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MJ's Ex-Bodyguard -- Blanket Might Be My Son

9/27/2010 9:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Michael Jackson's ex-bodyguards has come out with a video statement, claiming he has reason to believe that Blanket is his biological son -- a fact that, he says, MJ even confirmed himself.

29-year-old Matthew Fiddes made the statement after court docs allegedly leaked, describing how he donated sperm to MJ back in 2001-- sperm that may have been used to conceive Blanket Jackson ... who was born in '02.

0927_Blanket_getty_sm_02Despite several coincidences -- the 2001 sperm donation, the resemblance -- Fiddes claims he's still not 100% sure of his paternity ... telling TMZ, "As far as I'm concerned, Michael Jackson is the father."

As for custody -- Matt tells us, "If anything happened to Mrs. Jackson, I think Tito Jackson and his sons would be best suited to look after Michael's children." He adds, "I don't want to create a war with the Jacksons again about something so private."


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Modest Scotland    

@Jane England
I signed up to put you in your place about Lester.No I wasn't at memorial but there close ups on youtube and he aint there.Do you honestly think he'd have the nerve to go there after selling Mj & Paris down the river.More to the point do you think he'd be welcome there? you said it yoursef the Jacksons cut him off.But no doubt u will now say but that was after the memorial.I don't really care what Lester's wife said the press twist what they want anyway, but it irrelevant.I watched, NOT READ Lester lie and decieve & bluff thru his murky teeth & this **** Fiddes spinning the same crap what a coincedence they all appeared on Uri backstabbing Gellars do***entary so what does that tell you.I doubted Lester after that & sure as fate I was right.

1421 days ago

Jane (England)    

A while back in one of your posts, you told me to go get my facts right. Well, after reading your last post, I suggest that you go and do the same.
Michael's Memorial was on 7th July 2009. Mark did not make those allegations about Paris until AUGUST 2009. So Yes, the Jackson's did cut him off after the Memorial, that is why he didn't attend the funeral.
I too have the Memorial taped, and I can tell you that there is no way on this earth that anyone could tell, even by looking at that, that Mark did not attend the service. Cameras were not focused on the people behind the Jackson's long enough, to be able to see who was actually sat there.
My point was about the dates, yes I am well aware that the press can twist things, but come on-each interview that Mark's ex-wife gave had different dates. She must have given those relevant dates in the first place.
Michael was far too trusting, he had lots of good friends that betrayed him, or as you say, sold him down the river. There is no way that I ever said that I agreed with what they did. If Mark had kept his mouth shut, I believe that he still would have contact with Michael's kids, I'm sure that he realizes himself, that it was a costly mistake to make.

1421 days ago

Modest Scotland    

Ok I was talking about when he appeared on NBC Good Morning Show sorry I made a mistake but hey c'mon the memorial was broadcast all over the world & not an event u would forget.My point was he blufft us in the UK by saying he was there sitting behind the kids that how I know it **** coz u can search again but he aint sitting behind MJ's kids.Not something u are going to 4rget on the Today show when asked if he saw the kids since MJ's death he said no bcoz he couldn't exactly bluff the same **** over there.Plus he said he talked to Paris in car as well it would be Paris ehe as if Blanket & Prince not sitting next to her.Liars will bluff any **** to convince people but they get caught out.Anyway Im handing my glove in Im tired of arguing wth u.yeah he made them allegations 9th Aug 2 days aft the memorial sad aint it.

1420 days ago

Modest Scotland    

@Jane England
Comment 175 from me by the way. I just remememberd before I hand my glove in. Remember the time difference between the UK & US plus it takes 9hrs from Heathrow to LAX.So Lester must have zoomed there & back then straight to the News of the World to spin his story & make that video.He bluffing he don't care less about MJ or his kids I guess that all the point I trying to make.Thats my glove in now.

1420 days ago

Jane (England)    

Just to be absoloutely clear, Mark didn't make those allegations two days after the Memorial, as that was broadcast on 7th July 2009. Mark's allegations were made public on the 9th August 2009, so that was a month after.
I agree that if he thought anything at all about Michael and his children, he shouldn't have sold his story to the NOTW,and now he is paying the price.
If you look at Michael's close circle of friends, when he was alive, they were happy to take his money, say all those nice things about him, but now that he is no longer here, most of his so called friends have stabbed him in the back.
I too find that really sad.

1420 days ago


Jane-Why must you argue over every little detail? Maybe others saw or heard something you didn't. It doesn't matter if mark was there or not,what matters is that mark,matt,and klein are all liars.

1419 days ago

Jane (England)    

Do me a favour honey, and BUTT OUT!!

If I had come on here giving incorrect dates, and stated that Mark made those allegations two days after the Memorial, you would have been on here replying as quick as a flash to no doubt correct me and put me in my place. You would even argue that black was white just for the sheer hell of it, so don't come on here and get all high and mighty with me.
Read post 173 that MODEST SCOTLAND sent me,
"I came on here to put you in your place about Lester"
and then continues to get confused with the dates.
MS even said in another post that I needed a 'bitchass slapping' for believing what Mark said.
Who the hell do you think you are? If you are going to talk to people in that manner, then at least make sure that you get your facts right!
Just when in any of my posts did I say that I agreed with Mark??
As you are already aware, I came on here to disagree with you about the dates that you originally said that Michael & Mark weren't speaking,after I mentioned this, you then decided to come on here and say yes, you made a mistake, and then you corrected yourself.
Don't talk to me about "arguing over every little detail" because after reading some of your posts on here, you are the one that is as guilty as hell for doing just that.
My last post was in reply to MODEST SCOTLAND Missy, nothing whatsoever to do with you, so just keep out of it.

1419 days ago


Jane-You seriously need to lose your attitude! It's a free country and I'll say what I want when I want!

1419 days ago

Jane (England)    

oh yes MISSY, everyone can see that you have already done that!!
We can all see you for what you really are.
You come onto these boards, interfere into peoples posts, even when they are not directed at you.
Go away trouble causer, and stop trying to make people argue on here. You obviously get off on it!
We can all see through your devious little games, and it won't wash with me. I'm far too smart for the likes of you.
If I have attitude, then that's because of people like you, that interfere into things that don't concern them.
Go find someone new to pick on.

1419 days ago


Jane-I've posted on here long before you came here,also you are the one who started interfering with me and my posts.I'm not the one who keeps arguing about stupid dates,and miss the main point of what people are trying to say.

1419 days ago

Jane (England)    

Well MISSY, you are right about one thing, You have posted on here LONG before I came on here.
You claim I interfered with your posts!! HELLO, WAKE UP MISSY, You originally said to me that Michael and Mark hadn't spoken from the early 90s up until just before Michael died.
That would add up to about 18 years in total. I proved to you back then, and again just recently, that what you quoted was absoloute bulls**t. If that was indeed the case, Mark would never have known any of Michael's kids, as NONE of the kids are aged 18 or above.
Don't give me all that "well yes I came on here and then corrected my mistake" cr*p.
For someone like yourself that tells posters on a regular basis to "Go and check your facts" you didn't do a very good job-did you?
You are miffed, because you can't bear the fact that MISSY ACTUALLY MADE A MISTAKE!!!! OH, GOD FORBID, you don't like being 'put in your place' by someone who actually knows the truth. Well, get over it Missy.
Just because you have posted on here for a long time, does not mean that you have the right to argue with anyone who dares to disagree with you. You DO NOT rule these boards, (even though you think you do)
I am surprised that TMZ haven't blocked you from posting on this site, as you are always slagging them off, and you even say that you have reported TMZ to Warner Bros, as they own this site- just because they always put negative stories about the Jackson's. If you don't like what TMZ post, then simple answer-JUST STAY AWAY.
I don't always agree with what people post on here, but if I was to comment on every single person that I disagree with, I would never be off this damned computer!
I was angry with you because my last post to Modest Scotland,was not nasty, it was the truth, then you posted after that, getting all high and mighty with me. That comment was @ MS, it was nothing to do with you whatsoever, but you intended to make it your business.
FYI,I don't give a stuff about Mark Lester, but I know that he did have contact on a regular basis with Michael and his kids.
If you are a fan of Michael's, then you will be familiar with this next line,


1418 days ago


Jane,You need to back off of me.You claim to know all the facts,yet you still get somethings wrong.First of all you never "put me in my place" and I have no problem if someone does not agree with me,but I do have a problem with people like you,who claim to know everything.I have done nothing to you.I already admitted I made a mistake,but the point was NO mark did not have contact on a regular basis with Michael,again it does not matter how long they were not in touch the MAIN point was that they were NOT in touch when Mike's kids were born.
Nice to know you keep following my posts and everything I say here on tmz,and I do not reply to everyone who doesn't agree with me,yet since you seem so interested in all my comments on these boards you should know that.Tmz doesn't always check their facts,so yes I will correct them.If you were a Mike fan you wouldn't so freaking rude about something so small.America is a free country and I'll continue posting on here for as long as I please.If that bothers you then YOU need to "beat it" You agrued with me last time for days,again over the small,trivial crap!All I asked you was why did you have to agrue over stupid things all the time and you blew up at me,it's time you come down off your high horse.

1418 days ago

Jane (England)    

MISSY, where Mark Lester is concerned, you know absoloutely nothing honeybee. If you search the internet, you can quite easily find PHOTOS of Michael with Mark and their children taken at the times that you stated they weren't in constant touch-or as you also claim weren't speaking. So, I suggest that you go and get your head out of your ar*e, stop being so up yourself girl, and accept the fact that you got your facts so WRONG!!
Oh my God, I can't believe how obnoxious you are, even though I have proved to you in my recent posts-the truth and nothing but the truth!
Accept it and move on.

1418 days ago


Jane-You have proved nothing,except how immature you are.You need to accept the fact that you don't know everything.For the last time lester and MJ were not as close as you claim,and they were not in touch during the time any of MJs kids were born,they got back in touch after,they were born. The photos I've seen of lying lester and MJ were all after 2003,not before!Now move on child.

1418 days ago

Jane (England)    

thats just the sort of thing that I expected from you. You call ME immature just because I pointed out the TRUTH to you, and you don't like that one bit.
The posts on this board were almost finished anyway, that was until you had to come along and start sticking your big fat nose in where it wasn't wanted, doing what you do best, trying to stir up trouble yet again.
Now get back to playing with your Barbie dolls-little girl!
Or better still, go find a nice little padded cell to stay for a while, because you sure as hell have a warped mind. You are definately whacko. You really do need to get help with your obsession, the sooner the better.

Bye Bye little MISSY KNOW ALL.

1418 days ago
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