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MJ's Ex-Bodyguard -- Blanket Might Be My Son

9/27/2010 9:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Michael Jackson's ex-bodyguards has come out with a video statement, claiming he has reason to believe that Blanket is his biological son -- a fact that, he says, MJ even confirmed himself.

29-year-old Matthew Fiddes made the statement after court docs allegedly leaked, describing how he donated sperm to MJ back in 2001-- sperm that may have been used to conceive Blanket Jackson ... who was born in '02.

0927_Blanket_getty_sm_02Despite several coincidences -- the 2001 sperm donation, the resemblance -- Fiddes claims he's still not 100% sure of his paternity ... telling TMZ, "As far as I'm concerned, Michael Jackson is the father."

As for custody -- Matt tells us, "If anything happened to Mrs. Jackson, I think Tito Jackson and his sons would be best suited to look after Michael's children." He adds, "I don't want to create a war with the Jacksons again about something so private."


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Blanket is definitely Michael's son he looks like him and so does Prince.

1452 days ago

kathy HAYLEy    

If you think about it, why wouldn't MJ want to pass on his gentic problems to his childern. He was also a drug addict. I think that is why he would have donors. He loved children, and he loved his children. Just let himm rest in peace, and who cares if he is the bio-dad or not. That doesn't make anyone a father. MJ was a great father, he is there father, regardless.

1452 days ago

Jane (England)    

You argued this point with me a while back. You quoted from Mark's ex-wife that Mark and Michael hadn't been in touch from the early 90's, until just before Michael died.
I wanted to prove to you that what SHE (Mark's ex) had said was all lies. You obviously believed what she said at the time, as you wouldn't have quoted from her.
I was the one that actually proved to you at the time about Mark being with Michael in 2002 at the hotel with the dangling from the balcony incident. I also mentioned other relevant dates too.

@Modest Scotland,
Give me a break, As you seem to have the EXACT date that GMTV aired this interview, put it on TMZ for everyone to see it. As I said to Missy, if Michael hadn't spoken to Mark from the early nineties up until just before he died, that adds up to about 18 years, Mark would never have known any of Michael's children, as none of those kids are aged 18 or above. Mark Lester's ex-wife is a liar.

1452 days ago


Michael was NO DRUG ADDICT.Both autopsies showed no sign of drug abuse but acute propofol intoxication at the hands of another = homicide according to the coroners.

1452 days ago

Modest Scotland    

@ Jane England
Mark lester a liar along with Fiddes they both need a bitchass slapping.Yeah I heard Lester blabbin off as well he at memorial sitting behind the kids & that he ahd brief word with Paris at the car.Funny that coz he was on NBC Today show which was after the memorial when asked if he had seen the kids since MJ passed he said no, why coz he only spun that to the UK he couldnt really pull that piss to America.Look up his interviews on youtube he contradicts himself in them all he a joke.Dont you get it? would you spin a story bout your friend who just passed away who wasn't even buried plus Paris's heart must have been torn in bits.But hey thats what u call a mate ehe selling his story to the NOTW plus that video on utube as well.You need a bitchass slapping too for defending that slime.Go away.

1451 days ago


Jane (England)-after I looked back I did see I made a mistake with the dates,which I've corrected and as I've stated lester and MJ did not speak to each other from the early 1990s until after Blanket was born,in 2002! I believe lester's ex-wife because she would have no reason to lie about it,as where mark as told different stories on different interviews.

1451 days ago

Jane (England)    

@ Modest Scotland
Where on any of my posts did I actually say that I was agreeing with Mark Lester?
My original post was to Missy as there seemed to be some confusion over the dates when Mark & Michael lost touch for a while.
Mark was at the memorial in July 2009, he also attended the re-pass or wake as I would call it, at the Beverley Wilshire, see Hello magazine Aug.2009. He briefly spoke to Paris.
I have seen the NBC Today show from August, he said that he hadn't seen the children since Michael died. I can only assume from that, he meant to say he hadn't seen them since the memorial. An easy mistake to make when you are under pressure and being questioned.
Do you remember when Jermaine was questioned about when Michael had died? and he replied "yes, when they took him to the AIRPORT" of course he meant to say hospital, but again a slip of the tongue, all the crazy people's minds went into overdrive and they still think that Michael IS ALIVE!!
I also think that mark was stupid for saying that he was the biological father to Paris. Mark was invited to Michael's funeral, but after those allegations, he did not attend.

I knew that they had lost touch for a while, but 18 years just didn't add up.
I have seen several interviews that Mark's ex-wife gave to different tabloids, and I have to say, that she too has said different dates on different interviews. So, depending on which interview you read, the dates are not the same.
She did say however that she & Mark split in 2004, as she was battling alcohol problems, and the marriage ended due to her unreasonable behaviour.

1451 days ago


Jane (England)-I said it was my mistake on the dates,that's not even the point,the main point is that they were not speaking to each other at the time any of MJs kids were born,just proves more so that lester is a liar.

1451 days ago

Jane (England)    

Yes, that was the point actually, you originally said that they hadn't spoken from the early 90s until just before his death.
I knew that wasn't true, as I said in my post @153.
As Mark's ex-wife has a problem remembering the exact dates (depending on which interview you want to believe)then you can't even be sure that the info you have,as you choose to believe her, is actually correct at all. If they were not speaking at the time all the kids were born, then why was Mark chosen as Godfather to them? Just to let you know, Michael was also Godfather to Marks kids too. You don't choose someone to be Godparent to your kids if you haven't spoken for such a long time.
You say Mark is a liar, but his ex-wife can't seem to get her story right either.

1451 days ago


Jane-why do you keep arguing about something so stupid?I already said it was my mistake about the dates,either way mark was NOT around when any of MJs kids were born.He claims he was their godfather,but Mac Culkin and Liz Taylor are their godparents.Mark is not their dad,he has no legal or biological ties to them at all.He needs to just sit down and shut up.

1451 days ago


People need to stop saying Michael's kids are too light to be his. Mariah carey is whiter than his children but no one denies her black father. Quincy jones kids all look 'white' but no one denies that they are his kids. LaToya Jackson said that Prince I has vitiligo. Recent published pictures prove that. Vitiligo is a heritable auto-immune disorder. Why would Michael go to so much trouble of saying how much his kids resemble his family members, as he did in Living with Michael Jackson, if they weren't really his. He admitted to having sex with Debbie Rowe, and that Blanket came from his sperm cells in the do***entary. Now I'm a 3rd year medical student but anyone could look at pics of Michael when he was younger and look at the children and see they resemble him. If anything,with how brown the kids are, why isn't anyone saying "they're too tan to come from white men?" If 2 people have 4 kids, 1 will look like the dad, 1 like the mom, and 2 a mixture of them both.

1450 days ago

Modest Scotland    

@Jane England
Point 1 Don't compare Jermaine's slip up to Lester's malice. Jermaine just lost his bro no wonder he didn't have his bearings.Point 2 I don't care bout Hello mag I don't believe everything I read & the Jacksons can't waist their lifes suing liars they would never be out of court & slimes know it.But I know what I saw & he wasn't there sitting behind kids a claimed.He too busy making money selling bogus stories rubbing wounds in an 11yr old girls heart.You call it a stupid thing to say I call him Judas himself & a lot more.His wife telling the truth & the proof was clearly in the pudding it a shame u can't see it.MJ a good man his kids are & always will be legally & morally his.Nobody got the right to discuss or challenge that especially not in public it a crying shame.

1450 days ago

Jane (England)    

@ Modest Scotland
Jermaine's airport gaffe wasn't just after Michael died, it was in February this year.
You say you don't always believe what you read regarding Hello magazine, but PHOTOS don't lie do they?
I still believe that Mark shouldn't have betrayed Michael the way he did, you don't do that to a true friend.
You say you know what you saw, and that Mark wasn't sitting behind the kids at the memorial as he claimed-I take it by that comment,YOU WERE ACTUALLY THERE WERE YOU? Out of all the celebrities that attended, you noticed that Mark Lester wasn't even there!! WOW, you must have damn good eyesight!!
If you take the time out to read ALL the interviews that Mark's ex-wife did, you will also see that she states different dates in each interview-WHY?
FINALLY, I never came onto this board to challenge whether those kids were Michael's or not.
As you say, if you don't like people discussing this subject, then why are you on this site for?

Yes you are correct Elizabeth Taylor, Macauley Culkin and MARK LESTER are all Godparents to Michael's kids.
Mark's ex-wife also stated this in one of her many interviews. As I said in my previous post, Michael was also Godparent to all of Mark Lester's children.

1450 days ago



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