Palin as a young lady who is not just depending on her families money but finding a way to reach out to life on her own. And I find it very interesting that people critized Kate Goslin and now Palin on their motherhood - acting as though they neglected their kids because of DWTS. Come on did you complain in the 60's when Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds, Doris Day, ect actually had kids at home yet acted in movies. How about the stars of today - movies, tv, singers are they critized for being a mother and continueing to work. NOOoooooo. Come on folks quit having such double standards. Come on Palin - show us what you have and how you can just get better each week. Good luck girl.

1495 days ago


I missed Brandy's dance but heard the scoring. Brady was pretty rude during the judging. She immediately said 'it's his fault' every time they offered a criticism. That's bad sportsmanship. She need to go home next.

1495 days ago


sfinsf...should be stfu. Get educated.

1494 days ago


Wow.....even the "celeb" singers are C listers.

1494 days ago


Jennifer Grey is a professional dancer. What is she doing on DWTS?

1494 days ago

DG in GA    

I agree with the comments that say to leave Bristol alone. First of all, SHE didn't petition to be on the show (unlike Melanie Griffith and others), they ASKED her to be on the show. She is a single mom, with a high school education, who is doing her best to raise her child, and she was ASKED to be on a show where she had the potential to make about $150K pretty quickly, without betraying or humiliating anyone else (unlike her erstwhile boyfriend, who I'm sure you all love). I don't know about your kid, but that would pay for my kid's college education, and will probably pay for Bristol's. In return, this sweet, shy girl is being vilified by nasty people every week for doing her best. So if you think she doesn't belong on the show, fine. Criticize the PRODUCERS who hired her.

As far as her choice of music, the first week her partner (who is the one who chooses the music and choreographs the dances) said that they were going to choose songs that kind of make fun of her situation. So laugh WITH her, not AT her, because it's HER JOKE!!!

1494 days ago

Sesli Chat    

Thank you Admin for opening this topic for Sesli Chat.

Sesli Chat

1494 days ago


Why don't the judges give Bristol the scores she deserves? She is AWFUL. She wiggles her hips and pouts her lips and leaves all the dancing to Mark. She looks either like a hooker or that she is now pregnant and has no energy for dancing. Michael Bolton was three times her age and worked his butt off and all he got was negative comments and embarrassing scores. Bristol spends more times bringing the camera crew with her to the bars; she calls the tabloids daily begging them to have stories about her; she practices very little; and doesn't do anything that is physically tiring--even Florence Henderson puts more energy into her performances. I think that Dancing with the Stars should have spent more time emphasizing the effort that Michael Bolton put into trying--or choosing his music for someone to dance to; rather than showing pictures of Sarah Palin going into her private trailer to change into her DWTS outfit or determining who the booing was for. No question--they treated Sarah Palin as if she was the Queen of Divas; they spend all their time trying to convince us that Bristol Palin is indeed a STAR; and then when they get a performance from someone like Michael Bolton who is older and nobody questions that he has been a star, DWTS should put more effort into giving him the best dancing instructor, music choices and ensuring that he does not leave either embarrassed by the judge's comments or with bitter feelings. If DWTS has older contestants, they need extra help to be competitive with teenagers! It seems like DWTS producers are more interested in making the Palin family look good than they are in making the rest of the contestants. Since when did DWTS become a political show--we see enough on FOX about the Palins. It looks like the Palins are buying all this coverage at the expense of all the other dancers and it is not fair that this has turned into the Sarah Palin Show.

1493 days ago


lol, freaking situation. He'll make the show good.

1491 days ago
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