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MJ's Ex-Bodyguard -- Blanket Might Be My Son

9/27/2010 9:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Michael Jackson's ex-bodyguards has come out with a video statement, claiming he has reason to believe that Blanket is his biological son -- a fact that, he says, MJ even confirmed himself.

29-year-old Matthew Fiddes made the statement after court docs allegedly leaked, describing how he donated sperm to MJ back in 2001-- sperm that may have been used to conceive Blanket Jackson ... who was born in '02.

0927_Blanket_getty_sm_02Despite several coincidences -- the 2001 sperm donation, the resemblance -- Fiddes claims he's still not 100% sure of his paternity ... telling TMZ, "As far as I'm concerned, Michael Jackson is the father."

As for custody -- Matt tells us, "If anything happened to Mrs. Jackson, I think Tito Jackson and his sons would be best suited to look after Michael's children." He adds, "I don't want to create a war with the Jacksons again about something so private."


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Well Jane,that is just I'd expect from you,the immature,name calling comments.You have not point out the "truth" only your version of the "truth"and your the one who gets upset when people tell you different.I'm not the one with an "obsession" I asked you one question,and you start your crap.Grow up,move on,and the next time you see a post of mine buttout and don't reply.

1478 days ago

Jane (England)    

You want to take your own advice yourself honey, next time you see a post of mine, you do the same. It was because of your intefering in the first place, that caused all this, but you are too stupid to realize that.
And yes, I along with many others on this site do definately think that you are obsessed, I mean, Who else gets up at 4:28 in the morning to post a comment on TMZ? MISSY-that's who!!
What a sad pathetic excuse of a person that you are.
By the way, I don't get upset when I know I have posted the TRUTH, I feel for someone like you that keeps posting your cr*p, because everyone knows that you are making a laughing stock of yourself.

Now, go away Missy, let that be a lesson to you, and don't ever interfere with my posts again.

1478 days ago


Jane-you need to use some common sense! The time stamps are westcost time NOT eastern time,stupidass!Noone else has had a problem with me,so get over it.Also you are the one who interfered with my posts in the past,you also were getting what I was saying mixed up.Now back off and run along and play,and next time you see my posts skip over them.

1477 days ago

Jane (England)    

Where you are in America, you are about 8 hours behind us in the U.K. so, you are indeed the stupidass honey. I wouldn't have a problem with your posts, if you actually stated the truth. Also, you are seriously deluded if you think for one second that no one else on these boards don't have a problem with you, how arrogant you are. Believe me, there are indeed alot of 'Missy haters' on here.
I have had enough of your verbal diarrhea, I find it quite nauseating.
Now be a good girl and go away, don't bother me again.

1477 days ago


Jane-as I just stated I'm on the eastcost of America,eastern time is 3hours ahead of pacific/western time zone! Again just shows you don't know it all,stupidass. There are others who have posted under the name "missy" so I'm not the only one,and yes I've seen them.As I said before I made a mistake,I corrected it,and again stated my MAIN point,which you keep ignoring.Noone else here has had a problem with me,and yes I have debated with others,but they don't resort to childish name calling like you.You keep twisting my words.Now for millionth time begone little girl.

1477 days ago


This guy is lair! Michael is the biological dad of Prince,Paris,and Blanket.

1477 days ago

Jane (England)    

If you live on the East coast of America, then there is a 5 hour time difference with the uk!
You sure do contradict yourself in your posts, you say people don't resort to childish name calling-then you call me a stupidass!! (Think that's hilarious)
Don't make excuses for your mistakes by saying that others have posted on here by the name of 'Missy',that is absoloute BS and you know it, you are the one and only 'Missy' on these boards, and that is a fact. I do not twist your words, you do that all by yourself-without any help from me.

1477 days ago


Jane-There have been other posts from another "missy" so no sweetheart I have not been the only missy on here.You were twisting my words about lying lester,I have not made any excuse for my mistake,you refuse to let anything go.Grow up and move on now.

1477 days ago


this guys is SO UGGLY Blanket's dad is only MICHAEL JACKSON ugh thie fat guy is crazy

1446 days ago


Guys, please add me on facebook..

I look like blanket jackson. :)

1376 days ago
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