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Oksana's Former Lawyer: Back Off!

9/30/2010 7:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer who scored Oksana Grigorieva a $15 million parting deal with Mel Gibson has fired off a letter to one of Oksana's current lawyers, telling him to stop talking trash about him ... or else.


Eric George
sent a letter to Dan Horowitz Tuesday -- a copy of which Horowitz gave to TMZ -- in which George mentions Horowitz's "veritable media blitz you recently initiated ..."

George takes issue with Horowitz's statement that Oksana signed the mediation agreement "because she was threatened and told she would go to jail, be deported and lose immediate possession of her children."  George says there was "never any threat or comment of any such nature ever discussed ..."

And George is ticked at Horowitz's comment that the mediation is "morally ambiguous."

George tells Horowitz to "cease and desist" with the false statements.

Here's what's really interesting -- George mentions ... by talking about the mediation, he could be blowing up the attorney-client privilege for Oksana, which could really be interesting if George is allowed to tell the whole story.

For his part, Horowitz sent George a conciliatory email saying, "Nothing negative intended toward you.  Hope to work together and resolve existing differences."


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So again, he has done what George accused him of doing, initiating publicity, by providing this letter and his response to TMZ.
Horowitz is shady and I completely agree. He should not be discussing his client's affairs, especially to tabloids.

1482 days ago


Eric George has to be glad not to have to deal with Oksana daily.
Agreement will hold up, good faith. Horowitz is going down the wrong road here.

1482 days ago


Why would Attorney Horowitz give a copy to Mr. Harvey?

Glad he did though.

1482 days ago


this just gets more confusing and crazy. Harvey may have to do another recap on tmz live because there are way too many lawyers involved now to make any sense of this without extensive knowledge of the law

1482 days ago


No, MTL, I believe they are implying HORO****Z is the one running his yap and endangering the attorney-client confidentiality.

Interesting that DH continues to leak stuff that should remain sealed.

It's like he's TRYING to void all those agreements. I guess if he does that... what? They have to renegotiate?

Is that the game plan?

1482 days ago


Horowiz owes George a Pashtun apology! Convict, jail and deport the Ox! Turn Lucia over to Robyn. Stiff her attorneys, PR people, clown circus and family. Time to drop the hammer...

1482 days ago


Can't Eric George get in trouble with the bar for revealing attorney-client privileged communications?

1482 days ago


Could George discuss the mediation process without violating attorney-client privilege?

1482 days ago


Why did Horowitz give that letter to Harvey? What does Horowitz gain by releasing that letter on TMZ?

Maya 28

1482 days ago



1482 days ago


@ Get A Life Ho; Sorn; FredDerf (et al) re your previous posts:

Your eyes must be pretty glazed over from using those 8 x 10 flow chart glossies in your PR handbook. C’mon guys…you could at least try to be interesting; you’re boring our socks off. Try splashing a little cold water on your face and drinking some of that Starbucks. (Wakey, wakey.) When OG and her “lowers” call to yell at you for not doing a good job, don’t forget to record the conversation. We’ll help with the editing. Really…we totally see this happening for you. :-)

@Team Mel /Pro Mel

Hi everyone! Hugs to you all….. =D

1482 days ago


Follow the Money....

1482 days ago



I stated that the attorneys, and judges, in the mediation would not be happy with Horowitz. Let the games begin!!!

1482 days ago


this just keeps getting more confusing and pathetic

1482 days ago


Cease and Desist...that means, Horowitz, you've been warned. Next time I will bite you; right now I am growling.

Horowitz sent and 'sorry, didn't mean it letter' -- BS! Horowitz is really saying, I stepped over the line and will watch myself.

1482 days ago
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