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Alexis Neiers -- Model, Reality Star ... Author?

9/28/2010 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jackie Collins, Danielle Steel, J.K. Rowling ... and Alexis Neiers?

TMZ has learned the "Pretty Wild" star is trying to shop around a book loosely based on her life.  The description, we're told, reads in part: "Think Gossip Girl goes to Hollywood -- It is a cautionary tale as well as a guilty pleasure; the reader is plunged into the crazy, out-of-control world of one of Hollywood’s most infamous party girls." Oddly, no mention of her being an ex-con.

In case you were worried every other word would be "like," fret not. Neiers is working with a ghost writer named Sheryl Berk ... who has penned books for the likes of Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Britney Spears, and Barney the purple dinosaur.

I love you, you love me, Alexis Neiers served one month in jail after she pled no contest to a felony charge of first degree residential burglary of Orlando Bloom's home.


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No body cares. Just because you go to jail doesn't mean you are worthy of money and fame. If that were the case we'd have every felon become a millionaire and be buried in books.

1489 days ago


She was in the jail cell next to Lindsay! Aren't they just like two pea's in pod? They need to dedicate an area just for celebs. Then again, they never stay in jail long enough for it to matter....

1489 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Who cares about this trash?

1489 days ago


Is it going to chronicle her smoking heroin, as was shown in the pictures on The Dirty?
Or how about how stupid she is because her mom home schools her and has lessons like "how great Angelina Jolie" is?
She should write one about her and both her sisters, "Dumb, Dumber, and even Dumber".
Or maybe one about how ridiculous her mother is and how she should never have been allowed to have kids.

1489 days ago


is she for real?!?!!?! lol ..OOOO the DELUSION continues!!

1489 days ago


About that home schooling her mother conducted based on that book... I forget the title now... will the state of California require that they pass some tests to actually graduate from high school? Math, English, science, etc...?

I'm very worried about the state of their education! I saw on the show how mother conducts a lesson. "And so it is."

1489 days ago


My Life in Smack, Theft and Jail

... and so it is

1489 days ago


#9 Her mom is a psychotic delusional wench. Did you see the way she hands out Adderall to all 3 everyday like vitamins? Adderall... the same stuff Lindsay can't even give up because its an amphetamine.
Kids in Hollywood go to the doctor and say they can't "concentrate" and get scripts for it except they only want it for the amphetamine effects of it. Not a single one of these girls have ADD, in fact they all see semi-retarded and slow.
Their mom is a joke and needs to have her youngest kid taken away from her.

1489 days ago


The headline should read:
Druggie Model, Fake Reality Star, Thief and Whore wants to be an author. Yes, we laughed too.

1489 days ago


Alexis Neirs is not even good looking. She wears way too much red lipstick and is pale. The only reason this is on TMZ is because she stole from Orlando Bloom. She is a criminal! She claims shes not a slut, yet she sleeps around Hollywood. I know from experience. She's also had sex with Vernon Davis of the 49ers and Michael Yo of E! She's a fake and a phony. Her family is a complete joke. She should never get work again in Hollywood because she stole from celebrities. Black list this ugly broad!

1489 days ago


Too young to have any real life experience yet, the book of her life starts and ends with:

"I was a kid, then I entered my teens. Then Mom prostituted me to a TV station. I went to jail for some stupid stuff. Also, I smoked some oxycontin, that was sort of fun. I wear expensive shoes, except when I walk into the courtroom."

Anything beyond that is total embellishment.

1489 days ago


This tard couldn't write a shopping list. Hopefully very soon she'll be where she belongs: behind the counter of a DQ.

1489 days ago


Oh good, just what we need: another has-been/never-was celebrity-starved, no-talent attention whore.

1489 days ago


3 wannabe, no talent, idiots in a row TMZ- No real stars to report on? Are there any real stars? I think not.

1489 days ago


"one of Hollywood’s most infamous party girls"

Sorry to break it to ya, baby... but no one knew (or cared) who the hell you were until you chose thievery as a career. No word that includes 'famous' describes you, dumb twit.

1489 days ago
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