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Child Custody Agreement Gives Mel Joint Custody

9/27/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva signed a "Child Custody" agreement in May which spelled it out as clearly as can be -- Mel Gibson was not only entitled to unsupervised contact with Lucia, he was getting joint legal and physical custody of the child.

The document, obtained by TMZ, was signed by Oksana and Mel on May 16 ... but disavowed by Oksana shortly thereafter. She claimed she did not know the agreement gave Mel unsupervised contact with the baby. 

But the agreement laid out in almost painful detail the schedule for custody, down to the day and the hour.   Mel immediately got joint legal custody of the baby. He also got significant unsupervised visitation, which turned into 50/50 custody when Lucia turned 3.

The agreement also provided, when Mel didn't have Lucia, the nanny would coordinate a Skype call between himself and the child.

The agreement spelled out who gets the kids on holidays. But these pages, which were initialed by both Mel and Oksana, were X'd out. We're told a similar schedule was later substituted for the one you see.

It was the Father's Day visitation that sent the case into family court, when Oksana refused to let Mel have the baby.

Oksana's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, had no comment.



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Oxy on 60 minutes.
It would be a hoot if Diane Sawyer did the interview seeing that she was the one that finally got Gibson to admit on tape to making those terrible, terrible statements after his 2006 DUI arrest.

1485 days ago


Compare Hannah Gibsons birth date to the wedding date. You guys are the super-sleuths. Was she conceived out of wedlock or born out of wedlock -- or both.

Posted at 10:18 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by FredDerf
Gibson met Robyn Moore met in the late 1970s in Australia, when Mel was a struggling actor and she was a dental assistant. They both happened to live in the same house in the Australian city of Adelaide. (

Mr. Mel and Mrs. Robin were married 6-7-1980. If Miss Hannah was conceived out of wedlock, so what?

Fact remains her parents were married and stayed married for 26+ years.

1485 days ago


There is no way anyone can convince me this woman didn't understand exactly what was in the settlement or child custody agreement.

Posted at 10:13 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by Curious

I agree 200%! Eric George is an outstanding attorney and certainly wouldn't violate his duty to his client to thoroughly explain it to her. But once again, she was victimized by him.

She is always the victim of everyone around her. It is getting so old already accusing everyone in her path of wrongdoing and never taking any responsibility for her own choices.

If her parents had any sense or love for her they would tell her it is time to get on with your life and put this behind you but they just perpetuate it.

Sooooooooooooo sick of the whole bunch! I can't imagine how Mel must feel. That poor man needs a lot of prayers to persevere.

1485 days ago


New article.

1485 days ago


"Mel's camp was eager to take Violet into consideration, when she changed her story accusing Oksana's bodyguard of violence"

posted by Sorntolc -


this has ZERO basis in fact. LINK PLEASE.

For an attorney to direct someone to the POLICE in NO way, or shape or form can be accurately described as

"CONSIDERATION" by the attorney

The way it works in the US if an attorney hears of a possible crime they are supposed to direct people TO the POLICE!

SORNTOLC - your posts are conjuring up old fashion taffy pulls in my head for some reason.

BTW- do you OPEN any links we provide? And actually read them?

I found one I was sure you would appreciate. Yet not a peep out of you. I thought you were interested in her music? Did you already download those four songs Mr. Oriti and she co-authored?
Personally one of those in my opinion is her best. Still find her singing HORRIBLE! But the arrangement and piano, especially the intros -- which I gotta say - is her FORTE in my opinion - was good enough to be a ring tone!

Still don't get the JAZZ genre though? Are the genres the same on that side of the pond?

I challenge you to find any evidence of a musical career while she lived in EUROPE. And even one image of her modeling days!

Now, I don't want to speak out of turn but I bet some cheese curls, popcorn, or even cookies could be yours! have heard Europeans don't snack like we AMERICANs - and that would be NORTH AND SOUTH -- do.

If the snackfood doesn't whet your appetite - then how about some respect and general good will?

We aren't here to bash anyone. Opinions are going to be formed based on a lot of factors. So far, I haven't seen anyone from the Oksana Pep squad actually demonstrate they have even tried to research the very person they have put on a pedestal and staked their own reputations on.

Any poster in Europe has the best short of finding something to support her claims. Her BIO and her PR so far has done ZILTCH to produce hard evidence of her "accomplishments". They don't say who signed her to MODEL, they only mention the Earl as using her on one particular shoot. And it is a shoot we can't find. We have no idea who repped her when she modeled, or what companies signed her to MODEL for them- only some vague reference of doing PRINT AD modeling. And that bit about her wearing one of the Lady Di's dresses - and she wants it clearly understood Di was aLIVE then.

FIND THAT PHOTO! Come on SORNTOLC - contribute. Your libraries are legendary over there! And print ads most likely wouldn't have crossed the Atlantic. Convenient if false. See if you can substantiate it as REAL.

Her possible names include:

Oksana Chernukha ( also spelled Chernuka, Chernuha, or Tchernukha)
Sasha as her first name with either Chernuka (remember the various spellings) or Grigorieva (remember those various spelling too)

CHECK OUT DANZEES advertisements and Dance Apparel between 1991- 1997.

BTW = you actually downloaded her Beautiful HeartAche, didn't you? When you download do you recieve any liner info? If yes,

WHO was noted as producer?
Did Sammy Oriti play guitar or was he listed?
Was anyone named James or Jimmy listed?
Who was listed as Sound EDITOR?
How about Charlie Black? Was he mentioned?

And who was listed as her manager?

I wonder if THAT last question might be a POINT moment in the hunt for that tape series? Where I am sitting a manager actually opens the door for someone other than Oksana to have possibly had access by accident or otherwise and to have had a possible motive separate motive.

Why am I telling YOU this? Shouldn't you be thinking of some of this instead of just pulling the truth apart to where it is so distorted it is lost.

1485 days ago


ROL states that Oks may be going on 60 min or Oprah.

Posted at 4:02 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by Confused
LOL. Well if true, hopefully Oprah will read here first. She'll make a fool out of Oprah as well.

Posted at 4:10 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by antbabs

Consider the faux bodyguard with some sort of relationship, past and/or present, with a gang member (Snoop Dog), who possibly was FIRED from his job who is linked to both

Oksana and Obama

Consider Steve Jaffee, a known Democrat co-hort

Consider BOTH Emanuels ties to the Democrat Party

UNLESS OPRAH plans to RUN for MAYOR of CHICAGO herself or has a CANDIDATE in MIND to SUPPORT other than EMANUEL,

I wouldn't think she is MOTIVATED or has INTEREST to BRINGING LIGHT;in fact, I could see quite the opposite.

Her platform may actually be used to try and find some traction by selective PR promotion and if that happens it will be a sad day imo.

Afterall, that is REALLY Oksana's aim right now isn't it?

Try to develop a positive image?

I do hope Ophrah or anyone from 60 minutes would read from the beginning and coordinate with pen and paper the timelines and how things shifted.

I have to tell you -- right now I think Oksana's stuff is beginning to look a bit like this cartoon (no disrespect intended regarding 9 -11):

When Bill Clinton ran for President he received a LOT of money from the CHINESE.

So far Mr. Obama has been doing a lot of things PRO- RUSSIAN that seem to fly in the face of protecting the US' interests-

and that dingy in the harbour first where Obama comes to town for a reported UNUSUAL fundraiser and whose next stop was San Francisco where Boxer is in a tight race and Pelosi office is located just still makes me wonder.

Here is the wiki page for the owner of A-- in case havne't a clue what Russian MILLIONAIRE is tied to the "dingy" - wow does that sound funny.

One more thought -- I heard an interview just a couple of days ago. Patti Lupone has written a book and she was promoting it. She mentioned something that made a bell sound for me.

RUSSIA has had close TIES to HOLLYWOOD for a LONG LONG TIME. Mr. Emanuel and the Democrat Party may either separate or conjoined interests here to help Oksana Grigorieva. Ms. Lupone remarked how she was specifically trained at Julliard to be able to work for or in a RUSSIAN productions. Julliard is NY. Didn't Horowitz want it clear he is a NEW YORKER? And isn't that where Mr. Garbus is based? His daughter works in the film industry?
Anyone belong to imdb pro? wonder who garbus's agent is? And what agency?

I never considered that mutual MONEY angle extended TO RUSSIA possibly. And I cleary had no firsthand knowledge that our country's premiere ARTS STUDY institute did this. Here is the link.

1485 days ago


It's interesting info about Horowitz Wife Murder over the internet...

Re: Horowitz Murder: 16 Year Old Arrested (none / 0) (#2)
by Talkleft Visitor on Sat Dec 17, 2005 at 01:05:11 PM EST
With all due respect, why is this on national news? Politely I would like to suggest that the personal tragedy of a TV lawyer is, well, personal. The breathless coverage and his very public demeanor have been tasteless for lack of a better word.

Re: Horowitz Murder: 16 Year Old Arrested (none / 0) (#3)
by Lww on Sat Dec 17, 2005 at 01:05:11 PM EST
I was starting to think he (Mr Horowitz) was guilty of his wifes murder, because of the interviews being given. A courtesy to his pals in the media no doubt but it was not good viewing. I awoke to find my wife gone 10 months ago and the last thing I would've wanted was to do what Mr Horowitz did the last few days. Anyway, sixteen yrs old will get him 5 yrs in Juvee and he'll be back. Can we hope?

And a lot more...

1485 days ago



LISA has IMBD we will have to get her to check that out.

Very interesting points, as always.

1485 days ago


Her lawyer has no comment, niether have I, everything´s already been said. How much can a person lie before someone says enough!

1485 days ago


So the only way we would know how many attorneys were in the room is for the mediators' record?

I want a point of information -

This child custody/visitation do***ent is a MESS with all of the X's and STILL their initials -- if this was my child - the whole paper would have been TORN UP, written better, and neater.

What was the POINT?

There are no initialed notations regarding which came first - the initials or the X's. URG. Dos it mean they agreed and then agreed to disagree?

The first page says WE CAN'T AGREE, the courts are going to have to help, doesn't it?

So way type all of this up.... I am trying to visualize how this paperwork began and survived.

Someone want to help me?

BY the way -- don't know how I forgot --


1485 days ago


Anyone know if Oksana is right or left handed?

Isn't Mel a LEFTIE isn't he?

Isn't it supposed to be relatively easy for handwriting experts to distinquish between lefties and righties?

I found the most SILLY STUDY out of Merrimac College.

I should disclose I AM A PROUD SOUTH PAW! My FATHER and almost his WHOLE FAMILY were SOUTH PAWS! And my mom's dad, a pastor, was also a southpaw! Actually did a research paper and participated in special research because of the pain managment stuff I battle because I am a LEFTIE. I had to laugh when I read this.

Here is a site that offers a slight insight to this professor.

Had to toss this one for good measure.

I have a TON of positive links for LEFT handed people. I just found that particular study making some media rounds right now - well..

it seemed a bit CONVENIENT, to me.

1485 days ago


@V - I'd guess she X'ed out stuff after she got copies of the do***ent in her anger or frustration - BTW - On Sortolc's site he lists himself as a 56 yr. old FREAK with 4 teenagers. And yes he has uploaded Oksana's Cd as a favorite -

Hi Everyone! Just popping in for a minute - have to scroll back now and see what I've missed -

1485 days ago



Regarding the Xed out portions of the schedule -

According to the TMZ article, "The agreement spelled out who gets the kids on holidays. But these pages, which were initialed by both Mel and Oksana, were X'd out. We're told a similar schedule was later substituted for the one you see."

1485 days ago


Live Question: Are you sure Gibson wrote those handwritten letters?

Harvey: YES!

1485 days ago


Based on MG's alleged 'love letter'

and based on MG's alleged phone rants and texts

I'm of the opinion he *IS* unbalanced

In which case, no woman could be blamed for concern for her child were that child to be placed in the unsupervised custody of the person who wrote the letter/ranted on the phone

To me, MG sounds insane

Oksana could easily have accepted millions of dollars. But she cared for the child's welfare more than she wanted the money

No reputable judge -- in my opinion -- would grant unsupervised custody to the person who made those phone calls. And the letters imply an unhinged mind also (so do all the photos of MG)

1485 days ago
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