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Lindsay Lohan -- Rehabbing ... Her Image

9/27/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan did something for others yesterday by visiting the Dream Center homeless shelter in Los Angeles.

As we first reported, Lindsay will check into a live-in rehab center for addiction in the next few days ... so she says.



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Despite what your manager, your publicist, your life coach and your parents tell you it is more important that you fix yourself than it is to help others.

1489 days ago


Lindsay tweeted this on her twitter page this morning.

PR team made me visit Homeless shelter yesterday. This so better keep me outa the pokey.

half a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®


On a serious note though doesnt her PR team and Dina and Lou know it is too late. She can go to every homeless shelter on skid row and all it will look like is a PR stunt to look good for the judge.

I am sure they are hoping Judge Fox will say "awwww Lindsay fed soup to homeless people, no jail for you!".

1489 days ago

Rock Singer    

You know people I have no dogs in this fight, I'm just hoping that another human being can make it out of a bad situation (drugs & drinking ) and see the light of day..I hope she's being for real and not pulling the wool over the judges eyes.

1489 days ago


If I was Lilo I would just find somebody, have kids and chill in my mansion all day.

1489 days ago


I think the best PR move she could do is appear on Celeb Rehab so the show can Humanize her again. Doing all these things when ya know ur gonna get jail time is too little too late. She's never motivated until she is in crisis. I doubt she realizes shes gonna end up in one of these shelters one day if she doesnt pull it together.

1489 days ago


Who knows what her real intentions are. Only Lindsay knows that. Addiction can be very complicated and is unique to each person as their own fingerprint. I was a major alcoholic for 20 years and even after I decided I no longer wanted to drink, it took me a year and half to finally quit altogether. I would quit for a while and backslide, then quit again and backslide. Sometimes getting clean can be kind of an evolution or process of sorts. One thing she definitely doesn't need is some bogus, awful 12 step program telling her she is powerless and diseased. And that includes rehabs that utilize 12 step counseling.

1488 days ago


You've a long way to go baby!

1488 days ago


Does anyone notice she always does these "going into rehab" before court appearances where jail looms?

1488 days ago


she is doing the judge a favour
so he can trow her direct in jail instead of rehalb by doing so

1488 days ago


She's as see through as a screen door.
This is all a play to try to lessen her upcoming judgment.

1488 days ago


Lindsay posted this on her twitter

PR team made me visit Homeless shelter yesterday. This so better keep me outa the pokey.

half a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

www twitter com/LiloInPsychWard

1488 days ago


@ Jay she also tweeted something about the governer of California
if i was at her place i woudnt go so far playing with the law :(

1488 days ago


Just another example of how totally tone deaf she and her management are when it comes to manageing her public image.

Her timing is unbelievably bad. And the idea of Lindsay showing support to the homeless at this moment seems bizarre and patronizing. What comfort is her example to anyone, anyway, at this point? It seems practically predatory.

1488 days ago


@ 14

This chick just blows my mind. I mean she is out partying, doing drugs, shopping and soaking up attention from the paps like a giant narcassistic entitled human sponge and NOW she visits the homeless. NOW she goes to rehab.

She had ZERO problems with drugs when Revel put her in rehab as per Lindsay, her "team" and her mother, now just a few weeks later she is a raging drug addict that needs help. I think Lindsay and her people just do not like being told what to do. Lindsay always has to be in control. How dare a judge force her into rehab! It should be up to Lindsay.

The only time she ever goes to rehab is when she has to, to avoid jail time and this is no differnt.

Oh and I just saw pictures of Lindsay naked in the back of a car, strung out in a motel room, sucking face with Paris Hilton, a photo with someone hand on her a$$ and a picture of her shooting up.

Keep it classy Linds!

1488 days ago


Look at me judge, I'm doing good things now. I'll do my own bogus rehab. No need to put me back in jail or rehab cause I'm helping homeless. See!

1488 days ago
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