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Michael Jackson's Son -- Healing the World

9/27/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's son Prince is taking after his father -- TMZ has learned the 13-year-old went on a field trip last Thursday ... but instead of going to a museum or an aquarium, dude packed food for starving children.


It was all part of a charity event organized by The Buckley School -- we're told Prince and his classmates stopped by an L.A. warehouse owned by the Children's Hunger Fund ... and assembled over 500 20-pound boxes for children in Peru.

According to sources, the boxes contained all kinds of food -- including canned goods, beans, rice, and pasta.



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Prince Jackson    

woow. Thanks everyone i try to be like my father!

1447 days ago


I am not going into a lengthy discussion about whether or not PPB are Michael´s biological children or not.
But mustn´t Blanket be his? Michael wasn´t married to his mother, how could he then get full custody if he weren´t the biological father?
I don´t know the laws in the USA, but I can´t imagine you can just walk around "buying" children whenever, however you please. There have to be some regulations.
This is really a legal question. Does anyone have an answer?

Posted at 10:56 AM on Sep 30, 2010 by Siggisis

You are correct,there are laws,and there would have been some kind of paper trail,and I'm sure the media would have found it by now.Plus like you said Michael was not married to Blanket's mother. If he wasn't the biological dad,they could be taken and placed with the "real" parents,the bottom line is Michael is their biodad,all these "men" coming forward have never been credible,they have had other motives(klein being sued for 1million dollars,lester crying because he no longer has contact,fiddles opening up a new martial arts studio),and none of them have ever shown any kind of proof to back up their claims.Notice also how when the pressure gets on they have all backpeddled on what they originally said.

1447 days ago


Prince way to go. Michael would be so proud of you. Michael's legacy surely lives on through his children.

1447 days ago


He actually looks like the body guard claiming to be Blanket's dad

1447 days ago


prince has been a good son y'all...don't judge him....

All hhe wanted is to help...

I miss u prince..take care lil bro...

add me on facebook:

1447 days ago


this is kinds of thinks the media didn´t mention about Michael Jackson, I hope leave Michael´s kids alone, at least only good things are mention about them. Good bless you Prince, Paris and Blanket and your daddy may be happy and proud of you. RIP sweet angel!!

1446 days ago

And thats the truth    

Is it me or is Prince sporting a little He is filling out and getting husky. What a good kid.

1446 days ago


He actually looks like the body guard claiming to be Blanket's dad

Posted at 7:43 AM on Oct 1, 2010 by xoxo

LOL,that is funny! As Prince gets older the more he looks like his dad..MJ

1446 days ago


Wow, looking at the picture to the right... That looks so much like Michael. Exactly his profile.

1445 days ago


O.K.for me he looks very much like Dr Klein, especially his profile. Don´t throw rocks at me but it´s what I see.

1444 days ago


I will be very honest, people who thinks Prince looks like Michael a lot need to get their eyes checked. I know the desire that child could be his son is strong but please that boy looks nothing like him!

1444 days ago

you will never know    

he soooooooooooooooooo sweet

1444 days ago


omg-I think you have that reversed,people saying he looks like klein need their eyes checked.For the millionth time klein can't even have kids,plus Prince looks nothing like him.Prince is clearly biracial(dark skin,way darker than klein)he also has vitiligo(a genetic skin disease)and who did he inherit that from?His biological dad..Michael Jackson.

1444 days ago


of cours the kid turned out normal!! michael was very very normal....but that doesnt mean he wasnt diffrent....but we ARE ALL DIFFRENT IN EVERY WAY!!!!! u see little brats running around in skinny jeans and there just trying to be some one there not. if they had a chance they would rip those pants off and wear what ever they wanted to...we are ALL DIFFRENT! michael just had the gut to express it...i hate todays world...

1444 days ago


May be all kids at school did this, but Prince did not stay away. He was helping. We should take a note and follow these kids. This would make MJ smile

1444 days ago
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